5 Best Vizio M50 TV Black Friday Sales & Deals 2021

Not all televisions are designed to display high dynamic range (HDR) content, but even those that can often can’t provide a truly superior picture. Vizio is known for providing customers with cheaper prices and high-quality televisions. The Vizio M65-E0 television ($1,199) we tested was relatively expensive, but it includes great features that make up for the price. It earned our Editors Choice award because of its quality.

Editors note: our reviews are founded on testing performed on the M65-E0, the 65″ model in this series. The $599.99 50″ M50-E1 is identical in features and we expect similar performance.


The M-Series 65″ Smart TV is designed for easy viewing without a complicated design. The screen is framed by a streamlined, black bezel measuring 0.6″ on the top and sides, and 0.8″ at the bottom that matches well with your other devices in silver color metal along the frame to provide subtle detailing and style. IT sits on two widely located V-shape metal feet. One thing to note with this stand is that the feet are near the edges; make certain you have sufficient space on the surface to place it.

Aside from basic power connection on the left, all inputs and controls are found on the left side of the back of the M65. The HDMI input is only located with a composite video input (5 RCA) to a five HDMI ports and an Ethernet port that go down in front but also has 2 HDMI for up connections.

A- At the left edge of it, there is a little row of flat buttons for Power, Input and Volume Up/Down.

What s great about the M65 is its slim design compared to previous models but still has all of the controls.

The remote is a slim, curved black controller. The navigation pad and OK button are located below the thumb for easy access. Power, Input, and six dedicated service buttons for Amazon, Crackle, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Vudu, and Xumo sit above the navigation pad. The remote control has tactile buttons for volume and channels as well as a touchpad that allows you to navigate without looking at the screen.


Vizio has renovated its SmartCast platform to function more like an integrated home TV interface than just a built-in Google Chromecast. Pressing the Vizio logo launches Tiles of suggested content that includes icons for specific software and services.

The SmartCast screen currently has ten apps: Amazon, Crackle, FandangoNOW, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Netflix, PlutoTV Vudu and Xumo. The remote and Vizio’s new SmartCast interface make it easy to quickly adjust any picture setting.

YouTube is not listed among the choices in this smart TV application store, but you can still treat the set as though there was a Chromecast attached to it with SmartCast.
This would allow for streaming content from your phone or tablet, Chrome tabs on your computer, and screen-mirroring recent Android devices. The Vizio SmartCast interface is not as user-friendly as it could be. Between the on-screen menus and Google Cast support, there are just enough tools to make browsing through your options a little easier for most users.


After extensive testing, we recommend the Vizio M50-E1 as a 4K TV with an excellent price. Vizio provided a Murideo SIX-G signal generator for measurement comparison, which was used to ensure that calculations were not affected by the presence of the TV.

In the warmest preset (Normal) and with the Calibrated picture mode, the M65 showed a peak brightness of 287.54cd/m2 on a full-screen white field, our standard peak brightness test for LED-backlit TVs. One of the coolest things about this TV is that for a 40-inch size, it had an excellent black rate of only 0.02cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 14,376:1. Having that kind contrast quality in just about any LED TV is impressive. If the 55-inch TCL is what you’re looking for and budget isn’t an issue, then get the Seiki SE55UY04. But if contrast and color range are more important to you, look at the Samsung MU9000-series.

The M65’s LED backlighting array might change how much power is supplied to a particular portion of the screen depending on the situation. The best we ve seen in testing For an even comparison with other televisions, we’re basing our reviews on the full-field pattern.

The M65 can show an extraordinary color range when displaying HDR content. These charts show Rec.709 color levels as boxes and measured color levels as dots. The left chart shows the Calibrated picture mode, and the right chart is showing typical HDR at the warmest level of color temperature presets. The Calibrated mode tampers with the full colour range it undesirable results. Reds are underexposed and yellows are too green, rendering the picture much less natural than it should be. TCL 55P607 (Best Vizio M50 Tv) A good TV panel can affect how well the image quality will be depicted on your screen. Certain types of panels are more expensive because they have better color range and contrast than others, such as an OLED display.

HDR Viewing Experience

The colors are astonishing when they appear vibrant without appearing oversaturated. Fine details like the texture of sloth fur are crisp and clear, without anything appearing beat up or muddy.

1080p HDTV with strong contrast, the M65 provides deep blacks and accurate color reproduction in all kinds of lighting situations. Other scenes of the film have a saturated red color where they are supposed to.


Pacific Rim is a great movie to watch on the Vizio M65, as the excellent contrast and wide color gamut in HDR works well with such an intense film. The neon signs of urban city life and the glowing energy of the Kaiju are bright and vivid, while shadow details like armor or unlighted giant monsters come through clearly.

Input Lag and Power Consumption

Input lag represents the length of time between when a TV receives a signal and the screen updates. In calibrated mode, this M65 TV displays an average input lag of 42.2 milliseconds. The Computer picture mode reduces this to 39ms only slightly. Our choose of the finest TVs for gaming is composed out of TCL P-series and S-series, in conjunction with the pricier LG OLEDC7P series. All 3 produce input latency of less than 40ms, an excellent barrier to entry for many gamers.

Under normal watching, the 65 watt consumes 151 and 91 watts for Calibrated and Calibrated (Dark) respectively. That is consistent with other 65-inch TVs; the Vizio D65-E0 uses 136 and 70 watts in the same modes, but its panel isn’t as bright and it doesn’t support HDR with wide color gamut.


The Vizio M-series offers solid performance at a fair price. At $1,200 for the 65-inch M65 we tested, it is somewhat pricier than low-end TVs such as the TCL S-series or Vizio’s own D-series, but the superior picture more than justifies this premium. Vizio’s 55-inch M50 is quite an exquisite TV. It does not offer the value of the company’s other models, but because they are no longer available in bigger sizes than 50 or 65 inches, it may be your best option at its price range and size. We recommend the Vizio M-series as a good step for people who are looking to buy an HDR-compatible TV, but don’t want a high price tag.

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