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Three years ago we took a look at Yamaha’s MusicCast network multi-room music system. It’s time to revisit it, this time focusing on two products that were created specially around it. Stephen Dawson, reporter for the Daily Journal e-newspaper

Generally, the Yamaha WXA-50 and WXC-50 are identical. However, there is one significant difference: the former can be an amplifier while the latter is only a preamplifier. This means that with Yamaha WXC-50 systems you will need to have active speakers or a power amplifier in order to hear music Check out the deals on your favorite products with black friday and cyber monday

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YAMAHA M-5000 Power Amplifier

The Yamaha WXC-50 amplifier has an audio input, a USB input for media, and both network and Bluetooth connection. The amp comes with two pairs of binding posts to connect speakers. The Yamaha WXC-50 is designed to be powerful even when it is only driving one speaker.
It can power more than 105 watts at one time. Yamaha has created a power amplifier that produces double the sound pressure while halving the speakers impedance. This makes this product perfect for pairing with less expensive speakers to still produce great quality sound.

This amplifier supports both analog and digital outputs. You can use RCA or optical audio cables to amplify other speakers, or if you want to play music with a digital signal you can also output that via coaxial cable. It even has an “output mode” switch for different settings. The first setting of the amplifier puts it beneath the control of the main panel volume, while the other sets an output to a set maximum. Use that mode with another amplifier if you’re plugging in and need to use that amplifier to manage things.

The Bluetooth is rather basic, supporting only the typical SBC codec. It s not a selling point for these speakers, though–the network functionality is what makes it worth considering.

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They are single-band (2.4GHz) units, supporting all three 802.11 versions in use today: b, g and n–though it would probably be best to have 5GHz support as well given how crowded the radio spectrum is these days.

They’ve got high-quality audio, including FLAC up to 192kHz sampling, Apple Lossless up to 96kHz sampling, MP3, WMA and AAC, plus Direct Stream Digital in both standard (DSD64) and double speed (DSD128) versions. Internet sources such as Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and internet radio may be used. Apple Airplay might also be used.

There are many remotes that will work with both devices, and there is some overlap in the codes they control.

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Setting Up

To use this technique, you will need to download the Yamaha MusicCast Controller app. The app manages the music flows and enables you to do things like group MusicCast speakers and devices into groups.

Yamaha wxc 50 amplifier amazon It is highly versatile.

The first step is to set the amp up on your phone. I tested it with an Android and iPhone. You’ll have success as long as you’re using a wired connection. You can set the Yamaha amp up by pressing and holding down the Connect button for five seconds. The iphone app notices that these devices are connected and gives you an opportunity to give it a name. Y ou can place any name you prefer by default, but also give this cover sheet a catchy title to help viewers remember the event when it comes up for discussion. You are able to upload an image in order to make your event stand out even more prominently and build interest with others who might want to share their own photos or stories.

So I repeated the procedure with the iPhone and without the Ethernet connection this time around. The process went similarly to how it did before with one difference, usually there would be a WiFi password request on my phone but that didn’t happen this time. I don t recall granting this before, is it new?

Even with installing a WiFi-only interface, there may be some challenges. It only takes up a short time in the procedure and is easy to install. The important thing is that it works well for most people.

Once connected, the programs gave a mini tutorial on how to use. Firmware updates were done through the apps also. You got an email notification for them but you aren’t forced to simply click accept. Yamaha wxc 50 amplifier on amazon
When purchasing the product “Yamaha WXC-50 Amplifier On Amazon”, reviewers received firmware updates. These updates took about 10-minutes each, waiting for patches to download over a standard internet connection.

In Use

The MusicCast Controller was surprisingly easy to install. In addition, I had two other speakers connected with my Yamaha Aventage RX-A3070 home theatre receiver, which then joined in the MusicCast system to give me a total of three speakers. I plugged my Spotify music into this machine and also streamed a playlist from network attached storage to test the quality. I then played a very different song from across the room over bluetooth so there was very little lag between the sound being created in one location and received in another.

Switching between devices and controlling music was easy, but this only works with the Yamaha app. The Spotify app cannot be controlled from the Yamaha software.

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The Yamaha software lets you choose the inputs on both machines, giving you full operational control.

Connecting two devices on a single network is easy to do, just make sure they share the same wireless or wired connection. You can accomplish this by following these steps: The Yamaha WXC-50a amp has many options in order to suit the needs of various musicians.

Yamaha amplifiers, receivers, and other A/V products are all works of art that aim to make your own living space a private cinema.

I found the WXA-50 to be more satisfactory than the WXC-50, but once again, I didn’t actually spend as much time with the latter. Possibly because it was paired with different speakers that are not worth getting into, I feel like my experience is not as warranted an opinion of its own.


There was a high fidelity presentation of the music, with a great stage depth and impressive control of bass drivers. I thought that it might be digital amplifiers given the compact size and healthy power output rating, but it turned out to perform well so I assume they’re more standard. I suggest that you make sure that there is proper ventilation around it.

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I was not fully sure what the differences were between the WXC-50 player and pre-amp mode. I am wondering if digital outputs are also susceptible to a negative effect, such as distortion, due to volume control settings? The Yamaha WXC-50 amplifier can be used to send sound from a home theater receiver. I plugged the optical connection into the back of my receiver, and then input some music. The volume level of the songs played through the speaker was adjusted separately with both units.


The Yamaha MusicCast system is one of the best entry-level options for beginners. If there was integration into voice activation systems like Amazon Alexa; it would be perfect choice as a machine. Yamaha WXC-50 Amplifier