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WRC 7 has lots of improvements over last year’s WRC 6, which already had good graphics, sound and stage design. There are more realistic lightening effects and the driving physics feel smoother to control. however, it remains focused exclusively on today’s rally cars and categories (there is no retro rallying content at all). WRC 7 strong attraction is its exceptional stage design. WRC 7 consists of 13 countries instead of 14 because the two more difficult countries to travel to were omitted for this installment in the series: China and Chile.

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These challenges are a result of claustrophobic stage designs and difficult sections designed to unsettle your vehicle and strain your reflexes. In rally racing, the stages are typically roads first–and racing environments second. It creates a very authentic feeling which is desirable.

The stage selection for 2017 has been bolstered by the inclusion of an extra-long course for each and every country. The fifteen to twenty minute long Epic Stages will be the closest the series has come to replicating real rallying as a genuine test of endurance. These stages often feel just like three stages in a single, transitioning from the depths of a city to the rolling countryside. Towards the end of an Epic Stage I usually find myself feeling as though I ve finished up far away, having traveled through entire towns and back again.

Purchasing these handmade stages may be the cost we pay for their one of a kind, hand-crafted design. There are only four available per country total and they will get seen multiple times throughout your first visit in career mode, albeit with different lighting conditions or weather. After completing a whole season of rally, the game starts to lose its shine. Eventually I find myself not tuning in to the pace notes because I remember parts of areas from six previous attempts.

The stages will be the best looking portion of the WRC 7 package.

The stages are the best looking in the main package, with excellent lighting and plenty of detail. The time of day is usually accurate too, but wet weather effects still have a lot to be desired against other titles when it comes to realism. While WRC 7’s stages have differentiated, unique qualities that make them stand out from Dirt 4’s procedurally generated ones, the latter has an endless supply of each. One possible solution would be a combination of both approaches, with hand-built staples to tackle on return visits to the same rally, and fresh auto-generated stages that change each year during your driver’s career.

Though the cars are adequate, this squad is still hindered by a few gameplay problems inherent to series lifecycles. Most notably, there s no photo mode or multiplayer other than leaderboards; most people will just be content with OSR Rally Championship 2017 and WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship for PlayStation 4 The effect in this case is cars that are lighter, better-equipped, and fitted with wider and more aggressive aerodynamics. Objects in the game world are accurately rendered.

Although the World Rally Championship is a homogeneous field of small European hatchbacks, it produces outstandingly attractive rally cars in many years and developer Kylotonn’s good stage design places these exciting revamped models in an excellent testing environment. Race cars on the PS4 feel faster and have better grip, in addition to levels of friction – all depending on what type of surface they’re driving over. Driving a vehicle in this game is fun and not too challenging, even with the steering assists turned off. The driving controls are responsive whether you’re using a control pad or a wheel; it’s just that the chase camera can be awkward at times. The steering shimmies too rigidly as the car swings into bends, making it difficult to clear corners cleanly.

Although sound effects and the engine notes were not mind-blowing, it was still better than the original.

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The problem with WRC 7 is that it is focused on the current era of competition.

WRC 7 doesn’t include racing from any of the latest championships. It also excludes important aspects like damage modeling or incredible graphics that make games like Dirt and F1 2017 outstanding. WRC 7 features the top-tier WRC championship, in addition to the WRC 2 and Junior WRC championships. But unlike Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, and Milestone’s Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo (all of which contain classic content), it has no retro content. One of the main features in this year’s F1 2017 is an integration of iconic, fan-favourite older cars into a racing game otherwise based on the current day championship. The WRC game series would also do well to emulate this feature if it wants people to upgrade again next year.

The latest iteration of the franchise offers a complete season, but lacks imagination. The game features a few match modes when you want to break from the solo story mode. Up to eight players can participate in competitive or cooperative rallies. It is competent, but nothing that a fan of racing games has not done many times before.

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WRC 7 does not unseat Codemasters Dirt 4 as this year’s premier rally game, but it has steadily increased in quality. It lacks the classic cars that constantly come with other games of its genre and the career quickly runs out of steam, but it is {