5 Best Uncharted 4 PS4 Review: One Of The Best Game Around Black Friday 2021

Naughty Dog, developer of The Last of Us and Uncharted series is back with another fantastic cinematic action game. Without a doubt, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End offers seamless gameplay where gamers can explore rich environments as Nathan Drake from the comfort of their couch! Even though Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is very similar to the previous Uncharted games, it’s still a step up from most other game experiences.

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That s not immediately clear at first. A Thief s End takes a while to start, with extended exchanges that lay the groundwork for Sam-the protagonist’s long-lost brother-whose existence has never previously been mentioned in previous editions. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End does a great job at making the protagonist’s silence understandable, but it can be hard to suspend your disbelief because of their presence in an established property.

I lament the absence of Nadine Ross and Libertalia. However, we get to see a lot more on Drake s backstory in this game than all three previous games combined. The complexity of his relationships with Sam, Sully, Elena etc creates an interesting story that is believable as well as grounded. This story, set in the backdrop of pirates and untold riches, is a genuine page-turner. You will find yourself desperate to discover another twist before you reach the end.

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Uncharted always injects fiction into history, but its backstory of Libertalia may be the best backdrop yet. The title is practically filled with sub-plots, a lot of which are discreetly inserted in to the adventure through collectibles. Again, the developer is not inventing new ground. This rings true for a flashback sequence which includes all of the playfulness and exploratory interactivity from The Last of Us: Left Behind.

But like the Sistine Chapel, a masterpiece constructed in 14 years with great personal expense on behalf of 300 artists and apprentices, it is slow to reveal its rationale. This does not diminish the amazing levels of detail in these graphics, you may have seen the bike chase scene, for instance. Nonetheless they serve another purpose – that is to tell a story which could not have existed otherwise.

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And so, here is the most cohesive Uncharted since Among Thieves. This game also offers a new way to enjoy the amazing visuals: in addition to the single-player campaign, Uncharted 4 includes include four-player online co-op for exploring all of these expansive areas.

Uncharted 4 is an open-world video game, even if it doesn’t appear to be. You can talk to characters and collect journals in order to gain an understanding of the plot which reveals hidden details that you might not have otherwise seen. This all signifies that exploration is emphasized before action, even though that may prove divisive among those looking for combat above character development. But it can also imply that the shootouts feel more meaningful if they eventually arrive. Deadliest enemies or not, you’ll be happy to find that the gunfights here are wonderful.

uncharted 4 ps4
The main reason why they’re so enjoyable is that they provide them before other games. Sound design has been completely redesigned, with firearms sounding like pops instead of pats and squelches, while a few action bowls have already had The Last gasp treatment applied to them allowing for some creativity in approaching the game. The grappling hook, for example, lets you sneak up with stealth behind tall grass. With limited ammo and destructible cover, explored spaces feel more challenging for how well it forces you to keep your character moving. The amazingly tight controls are all that holds back this game from being the perfect masterpiece.

Naughty Dog may have resisted the temptation to include armored enemies in their game, but they can t leave them out of some areas completely. These puzzles alongside collapsing contraptions and platform pushing features does endorse the developer’s decision to end this franchise on a higher note.

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That said, these grappling hooks and the ever-presence of companion characters genuinely do revamp the surrounding’s traversal. The scripting achievements are nothing short of sublime, and factor the vehicles into the mix and you wrap up with some really enjoyable navigation; it s never challenging but there are always new ways for you to question how exactly to reach another The puzzles which were hit and miss in previous Uncharted games are better here. They’re challenging enough to give you a sense of accomplishment, but also entertaining to complete.

And we probably should mention the presentation, which is stunning from start to finish. The bigger environments are densely detailed, and the vistas are some of the best that we’ve ever seen on a console. The art direction in uncharted 4 is an absolute standout: no two environments feel alike, and you’ll notice the difference when exploring the same general area over a few hours. Subtle lighting tweaks as well as changes to the weather evoke different moods that all coalesce into what feels like one cohesive game.

The multiplayer is the icing on the cake (and we will go into detail about it in a later post), but for now, know that people are liking what they have played so far. The lack of cooperative play is disappointing to many though and while Naughty Dog has confirmed that co-op play is coming, it won’t be until When it comes to the competitive suite, there are a number of modes but they feel thin at present.

The game features 60 frames-per-second, which helps the core shooting feel slick, and the addition of a grappling hook next to chargeable melee attacks brings something new. It’s the in-game unlocks that will be a unique feature of this game, though; you’ll be able to accrue cash for completing objectives and use it to purchase computer-controlled companions who support you or Mysticals.

These MacGuffin’s special moves, though expensive to unlock and requiring delicate handling, can turn the tide of battle when used appropriately. The Trials tutorial system is dense with complex systems, but you can drill your way through it if you take the time. The game modes in Uncharted 4 are not as straightforward as the typical Team Deathmatch. You can participate in ranked matches or play Plunder, a CTF analogue with a twist on Chain Link that features bounties for MVPs.

All these are buoyed by the rich roster of unlockables from weapon mods to cosmetic items, which keep things fresh. The downside is definitely the implementation of microtransactions: chests can be bought using an in-game currency called Relics, but you will only ever get random items if you want something specific – so players have to buy Uncharted Points Uncharted 4 will be updated and get map packs free of charge.


Uncharted 4 is the last game in Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series and it was awesome. The end of Nathan Drake’s revenge quest expertly balances huge action set pieces with relatable storytelling. Uncharted 4 will not be able to surpass the highs of Uncharted 2. Nevertheless, with their infinite ambition, it promises to be a more expansive and beautiful adventure than its predecessor.