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Call of Duty: WW2 is a surprising undertaking in the classic era. Its campaign is excellent, its multiplayer has an new mode and it contains a creepier, denser version of Nazi Zombies mode. However, each core part of Call of Duty: WW2 is marred by inconsistencies and minor flaws that hold it back from being a landmark in the series. Still, it’s a good Call of Duty game and I’ve enjoyed the countless hours I’ve already poured into it.

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I typically skip Call of Duty campaign missions and dive into the game’s multiplayer right away, but this year I was excited to start out with a very personal-feeling yet typical war story. The campaign, which follows Private Red Daniels through iconic moments like D-Day and the liberation of Paris, is a great introduction to what s to come. It shows how well Call of Duty’s combat adjusts back to a historical setting for the very first time since 2008’s World at War, and moreover, tells an excellent story with My favorite part of this game was the story. I enjoyed the storytelling throughout and found it interesting to watch the character’s relationships grow as they made their way deeper into world war 2. In contrast to other battle games, which would have us fight the strongest, baddest enemies we can find, Squad emphasizes survival. We make a difference by surviving and making every choice count as things keep getting worse. It’s a much more human perspective than what’s seen in these days of high-tech weaponry.

As 1944, the year that marks a pivotal point in World War II battlefronts, Call of Duty offers us new graphics as well as gameplay. The lack of futuristic weapons in this game is understandable given the turn back to more historic weaponry and combat strategies–but does not result in slow-paced battles. In light of the significant changes made to enemy combat, it requires a little more patience in identifying targets, accurate shooting with less help from high-tech scopes and sites, and tacks on an exclusive health bar for Daniels that needs frequent attention. Enemies still drop fast as I need to keep moving constantly to stay alive. It’s refreshing: it felt good to become a little grounded, vulnerable, and also have a less flashy HUD. But WW2 doesn’t leave you high and dry in terms of equipment and options. Rather than relying on exosuits or drones to assist with turn you into a one-man army, you rely upon your squad as an actual army Daniels teammates each have a specialization and offer me new weapons ammo, grenades, enemy calls outs, artillery strikes (available as they spawn), or medical kits to help with my loadout. The game also gives you the option of adding AI controlled companions to your side, but I found they often moved out on their own unintentionally.

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As I played, I was happily surprised to see that Daniels isn’t the only star of this campaign; though he seems like a reliable soldier, he’s not cut out for espionage or operating a tank. While Daniel was intended to be the player s primary character, he ended up being sidelined for most of the game. This was because many other characters became much more prominent. I enjoyed watching these side missions play out and felt that they were a welcome change from Daniels one-note job as clear and capture/destroy artillery. That’s not to say the gameplay is easy, since it has typically been Call of Duty, and that Daniels’ part in the war is a bit more limited when it comes to objectives and moment-to-moment gameplay. Though their appearances were few, I appreciated the few diverse characters in this game that helped highlight soldiers and resistance movements apart from white American men.

With rifles, the M1A1 Carbine felt best when I played through the campaign. Even though WW2 is well-worn territory for games, the weapons do work well. However, this game doesn’t rewrite history–so it’s just all the weapons we’ve seen in a lot of other games set during this era. The only gun I was eager to drop may be the default pistol: when I found an uncommon rifle with a There’s nothing wrong with the guns themselves, however the cover fire tasks you re assigned tend to be repetitive. Killing waves of enemies was amusing initially, but because they just kept coming and I wasn’t permitted to leave my post to change things up, I acquired a little tired of that job. I quickly became frustrated with the lack of cover fire and was dying to get out there myself.

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The stealth missions are also just a little frustrating. They’re infrequent, and I often had to sneak around to stab an enemy in the throat without alerting them. I found that if I tried to slit people’s throats when they weren’t facing me, my character would stab them in the back rather than the throat. With no guaranteed instant kill, alarms set off and a lot of unnecessary firefighting, (emphasis) the overly picky positioning requirements to execute a knife kill are frustrating. In stealth-oriented games, the player must be careful to use sound to position themselves near their target and to distract guards with carefully crafted noises.
In this game, because it is not primarily a stealth game, there are many instances at odds with WW2’s tone in which those large action-sequences seem out of place. At one point I felt like Indiana Jones would pop out and join Daniels in his death-defying escape. However, the sense of humor wasn’t very apparent when this church bell chased me through a collapsing building. Having that said,