Is SnowRunner Crashing? Latest Update Brings Bug Fixes

The latest SnowRunner update, specifically for Season 12, focuses primarily on bug fixes and improvements rather than adding new content.

This patch is significant, particularly for Xbox users, as it includes several fixes aimed at enhancing stability and performance on this platform.

While the patch notes are “not super long” but “a little wordy,” the message is clear: this update is here to improve the player experience.

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Key Highlights from the Latest SnowRunner Patch

Xbox-Specific Fixes

A notable part of the update addresses multiple crash issues on Xbox platforms.

The developers acknowledged the crash problems and have worked to improve game performance.

However, the exact crash scenarios fixed were not listed, so Xbox players are encouraged to share their post-update experiences in terms of stability and performance improvements.

  • Truck Disappearance Issue: Resolved a bug causing trucks to disappear from storage if the Jack of All Treads Tire pack was not owned.
  • Tire Pack Bugs: Fixed issues with the Jack of all Treads Tire packs that caused various abnormalities, such as trucks disappearing from the garage or inventory issues with stock tires.

Sound and UI Improvements

For PS5 players, a fix was implemented for the random disappearance of engine sounds during gameplay. Additionally, a UI issue was corrected where a green check mark did not appear in the regional progress tab after completing certain contracts.

Crossplay and Switch Delay

The update clarifies that crossplay will not be available on the Nintendo Switch until the update rolls out for this platform, which will be at a later date.

Other System-Specific Fixes

Fixes are not just limited to Xbox and PS5; macOS users also received attention with this update. For instance, a bug causing progress loss after the North Carolina update on macOS has been fixed, along with

macOS-Specific Fixes:

  • Addressed a critical bug that caused progress loss after the North Carolina update.
  • Fixed a locked garage slot issue.
  • Corrected problems with the Prototype exploration unit trailer.

Localization Improvements

The patch includes various localization fixes across all platforms, enhancing the game’s accessibility and user experience for a global audience.

The update, or patch, underscores the development team’s effort to address longstanding issues, particularly on Xbox, which has seen a “long saga” of problems.

While it may not resolve all issues, the aim is for substantial improvements that will enhance the SnowRunner experience for many players.

For those particularly affected or interested in the Xbox-specific fixes, your feedback is valuable and may help gauge the patch’s impact.

So, if you’ve experienced changes (for better or worse) post-update, sharing your observations could be beneficial for the community and developers alike.

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