5 Best Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler Deals On Black Friday 2021

Whether you camp, go on a trip, or just want to make sure your drinks stay cool while you’re out all day – picking the right cooler can be key.

The difference between high-quality coolers and cheap alternatives is dramatic. Yeti, among the top names in high-end coolers, makes products made to keep your food and beverages colder for longer. And, these products handle abuse from tailgaters, fishing trips, hunting excursions, or for camping just as well as anything else that you I recently had the opportunity to test-drive the Yeti Tundra 45 and came away as a big fan.

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Yeti s bestselling hard cooler is the Tundra 45, which holds up to 45 gallons of content.

When unboxing the cooler, I was immediately impressed by its quality. Everything is solidly built and in a position to stand up to the standard kind of beating outdoor gear often gets. I felt confident that I could take this anywhere, too, be it camping, fishing, rafting, or even to the beach.

The cooler had no set-up necessary outside of removing some packaging. I was able to use the Tundra within 5 minutes. The user manual provided helpful tricks for obtaining its best performance and how to properly maintain it.

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Why is the Tundra 45 stick out

Yeti’s Tundra 45 Cooler is definitely built to last. Yeti went through a lot of work to make this cooler bear-resistant, with heavy duty construction and sealing like what you might find on your own freezer. It locks securely into place when the two parts are assembled together. T-Rex lid latches manufactured from rubber keep the seal tight and are easy for kids, though they may have a hard time relatching them.

When carrying this cooler, it’s beneficial to use the handles molded below the lip. These handles are also good for when you’re transporting groceries. The polyester rope handles are perfect for lugging heavier loads in crowded parking lots.

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I like how the Neverfail Hinge System keeps the lid from slamming shut on your fingers and that it stays open when you’re loading or unloading something. Non-slip feet are a great feature that I’ve come to rely on. However, these things make it difficult to get the cooler across the ground or when trying to keep it in place with your feet.

This cooler has a drain in the bottom, which quickly removes water that accumulates inside despite having the contents set up on ice. That means you’ll never have to clean out what’s inside; you can just add more ice at top and there will always be room.

Yeti Tundra 45 cooler review

I tested the yeti 45 s insulation by putting a frozen ice pack inside along with a standard 16 quart lightweight cooler and reusable grocery bag.

It s hard to compare vastly different coolers because of their size differences. But generally speaking, the larger cooler usually wins out in insulation. So it s an actual testament to its insulation abilities that the bigger cooler won out this time.

Yeti’s Tundra 45 Cooler offers two guidelines for getting the best performance out of it: storing the cooler in a cool place and only using ice to fill 2/3 of your cooler.

The Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler appears to hold much more volume than it actually does, but the insulation on the walls is thicker than many of its competitors. With such portability and capacity, you can bet your food will stay cold for long periods of time. The Tundra 45 is a two-person job when it’s carrying frozen foods or any other type of load that can’t be packed with ice.

One of the biggest strengths of this cooler is its capacity, which allows it to keep a large amount of food cold for days or weeks. It has plenty of handles that make transport easier – and unlike many other models, straps to secure down a load. The Tundra 45 offers excellent insulation so your snacks will stay fresh long after you packed them

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What model in the event you get?

Yeti provides a few guidelines that can help you determine which Tundra model is right for your needs. For example, the 45 quart is more suitable if you are camping overnight, the 35 quart if it’ll be in your car or kayak’s back seat, and the 160 quart works best for big game fishing.