5 Best Yamaha RX-V683 7.2 Channel AV Receiver Cyber Monday 2021

The Yamaha RX-V683 can satisfy a need for 7.2 channels, making its MusicCast platform the best in the industry.

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In regard to multiroom audio, the Yamaha RX-V683 has the best system. The many soundfield processing options from yamaha are also back again.

Yamaha RX-V683 may be the EISA Award Winner of 2017, suitable for 729 euros. There are no significant differences between the 483 and 683 models with respect to features. Like other manufacturers, Yamaha uses a platform that different models are based on. The RX-V683 7.2 channel AV receiver is better and more versatile than the 483. It offers seven channels (rather than 5.1) and slightly more power, plus it has six HDMI inputs (rather than four). The program hatch includes Yamaha’s acclaimed MusicCast platform, which is identical to that of the 483. The AV receiver also has higher power output and an array of different audio settings to create it attractive for serious home cinema fans.

Yamaha RX-V683 – design and connections

It’s evident that the RX-V683 from Yamaha is a good receiver when you take it out of its packaging. Although this isn’t one of the higher lines like the Advantage family, this device has a professional finish and looks great. As expected with any brand associated with Japan, it comes in a black and titanium color. We have always found the last finish really striking, unlike anything that you typically find on store shelves.

The Yamaha RX-V683 is loaded with buttons. Some are black like the ones on the top panel, which blend into the all-black glass. These numbers are not as conspicuous because they disappear in a sea of color, but there’s plenty to be said for their ease of use if you’re looking for quick volume or input changes.” For example, we find the four scene buttons on the front of this receiver to be quite useful – you can have some music going and never need a remote.
There are two ways to engage these scenes: 1) press any button on the front panel save volume detents before pressing any other buttons or 2) maintain one key when powering up

The RX-683 is an inexpensive AV receiver from Yamaha that offers much of the features you would find in a more expensive model with many connections. It lacks some of the what veteran listeners may need, but when buying on a budget this is one to consider. The reason for my purchase was that last year’s K2 exhibited frequent hiccups when loading articles and movies, sometimes jumping back minutes event though it had been playing uninterrupted. We understand that more connections may or may not be necessary, but it is something to consider. For instance, our comparable models from Denon and Onkyo offer slightly more HDMI connections. The loudspeaker terminals are a bit smaller and less spacious. It can be difficult to insert banana plugs because of the size.

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Yamaha RX-V683 – setup

The interface that Yamaha uses on TV is busy and has not changed in a long time. It generally does not look bad, but the logic may also be confusing. This means you have a huge menu with options sliding out from the side of the screen, so it can take some exploration to find what you want from a list of many different menus accessed Other settings can only be reached via a more complicated menu that requires the receiver to be in standby. To adjust certain very special options (like the 4K-HDMI signal mode and speaker impedance), buttons on the top of the unit were used Yamaha RX-V683 7.2 Channel A/V Receiver, we feel that Yamaha should simplify things by bundling them and making the interface easier to use for people who aren’t experts in sound engineering. For those of us who are it’s a pretty standard setup with many options available.

Though other companies like Onkyo, Denon, and Sony put a lot of effort into providing onscreen guidance during the setup process for their receivers, Yamaha doesn’t. Via the AV Setup Guide software on your own mobile device, you set everything up and get a conclusion which cables to use. Towards the end of the ride your alternatives are forwarded to the receiver, which means you need not set anything on with it. Using an app is a good idea, although the iPhone app should be more accessible.

On the other hand, the menus on your TV screen are not as streamlined as those of Arcam AVR-550. to operate. One will be the Yamaha AV Controller and the MusicCast app. The AV Controller is a straightforward iphone app that largely replaces the remote. You decide on inputs, scenes and DSP modes.

