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What is Synology DS216 NAS?

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What’s the Synology DiskStation DS216?

Synology s DS216j is a budget-oriented option for smaller offices. It costs more than the home equipment DS216, but it s faster and provides features such as hot swappable devices and one touch copy from flash drives to NASs. Review on Synology DS216 NAS

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The Synology DS216 NAS includes two bays, with support for both 3.5in hard disks and 2.5in drives or SSDs, which differentiates it from the cheaper model (DS216j), that only supports one bay with 1GHz of processing power compared to the dual-core 1.3GHz processor in the DS216

Synology offers two USB 3 ports and one USB 2, ensuring you will always have the means to plug in a device. DSM 6 is an efficient, browser-based interface exclusive to Synology NAS devices.

Synology’s DS216 is straightforward-looking NAS with a plain, matte black case that stands out in comparison to the shiny white plastic of home-oriented models. It features metal buttons and tactile surfaces for an overall more impressive look.

Synology DS216 – Setup

The article is pretty minimal. Even so, the NAS does make using it feasible for you during setup. For starters, there’s no need for a screwdriver: just slide out a drive tray and put your 3.5in devices in place by clipping them in. The drive trays were easy to identify, with up printed on the tray that means you got them in the correct way.

The 2.5″ disks are fitted in the NAS before locating and plugging it into your router with the provided 1.5m network cable, powering it up and going to find.synology.com from a browser on your computer. This will search for your Synology NAS online, hook up to it once spotted, and afterward you select

Initial setup is easy as a wizard takes you through establishing an administrator account. The NAS asks for your QuickConnect ID, which can be invaluable when accessing the NAS from mobile apps. This means that in addition to accessing the NAS interface on your home network, you can also access the NAS interface from outside of your home network. This comes in handy if you have UPnP disabled for some reason.

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Synology DS216 – OPERATING-SYSTEM and Apps

The Synology ds216 NAS comes configured with a RAID 1 array, which tolerates the failure of one disk. It also creates shares for music, photos, videos and a generic home folder. You can use the nas’ ip address to access it, but Windows users may find it simpler to type the nas name in a blank run box and press “Enter”. You have the option to map these drives as network folders for windows explorer.

The NAS interface simplifies this configuration. Even those unaware of NAS drive will feel relatively aware of the windowed interface. Everything is made simpler with some wizards that create new shares and users, assigning them appropriate read and write access and if desired, disk space quotas. There is no need to know about Linux file permission flags, which is a blessing.

Synology’s DSM operating system is rich in potential, with a staggering selection of apps for you to install via the package center. These range from sending emails or hosting your own Drupal site to running your very own wiki (or any other application).

Synology suggests installing their own software during the initial setup of your NAS, which covers typical tasks like burning files and sharing audio or video tracks.

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Synology does have an array of its own software that it recommends you install through the initial setup process. These programs cover the standard office or home NAS tasks of burning your I installed Cloud Station (for backup), along with Audio Station, Photo Station and Video Station. I found it to work well and synced new files right on the NAS with my Windows or Linux PC.

Synology Audio Station is a powerful and convenient way of playing your audio files stored on the NAS. It supports Android and iOS, but lacks a more comprehensive feature set found in paid clients like iTunes or Groove Music.

Photos Station offers a nice web interface, as well as desktop and iOS apps for viewing your photos. I didn’t have any major complaints about the Android app either.

Unlike Photo and Audio Station, Video Station doesn t work the same. Before you can view its content, you have to include a shared folder to a library, such as Movies. I struggled to get the videos that I d imported onto the Synology machine to be properly shared between my iOS device and Android tablet. The Synology NAS also has a media server that is enabled by default. This means you can use an alternative solution such as BubbleUPnP to stream music and video from your own NAS. I experienced smoother video playback on my phone with BubbleUPnP, but DS Audio lacked a fully-featured music player.

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Synology DS216 – External Storage

Synology Disk Station DS216, provided you plug a USB hard disk drive or flash drive in to the DS216, will share these over the network. You can also use Synology File Station iPhone app to copy files to and from this disk via your web browser. After setting up the NAS, it was just a matter of connecting an external drive on the USB port, pressing the “copy” button and re-connecting to another external drive to copy all content onto internal storage. Synology offers a free app to convert drives from exFAT to ext4 and it has worked fine for me; however, there is the option that if you wish your NAS to read disks formatted in ExFAT, then you will need to spend $4 on another Synology app.

Annoyingly, the only USB port supports USB 2 speeds which is a hassle when you want to transfer many types of files.

Synology DS216 – Performance

The DS216’s interface ran a lot more smoothly than that of the older model I reviewed, which gave me high hopes that its fast processor would bring about some impressive file transfer speeds.

I wanted to use a command line for the speed test so I couldn’t be accused of rigging the results. I used Robocopy, running it and 3 sets of file types with various sizes between my NAS and RAM on my PC over a Gigabit Ethernet network.

We found the DS216 NAS performs fairly with small files, but it is particularly swift when handling photographs and large video files.

#8: Using Bullet Points to Break Content Into Understandable Sections

Bulleted lists are a popular way of breaking content into understandable sections. They can also be used as headers within the body copy in order to Though writing small files is usually relatively quick, this NAS was faster.

The results in this review are not completely comparable to the ones in our DS216Play review, but it seems like they s slightly faster with smaller files and slightly slower with larger ones.

Should I choose the Synology DS216?

The DS216 is a simple way to store and share files, but its data transfer speeds are less than what you might want.

The Synology DS216j is a good option for home use. The dual-core processor makes file transfers faster and adds the direct USB copy function and hot-swappable disks.

Otherwise, the NAS devices are identical. The DS216j is $80 cheaper. There’s also the DS216play for an additional five dollars that only has one USB 3 port but still includes a fast 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM with support for hardware video transcoding.


At the end of the day, it is not important to you how high bandwidth a NAS offers as long as you use one for storing and sharing files.

Unlike other sites, we only review products about which we ll always tell you what to expect. We use industry standard tests so that you will have an honest understanding of the product’s features.