Best Synology DS218 & NAS Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Synology currently offers a number of NAS devices. We received the DS215j, an entry-level NAS that has since been succeeded by the DS218j and we also tested the tuned-performance DS716+II which has now been replaced with its successor – the DS718+. You’ll be able to buy Synology NAS devices with massive discounts for the coming Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.

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Get Huge Discount on Synology DS218+ NAS in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

We used a previous review to spell out in detail what a NAS is and who may need one, if you aren’t sure whether you will need one, we recommend reading before proceeding further. The model that we will be reviewing today is the Synology DiskStation DS218+, which also has models that have been reviewed earlier.

This Synology NAS has powerful Intel Celeron J3355 dual-core 2.5 GHz processor and power supply, with the ability to be increased to 4GB by installing an additional RAM module. One of the benefits of a Synology NAS is that it can hold both 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch SATA drives (either HDD or SSD). The DS218+ supports drives up to 14TB each, providing you with an ultimate max capacity internal raw storage of 28TB

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You get three USB 3.0 ports, as well as 1 gigabit ethernet port and a copy button that allows you to quickly export data from an external drive.

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Synology’s DiskStation DS218j is a 2-bay NAS designed for small businesses or individuals

This NAS server has a cover that is easily opened, but it’s not something you’d be fiddling with on a regular basis. DS218+ is relatively unobtrusive, measuring just 165mm x 108mm x 232.2 mm and weighing 1.3kg without drives.

Cooling is the Synology DS218’s hallmark. The fan does an excellent job of heating up without becoming obtrusive in most environments, with a temperature range of 5 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. One of the factors that complicate synology ds218 nas review is choosing the appropriate hard drive for NAS.

The DS218+ offers a few enterprise-level features, like AES-NI hardware encryption and an included Mail Plus license. It also has more concurrent users in Synology Office, Drive, and Chat programs than other consumer NAS units in the company lineup. Synology’s strong suite of software called packages can be installed via the Package Centre, which is like an App Store for your Synology NAS.

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Across the store, I found close to 100 packages from Synology and about the same number of third-party offerings. In our previous reviews, we’ve covered a number of the consumer- and enterprise- focused Synology packages along with apps for tablets and phones.

Download Station and Video Station provide a great interface for donwloading and watching videos. The Synology DS218+ is a versatile NAS that supports 4K H.265 hardware transcoding, so you can watch all your favorite movies on any device regardless of whether it supports the format. Synology also provides helpful FAQs on various formats, which you can read about in our Synology DS 716+II review.

Synology hopes its new Moments app will be more accessible to the average user. Professional features are available in Synology’s Photo Station download, so many common users favor it over his current Moment software. The Photo Station and Moments software programs manage their own databases, which means images can not be shared between the two programs.

Installing the Synology Moments app is tricky, and images don t import accurately to it either. Strangely, the only way to get pictures into Moments on your phone is by pointing the app at a location in your Synology NAS where you already have some photographs. When you upload photographs to iOS, you can press the share button and choose Moments as your destination. Once they are uploaded, a notification appears on the iphone that looks like this:
iOS Upload Notification Photos are uploaded at the original resolution, and all metadata is preserved.

Synology Moments does a good job of sorting your photos and you can also use it to find people in old photographs. Unfortunately, the application can t train against false positives. The Places feature provides a view of your pictures grouped by location.

Synology offers a Moments photo app for iPhone and Android. Photos (left), Places (middle), and Subjects (right) are categories in the Moments app.

Different subjects are available on the DS218, but Moments only has a few discretized topics. There is no way to find more topics than those few. That is akin to how Apple has implemented photo OCR on Photos for iOS and macOS, with Google’s more flexible approach enabling access to even arbitrary items such as yellow mug. We also ran into a major issue when importing photos. Upon import, 1 photo was found under the subject Wedding which is odd because we imported multiple wedding-related photos to that same folder. Moments is a must-have app for anyone with cameras in their pocket. Searches can be restricted to location, or even date of the photo if you so choose.

Synology’s Moments application lets you have basic functionality of Google Photos on your own cloud server, without the need to share sensitive data with any third party.

The options we mentioned could be accessed through the Moments Web interface on a personal computer, as well as the Moments app for iOS and Android. Be sure to remember that your experience using the mobile application will depend largely on in which web connection of your home or office where your Synology NAS is plugged in – since the application needs constantly communicate with you NAS

With the Synology EZ-Internet package, it’s easy to make your NAS accessible via the web. This is important because devices that require remote upload would not work if we didn’t open those ports on our router. We tested the iphone app with four different routers over the duration of our review period, and it worked flawlessly with most.

Synology offers a range of controls with the Moments app for Android.

As a cloud storage application, Synology Drive can not provide any benefits that other public options don’t offer. This solution is best for those both inside and outside of workplace prefer to have all their data entirely under control; individuals who put a high priority on privacy. Ideally, your NAS is at a location in the house that adheres to strict security measures. The most important thing to remember when using a Synology with kids is that you are always in charge of the security and backups for the NAS.

Synology Drive is fast and easy to use. It was nice being able to start working on a document on one computer, then finish it off in Safari on my phone. While Drive does a great job of maintaining version histories of most documents you focus on in any shared folder, the default conflict resolution settings were not what we expected them to be.

“In the event that a conflict occurs, by default Drive is configured to ‘Keep carefully the newest version’ and rename discarded versions, so you can maintain them.” When reviewing version histories, we found that the conflict would not show up in net or on a computer which led us to risk letting someone else’s changes get lost. The server program’s setting to keep the current version of a document on the server conflicted with Drive software’s default behavior. Instead, we saw another copy of the same file pop-up in the folder, a situation that is handled similarly by Dropbox and other storage providers.

Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM) should be accessed to assign additional storage or configure the settings on this NAS.

Additionally, you are able to sync those specific files and folders for which you wish to have updates on both machines. Additionally, one-click sharing of the desired file or folder is enabled via syncing with other Synology products as well as integration with Synology s Office suite. Synology NAS s Drive application is for use within your workplace and only requires converting word processing files between formats if you are working from Microsoft Office apps. Synology’s new DS218 NAS is not designed for the working professional.

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Company: Synology
Product name: DS218+ NAS
Priced in India at Rs. 32,799; though found on Amazon India for a higher price The DS218+ (Rs. 42,399) has 4K transcoding as one of its features which might interest some consumers who want a NAS they can use directly on their TV or AV amplifier but it might not be the best option for those who are looking for something more affordable and only need basic things like streaming files to devices in the same The DS218 features a much lower price tag at $199.99 (compared to the DS718+ at $274.99).

The Synology ecosystem is open to many of its products, and this where the company’s biggest strength lies. Moments may not have grown as mature as other Synologies applications, but the business has a great