Top 5 Sony XBR75X900E 4K TV On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale On Amazon 2021

Getting 4K HDR right can be challenging. Many TV manufacturers use different technologies to solve the problem of high peak brightness, without taking into account image quality.

The best LED solution is widely regarded as full array backlighting with local dimming. So-called FALD (full array light emitting diode) screens, while generally smaller than the typical OLED screen, provide better results for handling HDR content. Sony’s new 4K HDR smart TV line-up is finally here and it promises a better picture.

Sony’s X900E series offers the highest quality FALD technology on all of its screen sizes, from 75-inch models to 49-inchers. The X900E model, a 55-inch television, is $1,700. The series is also available in 49-, 65- and 75-inch sizes if you want something larger. Get the best black friday deals on your favorite product.

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Design-wise, Sony has done an excellent job in its TV lineup.

The X900E includes a sleek bezel with aluminum trim offset by the silver-slate pedestal stand with cable management, making this TV an excellent option. The set is slim because it includes a primary backlight, although it still needs to be accommodated for in terms of power.

The set has four HDMI inputs and a single USB port, which are all 4K HDCP 2.2 compliant — meaning you have plenty of room for 4K Blu-rays, consoles, or set-top boxes. It also features an optical digital audio tracks output and a fast blue 3.0 USB input for additional sound systems. Wi-Fi and Ethernet are standard.

The remote control for the set is a rubber-keyed remote which has buttons that are close together and hard to navigate. The surface also accumulates lint quickly, which can make your new purchase look old very quickly. The Sony remote also has an IR blaster, which is useful for controlling other devices.

The XBR55X900E has a 49 inch screen with 4K resolution. It also displays HDR content and comes with Google’s Android TV Smart platform that offers access to the Google Play Store.

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Smart TV: Android TV

The screen features a Full HD resolution and runs the Android TV OS, which will be familiar to Sony viewers.

Android TV is organized into tiers, with the upper-most tier containing tutorials and ads (the type of stuff you truly don’t have to see that often). There are rows of apps, games, inputs, and settings. The interface for this TV is cluttered, which makes it more of an obstacles than a gateway.

Sony 75 inch 4K TV has apps for Amazon Video, Netflix and YouTube. These 3 streaming stations support 4K and HDR streams. You can also find Google Play, Wuaki, PlayStation Video, Spotify on this TV if you are looking for something different.

HD/SDR performance

Image quality is crucial in the newest Sony LCD 4K smart TVs. These sets dazzle with clarity and punch right out of the box, but it makes no difference how many LED bulbs are clustered behind each panel or if they blink on and off faster than an eye can detect. The true measure of a good screen isn t some series of specs;

Picture presets include Standard, Vivid, Brightness, Color Temperature and Smart Settings. Advanced Picture adjustments are available in Auto local dimming and X-tended Dynamic Range. Sony XBR75X900E 4K TV

The 4K panel is native 100Hz, which really helps motion handling. Sony s Motionflow processor will come in Standard, Clear, True Cinema and Custom implementations. This mode will adjust the video to avoid a soap opera effect, and it does retain detail well. The Sony X900E does well in just about any circumstance.

One of the more lesser known options is the Custom setting, which has Smoothing set to 3 and Clear to Min. This retains a lot of clarity yet creates minimal artifacts. It’s suitable for sports. Clear is undeniably the clearest setting for details. It includes a drawback with regard to luminance since it isn’t accurate for the HDR screen. The other setting to avoid is Smooth, which exhibits artifacts.

Many of the features on this product are borrowed from their more expensive counterparts. For instance, the X1 imaging engine borrows features from Sony’s ZD9 and OLED A1. When acquiring 4K HDR, the Light Sensor is locked on. All other settings remain adjustable, including Brightness, X-Tended Dynamic Range etc.

Super bitmapping is used to remove color banding and the HDR remastering helps increase contrast and color to make for better images on lower quality content. Sony’s xBR75X900E 4K TVs offer high-precision processing, enabling a lifelike image with astounding clarity.

One of the (perfectly reasonable) reservations about HDR remastering is that, being a software-level feature, it cannot be turned off on its own. It can only be switched off by changing TV modes. Similarly, you can show various highlights and go oooh upscaled, but it all looks supremely natural.

Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro processor is a subjective detail and texture adder. It generally seems to work well, but it can also produce additional artifacts. As the pros of this technology outweigh the downsides most of the time, users should keep one preset clean from these (the Custom setting will be the obvious choice). Disengage X-Reality Pro and you ll let the TV s native high frequency 4K resolution shine.

You can manually adjust the resolution of X-Reality Pro. Artifacts can start to become noticeable around 30 on the scale, so I would recommend never setting it any higher than that and you will not be sacrificing processing power at all.

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4K/HDR performance

The X900E boasts X-tended Dynamic Range Pro with XDR, which is Sony lingo to signify that it has five times the contrast of an average LED screen.

In comparison, the Sony X930E offers a 10x brightness with its Ultra Slim Backlight Plus feature, 10 times that of conventional LED technology. Samsung’s flagship ZD9 model is rated at 16x for brightness.

1080p is still a great standard for high definition, but it’s being replaced by 4k. The newly Goblinized Harry confronts Spider-Man in Oscorp Power. The X900E’s images are a compelling sight to behold by itself, but the background is dazzling with its series of sparks.

Sony’s 75-inch X900E TV is a great choice for movie buffs looking for a dark scene with uniform blacks that are less susceptible to glare during nighttime viewing. A wider halo is seen behind, but it’s not jarring and can be looked at as a satisfactory consequence of the technology.

The HDR footage of a firework display explodes with appropriate brilliance. 1000 nits of brightness is ramped to the max, setting the tone for proper HDR. First-generation LED TVs often struggled in their original quest for peak highlights, creating distracting backlighting along the way. Thanks to the way that this set handles color, black levels are deep and pronounced.

So far as colors are concerned, the Triluminos panel has a good track record with deep reds, which are more impressive than you might expect from an intermediate LED. When it comes to UHD Blu-ray films, the Sony X900E is your best friend but OTT streaming can also look great. The Grand Tour s few scenes set in North Africa appear stunning. The sun glistening off the polished surface of a Mazda MX-5, the details of Hammond s shirt are magnificently brought to life on screen, and all with warm authenticity.


You might expect the speakers on flat-screen televisions these days to make most sounds sound muffled and thin. Nonetheless, this X900E model surprises with good stereo separation and satisfying depth of heft, thanks to two 10 watt amps Sony has apparently angled the drivers forward instead of just down.

We liked

Sony XBR75X900E is an great HDR TV that occupies a good spot in performance and price. UHD image clarity is excellent, color performance lush, and its own HDR options add the ideal level of zing.

The XBR75X900E 4K LED TV has a direct backlight that provides excellent screen uniformity. The lack of any “splotches” or “blotches” in the image is owed to the local dimming, and contrast and deep blacks are high as well. The Sony XBR75X900E televisions are not as impressive as OLED TVs, but for the price they perform just as well with excellent details and motion resolution.

We disliked

There is some blooming around highlights on black backgrounds that could be solved by a higher density of the LED backlights (but the price would increase). The remote control feels cheaply made in your hand.

Final verdict

The Sony X900E offers a stunning 4k image, rich colors, and eye-popping HDR without the accompanying effect of eye fatigue.