5 Best TCL 55P607 Smart LED TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

The set has its problems, such as keeping zones evenly lit however the clarity, color and ability to create gorgeous HDR images surpasses competitors in its class. Get the latest 2018 Black Friday Deals & Sales Here

1. Introduction
2. TCL 55P607 Review
3. What We Liked and Dislike about the TV
4. Conclusion

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Finding the TCL P-Series gets harder in 2018 as more stores are out of stock.

The latest two TCL series, namely the 55R617 and R615 are better than the P-Series in many aspects. The R617 has 96 contrast control zones on its 55-inch screen, while video delay only stands at 17.7ms.

If you can find a good deal on the P-Series, however, we still believe it is an excellent TV. Having said that, if you want to see what we considered the TCL P-Series 55P607 this past year, read on.

TCL P-Series 55P607: design

The 55P607 is one of the middle-of-the-road TCL TVs. It offers solid performance without radically overshadowing or underperforming other TCL models from the lineup.

This is made clear by the center’s advantages:

The C-series offers a sound bar and a modern day design for less, but S-series loses Dolby Vision.

The lack of a new modern design and an integral sound bar should not discount the TCL P-Series’ Dolby Vision capability, which is vital for an HDR experience. So far, it’s been ok being in the middle child.

The downside, however, is that TCL s P-Series only comes in one size: a formidable 55 inches.

The P-Series 55P607 has two metal legs with rubber padding underneath to prevent slippage when feet are screwed in. Once they’re put together, it may be ready to go within minutes if you have all your cables sorted and prepared for plugging in.

In terms of sockets, the 55P607 has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports with HDCP 2.2 compliance, 1 port with an Arc feature and support for digital optical input (S/PDIF) or composite video connection to match a wide range of devices media inputs (HDMI ARC). It also has one USB 2.0 port and

The TCL 55P607 offers what we consider to be a slim form factor with decent sound and an ok screen.

The P-Series are bound in their dimension (it only comes in a 55 inch size), but outside of that it ticks the most all of the boxes from design aspect.

TCL P-Series 55P607: smart TV (Roku TV)

Starting back in 2014 with a 1080p model TCL began using Roku as its platform for their smart TVs. The decision was excellent because it is easy to use and the selection of software is vast.

TCL 55P607 Specs

The smart TV software of Roku resembles the platform applied to streaming video devices such as the Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere+: THE HOUSE section contains all channels for available programs, while My Feed tracks movies and Television shows that you’re considering and teaches where they might be found.

We re likewise pretty supportive of Roku s universal search feature that searches through 300+ apps to find movies and television shows, and displays then with the least expensive option first.

Even though Roku TV isn’t perfect, it’s a sufficient and accessible system for most people.

Recently added to the tcl 55P607 smart led tv are labeled inputs, some new smartphone features, and Dolby Vision support for a richer viewing experience.

Smart TV TL;DR: Our Over-the-Top Streaming service is a great addition for our already excellent TVs.

TCL P-Series 55P607: HD/SDR performance

4K/HDR may be the star of the show here, but HD/SDR looks great as well. This technology makes major changes to a scene in order to make bright areas brighter and dark ones darker.

If you want to view a demonstration of this product, try always watching movies and shows that have bright colors with less focus on dark scenes. It isn’t about the TCL 55P607 not being able to handle darker tones during night scenes – it’s just better suited for brighter types of content.

Looking for a high-end TV to watch your favorite child’s movie? Then you’ll love the 55P607 LCD LED HDTV by TCL! This TV has 64.5″ 4K HDR display and its performance rivals those of this year’s best TVs, like the Samsung Q7F QLED TV and Sony Bravia XBR-

The 55P607 comes with a number of value features at the cost you sacrifice deeper blacks and some clarity when viewing darker content.

The most disappointing aspect of the TV through Game of Thrones Season 7 opener as the ominous dark grey fog rolled in. What should ve been an epic introduction to the growing season looked grainy and pixelated. In spite of its shortcomings, the TCL p6-2017 demonstrated that it is still not prepared to take on OLED in black level performance.

HD or SDR Performance TL; DR: TCL s P-Series still has some work to do refining upscaling and black level performance, but both HD/SDR content (especially bright images) look great.

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TCL P-Series 55P607: 4K/HDR performance

The star of the show for this TV is 4K/HDR. In conditions of 4K/HDR performance specifically, and by that people mean the consequence of feeding it a native 4K signal, the 55P607 rivaled and sometimes surpassed screens that cost hundreds more.

This TCL TV has the capability of surprising you, but there are several strong technological advantages that have been incorporated into its display that make this possible.

There are a few features that help in preventing visual artifacts, the most notable of which is Contrast Control Zone.


Additionally, the color gamut is much wider with TCL’s WCG than other brands. NBP Photon does it without oversaturation. Used, the emails on this TV are amazing and even better than what some TVs in this price range will be able to produce.

On one hand, the 55P607 doesn’t have any significant flaws in picture quality. It’s an LED LCD screen with all of the same issues we’ve seen with this technology over the years—there is a blooming effect where intense colors bleed into areas that need to be pitch black, and black levels just aren t nearly as good as they

These complaints are minor and shouldn t detract from the stunning images this TV can produce.

Bottom Line: Loaded up with the latest in screen technology, TCL’s affordable 55-inch model is a fairly good performer.

TCL P-Series 55P607: sound

The P-Series has two downward-firing 8 watt speakers that create a sizable amount of sound to fill small or medium size rooms respectively. The speakers will not lose any details when loudly playing throughout larger room sizes

About me

TCL wisely places an emphasis on mids and highs because of tonal balance. This results in great sound for shows or movies with dialog. For music or games, this TV doesn’t have the best bass response – so explosions will be more prominent than dialogue.

While the bass isn’t as loud or balanced as some other sound bars, it’s still decent.

Though Roku is widely considered an excellent brand, one of the nicer features of this particular TV’s remote control is its mute button placed near volume up and down.

The sound provided by the TCL 55P607 is good enough for regular household use, but people who want to go all out and have a home cinema experience should opt out of this TV.

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Other panels to ponder

If you’re considering a mid-range, $2,000 television this week, you’ll be inundated with advice for the Sony Bravia X850E and Sharp’s MU series.

But TCL’s P-Series 55P607 stands out among the competition.

This television has a slim, sleek design, and is available in sizes to fit any entertainment center and can be purchased for under $1000.

The TCL P-Series is near the new Vizio E-Series SmartCast XLED TVs with 4K and HDR10. The 65 inch version costs $899 which is still affordable in comparison to a supplementary 10 inch screen for the TCL 55P607.

Ultimately, everything else even, we still prefer the TCL P-Series.

TCL P-Series 55P607: verdict

German TV manufacturers have long sought the formula to an excellent performing TV at a bargain price, but LED LCD hit the mainstream seven years ago and they still haven’t quite achieved that perfect balance. To date.

TCL’s 55P607 is a powerful device in more ways than one. Featuring WCG and Dolby Vision support, this TV is affordable too.