5 Best Yeti Roadie Cooler Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Yeti improved this cooler by upgrading it to a 24 liter size. This will fit more items and make them easier to access, fitting neatly behind the passenger seat of most cars. Yeti performed extensive research and overhauled their newest model, which is 10% lighter than the old one. They have also increased its insulating power by 30%. In this review, both the old yeti Roadie 20 and more expensive Roadie 24 are discussed. In comparing both products, the first thing you notice is that there have been a few improvements on points like features, insulation efficiency and design.

The 20L model is no longer sold, so we’re linking to the Roadie 24. Note that this next review mentions but does not focus on the Roadie 20

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Hands-On Overview of the Roadie 20

The Yeti Roadie is a rotomolded personal cooler with a high handle and indented handles on the side. The maximum internal height of the cooler is just over 10 inches, which can’t fit an upright wine bottle. It includes a drain (which is new in this type of single-person cooler) and lockable corners.

Just enough for two people, a dog, and an afternoon in the park.


The Roadie boasts a variety of features, including the Interlock lid system, Fatwall design, and Coldlock gasket. All of these results in a well-insulated little box with 2 inches of insulation, a rubberized seal, and the capability to maintain low temperatures. All this meat visited good use inside our torturous insulation testing because we were able to keep the Roadie cooler below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 2.3 days. As impressive as 4.1 days of average cooling ability may sound, the Yeti Roadie has a design made for one-day trips and overnight trips so we think this is an alright time frame.

Keeping food and drinks cold on a long car ride is possible.

For a more appropriate size comparison, personal-sized models lasted 2.6 days below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the yeti roadie cooler review only lasted 2 days under the same conditions. For the pack we tested, this model is about in the middle for longer day trips.

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For people who spend a lot of time on YouTube, they probably have seen the videos where Yeti coolers are thrown against the side of vans, lit on fire, dropped from three stories up onto rocks, thrown off cliffs, and jumped on by 500-lb men. However, we did not put it through stuntman antics or convince a bear to harass the Roadie 20.

The impressively durable hinge of the Yeti Roadie 20 was specifically designed with parents in mind.

The advantage is the Roadie stays sealed and is durable. In addition to being virtually indestructible, the hinge on this cooler and thick rubber latches withstand abuse much better than similar coolers. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has approved it for official use with padlocks or bolts and nuts. We believe that bears would not be able to get into the Yeti Roadie.

Ease of Use

The Roadie 20 is a well-designed cooler with various helpful features. The non-slip feet allow you to set it upright wherever you choose, and the drainage plug helps maintain the cooler when it needs cleaning. Yeti has designed the Roadie cooler with four points, two of which are tie-down straps to secure your content but still access it, as other two doubles as closure anchor for padlocks or bolts and nuts that prevent animals from getting in. The Roadie has two indentations on each side of the cooler, perfect for picking up and carrying with two hands when you’ve loaded it with 16 cans & 10 lbs. of ice.

Rubber straps on the sides of this cooler can double as a locking mechanism: you would just snip the strap and unfurl it to secure your drink.

The metal handle contains a rubber pad that makes it more comfortable to transport and locks in as the cooler goes upright between two small tabs on either side. One of our favorite features is the ability to set the cooler either at a 45 or 90-degree angle with ease without requiring two hands. The rubber latches are both a like and dislike feature. They work well to keep the lid closed, but users complained that they were hard to open with two hands. So while the Roadie is largely an easy-to-use cooler, it has a few quirks outside of what we see in many competing models.

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Personal coolers are lighter, easier to carry, and often more convenient than large containers or insulated bags. The Yeti Roadie 20 has a padded handle and two carrying options so it’s easy for one person to take care of. It even comes in three colors (black, blueberry purple, watermelon red), which appeals to both sexes In comparison to other personal-sized coolers we tested, the Yeti is only so-so at transporting.

The small size of the Yeti Roadie 20 contributes to its lightweight design which is not typical among other methods in this review.

The Roadie 20 is a little smaller in size than most others we tested, but is surprisingly more bulky. It has an awkward, thin handle and sharper edges that make for an uncomfortable carry after continuous use. However, carrying a cold one of these for long-way trips might be unattainable. For soft coolers that are created to be portable, the Yeti Roadie is not bad.


Though the yeti roadie cooler offers no unusual features like a bottle opener of can holder, it does offer other helpful features we will mention later. The design of the Yeti Roadie Cooler has many features, including a convenient drain, two different handles and an airtight seal. It also accommodates dry ice because it’s made from rotomolded construction. The Roadie carries a 5-year warranty in case any issues take place that are not the fault of the user.

The solid hard plastic drain plug makes emptying the Roadie for day-ender easy and seemless.


The Yeti Roadie 20 is impressively expensive, retailing for the same cost as coolers three or more times its size and sometimes even more than that. Nevertheless, you know it’s worth the money; going on a day trip to your favorite fishing hole just wouldn’t be the same without it. For half the price, there are other personal-sized coolers with better insulation. But if you desire a cooler that may take beating after beating for a long time of adventures in rough conditions and want a product that loves abuse, the Roadie will not disappoint.

The Yeti Roadie makes an excellent beach day cooler.

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The Yeti Roadie 20 cooler is marketed as being virtually indestructible and we couldn’t agree more. This impressively solid personal-sized cooler is sealed, with effective insulation and filled with a multitude of useful features just like a drain, non-slip feet, and the capability to act as an impromptu chair.

Background Though a little bit heavy, we like that the Roadie can be an insulated tank among other mini car coolers.