5 Best YETI Rambler On Amazon This Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2021

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon, and I’m raiding the fridge as if it were your typical college dorm room after last night’s party. Anything will do; cans or bottles, it doesn’t matter. I’m out of luck.

In my opinion, Yeti sent me among their esteemed Colster stainless koozies a few weeks ago. I drink much more beer than just about anyone I know and consider myself somewhat of a koozie connoisseur. So, I went to meet the king of the mountain in person.

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High level: The Yeti Ramblin Colster is the Cadillac of koozies, made out of 18/8 stainless steel that will keep your beer colder for far longer than you’ll ever need. Nonetheless, it does come with its own asterisk or two.

While I was ecstatic about finding a cooler to use with my 16-ounce Yeti Ramblers mug, one quickly became clear: The Colster isn’t designed for cans of that size. I had a lot of beers within, but, being an avid hops fan and not finding the perfect fit for my colster, I needed to call on my neighbor who bring me one during walking our pups.

Admittedly, this is a difficult choice. Let’s discuss the pros and cons

Alternatives to the Yeti Rambler Colster


As soon as you notice this bit of the colster’s design, you’ll realize that below the double walled and vacuum insulated koozie is a plastic screw on gasket that not only keeps your beer cold but seals it in. Protecting your beer from the harsh outdoor elements is just too easy with this handy koozie.

I’ve also spent countless days of just a few weeks torturing the koozie. I tossed it down a flight of stairs, closed it in the fridge door, and even let my 100-pound dog play with it at the park for some time. It emerged unharmed.

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I m not one to spend a fortune on a beverage sleeve, but for those who don t mind investing in quality it s definitely worth the cash.

Additionally, the benefit of using a neoprene cooler is that it provides enough protection for your beer to last long enough before eventually being shoved in a back pocket. Nevertheless, I was surprised there is no way to clip the Yeti Colster to a waistband on my pants. Traveling with a stainless koozie is important

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For some drinking situations, there’s no improved product available to buy. If you ever intend to camp or tailgate or spend a trip at the beach with your dog, this is actually the product you want. But also for school parties or dinner parties, it doesn’t work. It depends on what I need it for. For me, it s worth having if I d like to have one. Other times