5 Best TCL S405 4K TV Series On Sale This Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021

The TCL Roku 55-inch 55S405 offers a good feature set as well as great value. It has basic 4K and HDR support and the familiar RoKu smart TV interface for your convenience.

It’s always important to have a back story before you make any changes to input text, so that it makes sense once it’s rewritten With flaws like mediocre backlighting and imperfect color quality, this set is below average overall. However, it still offers some advantages such as being affordable, leading to the opinion that features are more important than general picture quality.

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The 55-inch screen on the TCL S405 offers a 55-inch 4K display, which appears to be similar in appearance as other models of TVs from the same manufacturer. This TV stands 29.5 pounds and measures 49.1 x 28.5 x 3 inches without the stand, making it possible to mount on a wall with a 200 millimeter VESA mount.

The TCL S405 4K TV has a functional stand that consists of two triangular feet. It’s dimensions are 49.1 x 30.8 x 8.7-inches with the stand attached and the height can be adjusted in small increments depending on where you place your TV


The left side of this TV has almost every port you could imagine – HDMI, USB 2.0, coaxial antenna or cable input, headphone jack and Toslink optical input for multi-channel surround sound. The original TCL s405 4k set comes with a RS-232 port and wired Internet capabilities.

We usually recommend shoppers search for four HDMI ports, but three will be sufficient if you only have a couple devices to connect and can avoid that crowded feeling. If you have a sound bar or other HDMI-connected device, you will need to swap them out manually.

We’d prefer to visit the next USB port because they’re often used for streaming sticks such as Google Chromecast. That’s less of a concern, however, since the Roku interface that TCL uses on its smart TVs is robust enough.

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The 55″ TCL S405TV checks all of the expected boxes for a budget-friendly 4K TV: Ultra HD resolution, basic HDR support and a native refresh rate of 60Hz.

The 55S405 offered satisfactory color accuracy. It scored a good Delta-E rating of 2.2 (closer to zero is better). This score is virtually identical to the results from the slightly more expensive TCL Roku TV 55P607 (2.2), just a hair less accurate when compared with its sibling, the TCL 49S There is also another 49 inch TCL LED-LCD TV, the 4k S405. Insignia in the same price tier as the 55S405 offers a Delta-E accuracy of one 1.4, but if you want to double your resolution and halve your input lag for video games or web browsing consider stepping up to Viz

The 49S405 reproduced a reasonable 98.4 percent of the Rec. 709 color space in standard mode, which is better than Insignia’s 55-inch Roku TV (96 percent).

Colors sometimes looked skewed when viewed from an angle. Blues had a purple deviation, for example. In addition to oversaturation, reds and yellows were too intense.

The small details were often lost in shadow detail and nighttime scenes had too high contrasts with bright lights and dark blacks. In Deadpool, this meant that the night time scenes seemed extra dark and a bar’s low lighting implied that someone turned off most of the lights. In a test video showing aerial shots of Manhattan, the buildings came across with detail and clarity, but the streets between them were sometimes too dark to make out any people.

Black levels are a universal problem on LED-backlight devices because of their elevated black levels. You will notice this when the movie cuts to blacks or during dark scenes such as those shown in movies.

This TV doesn’t support Dolby Vision, but it can recognize HDR10s. Inside our tests, the TV’s HDR performance was on-point.

The backlighting was also just a little uneven, with noticeable shadows in the corners that can be seen during normal viewing. While we are forgiving of this when it is subtle, it was hard to miss on the TCL, with consistent shadows in the corners that are starkly apparent any time a bright background or solid color such as blue sky is shown


The sound quality of the 55-inch S405 4K TV is adequate at best. Although there isn’t a noticeable distortion, it lacks a minimum volume and has limited dynamics.

The bass in some Daft Punk tracks was slightly muffled on this set without a subwoofer. We recommend buying a soundbar.

Smart TV Features

TCL s405 4k TV It s a good one-size-fits-most solution, however many users may be irritated that they cannot use Kodi on the Roku TV or want more customization than the Roku standard large icon interface

Remote Control

The Roku remote is one of the simplest and most uncomplicated on the market. This device has been crafted to prioritize simplicity over usability, which is an excellent feature for individuals who have difficulty operating more complex devices. The TV touts four dedicated streaming buttons for Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Now and Sling. They’re well-placed if you want to use them, but they can (and probably will) be ignored if you don’t

One of the only complaints I have with the remote is that it lacks a microphone for voice control and a built-in headphone jack. The last one on the list has features that are meant for those who watch late-night or early morning television without waking up their spouse or a fussy baby. Fortunately, you can access these same features through your Roku mobile app as long as they’re not built into the remote already.

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Bottom Line

The TCL 55S405 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a 4K TV at the best price. Offering acceptable color quality and basic HDR support, this set makes streaming as simple as any other smart TV.

The TCL S405 TV is a comparable model to the 55P607 but comes at a much cheaper price.

The If you prefer saving money and foregoing premium features, the TCL Roku 55S405 is a solid option to consider