5 Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Almost from the beginning, Star Wars is a story of redemption from darkness. So, in an ironic type of way, Battlefront 2 is a more ambitious and improved Star Wars game because it’s first fall to the dark side and subsequent journey back again to the light. For 2 years, EA and DICE have updated and changed Star Wars Battlefront II to make it one of the best multiplayer adaptations of a Star Wars universe.

There is an abundance of content in Battlefront 2 for those who want to play alone or with others online.

– Jasmine Richter The game looks great and have the classic Star Wars feel. You can go on an exciting ride through a galaxy far, far away with other gamers.

Crucially, DICE nailed the fundamentals in Battlefront II. Tactically, firing a blaster feels pretty chunky–with that signature sound you remember from A New Hope and Obi-Wan’s lightsaber duels against Darth Vader. Although every weapon fires similar looking bolts of energy, each has it’s own distinct and unique feel–from stun pistols to

The following is a table of contents.
The following is a table of contents.

Best Deals For Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Crucially, DICE absolutely nailed the fundamentals.

Four classes of ground troops are Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist who have different skills. Since there are no ammo counts, just cool downs, it changes the dynamic and makes gameplay more interesting. I gravitated towards the Heavy Troopers because of their powerful LMG-style weapon, mobile shield, grenade launcher that can be used at any time without overheating. The game is excellent for suppressing fire – though the defending end of the Ultimate phase in “Capital Supremacy” and have to keep carefully the enemy back no matter what. Between key classes like Arc Troopers with electric mines and dual pistols, or rolling Droidekas with heavy armor and deployable shield domes, you will encounter a different kind The interplay between the efforts of your typical troops and the flashiness of heroes creates a special sense of excitement, which is especially fun in Battlefront 2.

The best thing about Battlefront 2 is that it allows you to play with most of its toys, no questions asked. Every class and playable hero is available right away, so the unlock-grind from launch has been removed completely. One of the best aspects of this game is that it includes every character from all 8 movies.

As you progress through the levels of Battlefront 2, you will unlock ability cards with passive upgrades. These are designed to refine your playstyle and reward keeping a class as opposed to making you stronger. You spend most of the time and effort playing as basic soldier classes, but you earn points during matches that allow you to spawn as a hero. These iconic characters are absolute killing machines, so when one clashes with another hero it is extremely memorable. The list has grown steadily since launch and today includes everyone from Obi-Wan to Grievous, including her ridiculous saber windmill attack. The original Star Wars trilogy’s Darth Vader fighting the prequel trilogy’s Anakin Skywalker hero is much more entertaining than it should be.

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These fights could be truly the stuff of Star Wars “IMAGINE IF?” fan-fiction, taken to life on screen.

Playing as a hero for the entire time was an immersive experience I will not soon forget. In one round, our team deathmatch became Heroes v Villains because I was playing as my favorite character Boba Fett and ran into another player controlling Obi-Wan Kenobi because of a goal. It felt like I was playing a Jedi Knight, re-enacting the fight with Jango Fett from Episode II. In this version of the game, Obi Wan leaped through the air and used his blasters against me before I knocked him out with force push. It was an outstanding time.

Considering the scope and breadth, EA and DICE have released as much new free content for the Battlefront 2 multiplayer side that had been at launch. With new maps, game modes, and flights ships for air combat they have also given players exciting new heroes and villains. Players can now customize their character with the many different skins.

Battlefront 2’s maps now feel just like a Greatest Hits collection of the complete Star Wars galaxy, pulling from all three movie trilogies plus one-offs and the cartoons. The dense greenery of Felucia contrasts nicely with the brown deserts of Geonosis, and fighting over Cloud City in Bespin is great fun. The Naboo capital city, Theed, is one of my favorite maps. Unlike many other battlefront 2 ps4 stages which are rural outskirts or desert fields devoid of buildings for cover and concealment, in this setting you can fight in a more urban environment while still having enough space for 40-player modes. Every type of map is different, so that means you’ll be playing the same game for a long time before ever feeling like you’ve seen everything because there’s always something new.

Every Planet and Location in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Multiplayer

Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS4 has it easier matching players to battle depending on the game modes selected. Waiting for two minutes or so before starting smaller modes like Hero Showdown and Hero Starfighters is a bit of a shame, but the good news is that I love playing those modes once they finally start. Hero Showdown is a new mode option in which there are no respawns for the entire round, and two teams of two heroes each face off. Hero Starfighters is an expanded version of the original Hero Showdown mode in which players compete to make it the opposing team’s keep inside their base zone. Permitting you to immediately control these famous characters rocks !, putting a great spin on the classic modes. However, they don’t seem to have the same popularity as other modes. Having a wide variety of modes to choose from seems to be splitting up the player base thinly over which best ones are their favorite

“Some of the popular modes, like Jetpack Cargo or Blast (which is technically just team deathmatch), tended to be lukewarm without players at all,” Mike said. “However, I don’t always want to invest 30-40 minutes in one match–so having something quick and exciting was nice.” While the Quick Play option is a helpful fallback, not being picky about what type of queue you want to be in can lead to disappointment. Furthermore, when the only mode accessible is something you don t wish to play at all like Ewok hunt or among the Starfighter battles for thrid time in a row.

Capital Supremacy mode is both among the busiest and among the best.

The newly added Capital Supremacy mode is a lot like the traditional Galactic Assault mode, only this offering has some extra frills. Here, the team that holds control points in the first phase earns AI reinforcements, and the winning team boards a transport shuttle to attempt to dominate their opponent’s capital ship. It generates an epic tug-of-war, pushing and pulling across space and the planet’s surface. It can take upwards of thirty minutes to complete a match, and the settings are reminiscent of both Clone Wars and Battlefield series. Galactic Assault evokes a similarly grandiose feeling, but rather than changing maps partway through according to progress, the An arena-style mode of the game, players are given three objectives to achieve that vary according to map type. For example, capturing points or escorting large ground units like walkers.

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Galactic Assault may take some time, but it’s the only game mode that spans all three eras.

Matches in Galactic Assault can take a while, but it’s the only mode that spans over three generations of wars across twelve different maps. The joy and fun of the game becomes immediately clear. For instance, you can acquire a TIE Fighter with a rocket launcher or fly an X-Wing across a planet surface while blowing up Storm Troopers for example.

It is important to mention that while Capital Supremacy currently only includes Clone Wars locations, the game will be updated in early 2020 with content from the sequel trilogy. The actual fact that EA continues to push out updates for a casino game that’s over 2 years old, especially after such a rocky launch, is incredibly commendable. We haven’t seen any of this new content yet but if it’s of similar quality as past updates then it will only serve to add improvements in Battlefront 2 and


Whether you’re completely new to the battlefield or picking up your blaster after an extended break, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is a redemption story worth the Skywalker saga. It’s a big, broad, beautiful shooter that nails the Star Wars atmosphere just about everywhere. Battlefront 2’s multiplayer feels slightly more complete than the previous entry in the series, but comparatively limited content and long queues make for a mixed gameplay experience. Overall, it is a good package that ranks among the better available games.