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Yamaha RX-V683 – MusicCast

The world of streaming and multiroom audio has only gotten better with MusicCast. Yamaha’s proprietary MusicCast platform is now integrated into most of its receivers, allowing you to stream music on one system to another Yamaha product in your home. MusicCast is a system that can play music and sound from any linked platform (like a turntable). It goes beyond streaming services and iTunes, which makes it surprisingly advanced. If you want to use MusicCast for more than just playing music, it is recommended that you keep AV Controller in the app so you can choose HDMI inputs and sound modes.

The FR50s feedback for the last few minutes we had been monitoring with it was that of stability and simplicity.

Yamaha has taken care to continue refining their MusicCast service. They have already added new services for Europe and support Alexa. This receiver is virtual so if we’re actually waiting, we can run it with voice commands via an Echo Dot or other Alexa device at the International Fenestration Association event in Berlin.

Via MusicCast, this Yamaha AV receiver supported all of our music formats, including AIFF and DSD. Despite being equipped to play rarest multichannel FLACs and ALACs, tested over Qobuz. Nevertheless, the time is nearing when more devices will follow suit.

The V683 is AirPLAY enabled and Bluetooth compatible. For instance, you can continue watching a movie with a Bluetooth headset after your neighbors have been asleep for years.

Yamaha RX-V683 – music quality

The RX-V683 features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, so you can create a 5.2 setup with two height channels from the receiver’s built-in options or by adding speakers to your ceiling. The V683 receiver is one of Yamaha’s top receivers in the line. It offers great features and comes already paired with Atmos speakers, which work best when placed on speaker stands to be positioned at ear height.

For the surround sound system test, we connected Yamaha’s RX-V683 to your Dali Rubicon speakers at the front end (LCR + Vokal), Opticon LCR in the back and Alteco for the height channels (not found in this review). The specialized receiver has the Yamaha YPAO system to calibrate and balance sound. The speakers utilize Monitor Audio Silver W12 subwoofers. With its -50 volume level and surprisingly clear sound, the Yamaha RXV683 has quickly become a game-changer in our home theater setup.

Yamaha also offers a number of different sound settings, which can be very helpful for optimizing the speakers based on the environment in which they will be used. Experiment with different positions for your surround speakers. If you are using two or more than two speakers, try positioning them at the front of the room to simulate a Virtual Cinema Front (VCF). Actually, the rear stereo speakers aren’t the only option for surround sound output on this receiver. Dialogue Lift and Bass are just as useful when there is dialogue that people cannot hear due to a poor mix (such as certain Blu-rays or low-budget productions).

On an Ultra HD Blu-ray copy of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 (again via the Xbox One X) that we frequently visit for testing, it is filled with exploding spaceships and effects. It has a very musical soundtrack. And why not: music, that’s what the Yamaha likes. Even if we use QCuz via MusicCast to hear pure 2-channel, the V683 shows good performance. As you will remember from when we tested it against Sony STR-DN1080 a while ago. Yamaha has paid attention to the design behind this receiver, tuning it with European tastes in mind. This gives it a great musical character separating it from other receivers we have tested. Of course, we found the Music Enhancer function really adds a lot to the sound quality. We noted that it can make even thin tracks sound much more full when listening to them with this receiver. It is useful when watching movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, which are driven by musical scores throughout. The surround is pretty effective. In the scene where Starlord tries to escape The Sovereign’s spaceships on his spaceship, I could feel like I was there. Changing the movie and TV audio settings is simple with this receiver, since it offers many presets for both. The sound from explosions is a little abrupt given its price range and power, though that can be fixed in other ways when you connect your devices to HDMI or simply going into the device’s speaker setup: “Settings | Speaker Setup.”

Yamaha RX-V683 – conclusion

The Yamaha RX-V683 is a decent receiver. It could use some tweakings in minor departments but nothing too resourceful. Each Yamaha receiver has a MusicCast platform which enables it to be more user-friendly and versatile. Colorful LED lights make it easy for you to see the buttons on the front of the receiver, and many features- such as Bluetooth connection, programming remote control, “Alexa”, and wireless streaming (music from smartphone)—are also available with this The V683’s varied DSP options provide something unique for music lovers.