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Upon opening the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth in-car speakerphone, we were surprised by how big it is. The Freeway measures about 4.75 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and a good 0.5 inch at its thickest. It’s much bigger than our favorite speakerphones including the Motorola Roadster or BlueAnt S4,

One of the biggest reasons behind the Freeway’s bulk is that it houses not one but three speakers, which it uses in concert to create what Jabra calls Virtual Surround sound (more on that in a bit). A fabric-covered speaker grille covers those three speakers and occupies about 50 % of the Freeway’s top Right above the speaker are two buttons mounted flush with the device’s chassis to activate its FM modulator and its voice command system. On top of that is a silver phone button that will answer calls manually on where you can see the phone status LED The touch-sensitive Jabra logo is unresponsive, but the buttons below the speaker grille are easy to press — volume up, volume down, and mic mute.

There are two ports on the right side of the unit: a power port and an audio jack. These can be used with cords that come in the box to charge your device or play music through it. The Jabra Freeway speaker boasts a 14-hour talk time and 40 hours of standby on its rechargeable battery. Plugging it into the car’s visor is simple with the wire clip that runs along the side of it.

Upon powering up the Jabra Freeway, we were greeted by the system’s overly-cheery female voice-prompting system that instructed us in pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled phone. You can I pair the Jabra FREEWAY simply by turning on Bluetooth, connecting to it within your phone’s Bluetooth devices menu listing and entering 0000 as the four-digit PIN. Once complete, the bluetooth speakers will congratulate you on a successful pair. Meanwhile your phone (if it supports Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile) may prompt about talking to your contacts with your Freeway speaker. The Freeway also solves the problem of phone numbers. When you miss a call, any incoming phone number is automatically stored to your contact list- even if it s a new or unfamiliar caller.
Second rewrite: The Jabra Freeway Speaker comes with many inventive features including an integrated voice dialer and Bluetooth capability that allows for hands free calls on

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## Introduction and why this is worth reading.

A speakerphone for audiophiles

We tested the sound quality of Jabra’s three-speaker Virtual Surround setup by making a number of calls and also hearing podcasts and music. We usually aren’t impressed with the fidelity of monaural setups for bluetooth speakerphones, although we’re making calls, not making music. Jabra Freeway speaker’s sound, however, was surprisingly robust. Podcasts sounded back-lit because of the baritone male voices which often suffer from a tinny and hollow voice. Even the music playback was impressive, featuring high and base levels when playing acoustic tracks. However, while louder volumes were great for rock or hip-hop music, it wasn t perfect with higher and lower tones unless you play at a moderate volume level. The jabra freeway speaker, a visor-mount handsfree speakerphone designed for use in the car or on the go is all about music playback.

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We really liked the way that there was a virtual surround setup on this Freeway speaker that added some nice spatial fullness to the sound from the speakers. You won’t be fooled into believing you’re hearing a complicated 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 system but it is stereo sound and so if you mount it in your car with

Jabra has included an FM transmission function. After pressing the transmitting button, the Freeway will tune to a frequency of its choice on the FM band and announce it using its spoken prompts. Tap the volume-up button to rescan and find clearer channels. That is an excellent feather in the Freeway s cap, but since it has such good internal speakers, we don t need to use the FM transmission very often.

Voice command and motion sensitivity

Incoming calls can be accepted or rejected without having to touch the speaker. With the Freeway, say “answer” for accept and “ignore” if you want to reject. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, all of those other voice commands still need a tap of the voice button on top of the speaker These commands include redial and call back, which dial the last outgoing or incoming call, and phone commands, which fires up your phone s voice command system for calling by name. The Freeway has a battery command that speaks the current charge of the speaker and how long it will last. Play music triggers audio playback on devices with A2DP streaming; and Pair new phone pairs your device to the speaker for use of its features Additionally, the “What may I say?” command prompts the Freeway to list available voice commands.

The Freeway has a motion sensor that senses the cars location and inputs its location to your phone via Bluetooth. If it goes more than thirty minutes without being paired with a device, or if it hasn’t moved for more than ten minutes, it will put itself into standby mode until another Bluetooth device is detected again. When you next enter your vehicle or elsewhere, the Freeway will sense motion and automatically power back up to be ready to pair with your phone again. Of course, you may also turn it on or off by using the energy switch if you want to transport it in a backpack for instance.

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In sum

This speakerphone may well not have assistants for voice commands or be as lightweight as other Bluetooth speakerphones, but it is the best audio quality on the market. The Freeway does a more than adequate job of reproducing an enjoyable listening experience, but it s as versatile and powerful as many other small desk speakers.