5 TCL 55P605 4K UHD TV On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

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TCL P-Series 55P607: design

TCL TVs are ranked below the P-Series, which is a middle-of-the road TCL model. We all know that the black Friday deals are raging for whole day. Doors of such big competitors like Amazon, walmart, apple and many more stores open for you to shop till hurry up and enjoy best discounts you can in this year.

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The TCL P-Series is not the most stylish or innovative HDTV, but it does offer Dolby Vision. This makes it a great option for those who want HDR technology in their TV.
Up to now, it hasn’t been so bad by being the middle child.

The downside, however, is that TCL s P-Series only will come in one size: a 55-inch model. Although the TV’s 55P607 name stands out as being larger than any other screen you re used to seeing (and might overwhelm your living room décor), this isn’t actually an issue when it comes to usability–

The set’s two metal u-shaped legs have rubber padding underneath to prevent slippage. They can be assembled quickly and will be ready to use in a few minutes, assuming you have your cables sorted and are prepared to plug them in.

The 55P607 has three HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2, one with HDMI ARC, one USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and Digital Optical-In port plus an AV In that takes a standard composite input (Red-White-Yellow RCA) ideal for classic gaming or older/polarizing devices.

This slim, black shell holds a lot of this that’s been seen this season: the thinner-than-ever OLED screens and older LED LCD ones. The bezel is just there though not distracting to us–if you’re looking for something sleeker, these are good to consider too.

Design TL;DR: Vizio s P-Series TV is only available in a 55-inch version, but it looks great nonetheless.

TCL P-Series 55P607: smart TV (Roku TV)

TCL jumpstarted their 1080p line of televisions in 2014, and when they announced Roku as their primary smart TV platform we thought it was a brilliant decision.

TCL 55P607 Specs

You could also make use of the Roku application in an HDTV to find some live TV including sports channels, as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime for video streaming.

We are also fans of Roku’s universal search feature that finds movies and TV shows through 300+ programs and displays them from least expensive to most.

Overall, Roku TV is easy and straightforward enough for most people to use.

tcl 55p605 4k uhd tv

The latest Roku TV is one of the best Smart TVs on the market. With its interface and functionality, Roku will make an excellent TV even better.

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TCL P-Series 55P607: HD/SDR performance

4K technology offers stunning brightness, even in areas that are normally dark. With TCL’s Contrast Control Zone, 72 parts of the screen can be lit individually and this translates into a big difference for HD/SDR images.

If you are looking for demo content showing off this new screen, your very best wager is to watch movies and shows that emphasize bright colors over darker, subtler tones. It isn’t that the TCL 55P607 can’t handle night scenes chock-full of inky blacks; it’s just drastically better at handling brighter varieties of content

High definition cartoons like Moana, The Life Span of Pets, and more look amazing on this screen. It’s performance equals the other outstanding TVs out there this year such as the Samsung Q7F QLED TV and Sony Bravia XBR-X900E.

Some content, particularly darker colors, look slightly different when viewed on the TCL values performer. This is generally a good thing, as it means that these displays are displaying richer colors while still maintaining an affordable price.

My favorite part of the opening scene in Game of Thrones season 7 was when ominous dark grey fog rolled in. I expected epic graphics and amazing resolutions to everything, but they looked grainy and pixelated. TCL’s 55P605 4K UHD TV has a few tricks up its sleeve, but its slight faux-pas proves that the company is not prepared to take on OLED in black level performance.

HD/SDR Performance TL;DR: The TCL P-Series still needs improvement on upscaling and black levels performance, but overall HD/SDR content (especially bright images) looks great.

TCL P-Series 55P607: 4K/HDR performance

The star of the show here is 4K and HDR. Without a doubt, The TCL 55P607 provides better performance-per-dollar than any TV around on day one. When we look at specific types of performance, namely, the colors created after feeding it native 4K signal as opposed to HD signals present in 1080p TVs; this

Surprised by what this 4k TV can do? Well so were we, but there are some strong technical advantages that TCL packed in to the screen.

There are two technologies in this model that aid in maintaining visuals without color bleed. Contrast Control Zone prevents areas of white from contaminating darker colors while Wide Color Gamut enhances and produces much richer colors within an image.

TCL’s NBP Photon technology delivers a wider color space, making what you see appear more colorful. The email address below was given on the Used page with this tcl 55p605 4k uhd tv and it is amazing.

The 55P607 is a smart TV that offers advanced features, but even so, it’s an LED/LCD screen which comes with limitations.

These complaints are minor and shouldn t distract you from the beautifully-produced images this TV can produce.

TCLs 55-inch 4K/HDR TV is a great pick for the price.

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TCL P-Series 55P607: sound

The TCL 55P607 TV comes with two downward-facing 8W speakers, which are plenty loud enough to fill a smaller room such as a bedroom or the living room. They’ll also create noise in a larger space without compromising the sound quality too much.

TCL has mastered tonal balance, placing an emphasis on mids and highs instead of the low-end. This is beneficial for shows with dialog rather than music or games where booming explosions are important.

In conclusion, it lacks a bit when it comes to wall-shaking bass and overall balance.

Though more variable in picture quality, streaming device such as Roku typically have better remotes that include a mute button.

The sound of the TCL 55P607 TV is balanced and can be a good choice for those not seeking an external speaker system.

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Other panels to ponder

If you re talking about a mid-range, $2,000 television, we d be inundated with tips like the Sony Bravia X850E and Bravia X900E series or Samsung s MU series.

But the TCL P-Series 55P607 is in a class of its own.

The TCL 55P605 looks great and doesn’t cost much at all. The TV is four times higher resolution than standard HD resolutions and it will fit well with entertainment centers that are roughly the same size as it.

While the TCL P-Series looks excellent for those on a budget, Vizio also offers a SmartCast XLED TV with the same level of quality 4K and HDR10. The 65 inch version is only $899 which means that you can add an extra 10 inches to your screen without breaking the bank in comparison to TCLs 55P

Ultimately, however, everything else being equal, we still choose the TCL P-Series.

TCL P-Series 55P607: verdict

In the TVs category, manufacturers have sought to find the perfect combination of an excellent performing TV and a bargain price. Speaking going back seven years since LED LCDs hit the mainstream, they haven’t quite achieved that perfect balance. As of now.

The TCL P-Series 55P607 provides impressive support for WCG and Dolby Vision technologies, delivered with an affordable design that may get cheaper.