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Getting 4K right can be tough, but many manufacturers are trying to combat the problem with unnatural dynamic luminance which actually degrades image quality.


1. Introduction
2. Design and Physical Features
3. Performance and Image Quality Pros & Cons?
4. Conclusion: Sony 65X900E vs LG 4K OLED TV

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The best LCD solution on the market is widely believed to be full-array backlighting with local dimming. Generally, this kind of screen gives better results in HDR over edge-lit LED screens, but they typically had limitations because it was mostly only big enough for larger screens.

The best type of LCD is what some people refer to as No more can that be said.

Sony’s X900E Series offers the technology on all options for the screen size, from a 75 inch right down to a 49 inch, making it available to enthusiasts with big and small screens. Though this is already a major investment, the cost begins to climb significantly–the 55″ model will start at $1,700.


Design is not the XBR65X900E’s area of expertise, which leaves it severely lacking when it competes with better-designed, more expensive TVs.

The X900E includes a high-end thin aluminum bezel that pairs well with the screen’s silver frame, as cables are managed flawlessly in the sleek foot. The set is moderately slim, given the small of a number of backlight, nevertheless it still includes a sizable power plug which you’ll want to need to accommodate and may complicate wall mounting somewhat.

The set has four HDMI inputs, including one on the back as well as three side-mounted, and is HDCP 2.2 compliant. This means you can connect devices like 4K Blu-ray players, game consoles, or TV boxes to this device for excellent viewing capabilities. There ia also an AV input and 3 USB ports (including The TV comes with Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

The remote control that ships with the set is identical to those of Sony TVs from 2016. It has barely raised buttons, which can affect your user experience. You might want to use a different remote control for this TV because it attracts lint more than you would like. The IR blaster is especially helpful for controlling other devices.

Screen sizes available: 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches. | 4K: Yes. | HDR: Yes (HDR10, firmware upgrade for HLG planned). | Panel technology: Full array backlighting with local dimming. | Smart TV: Yes (Android TV). Curved: No. Dimensions: 122 x 70

Smart TV: Android TV

The sony xbr65x900e 4k tv offers a range of connectivity options, including Android TV OS

The tutorial screens and advertising pop-ups Android TV are only a click away, but with the app row, game selection, input space, and settings options that come standard on every set-top box like this, you can sort of get around them without ever seeing their contents. It is a cluttered interface that is more often an obstacle than gateway.

This Sony XBR65X900E 4K TV offers a handful of different video streaming apps- from Netflix to Amazon Prime to YouTube. These all offer support for 4K and HDR streams .All said Android is not great, but it’s easy to start up and navigate.

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HD/SDR performance

The X900E 4K TV from Sony is a success. It dazzles with clarity and punch. The set has the perfect amount of lighting for both screens.

Sony’s 4K HDR TV offers a range of picture presets, each catered to different types of programming and lifestyles.
The options include Standard, Vivid, Custom, Cinema Pro, Cinema Home, Sports Mode (for sports broadcasts), Animation Mode (for animation) and Game mode for gaming. There are also the usual adjustments for Brightness/ It is worth tinkering with these.

The Sony XBR65X900E is a 4K TV with 100Hz native refresh rate, boasting an incredible array of supported faster motion modes. The Standard picture mode is good enough for most needs, but it can introduce distortions in fast-motion images. Pros: It displays all kinds of content

One of the more popular custom settings is Smoothness set to 3 and Clear at Min. This keeps maximum clarity while minimalising artefacts, making it a good option for fast-moving content such as sports. Clear should be used when looking for maximum detail. It has a massive drawback in regards to the luminance not being accurate, but it is an artifact free screen when utilized in another setting.

Sony has enlisted its latest X1 HDR imaging engine, which borrows technology from the X1 Extreme in their top of the line ZD9 and next year on OLED A1. When setting up the TV for HDR, the Dynamic Backlight Control remains adjustable. Other settings, including Brightness and X-Tended Dynamic Range, remain unchanged.

Sony’s new X900E Ultra High-Definition 4K LED TV features Super Bit Mapping for Improved Gradation. This creates an extremely convincing dynamic image, which is more precise and creates a clean geometry.

The only complaint is that HDR remastering isn’t an adjustable feature. Turning it off would have to be a major pain for users in every mode except one, which may not be a concern if the implementation was subtle and almost unnoticeable. You can select a preset highlight, but it still looks remarkably natural.

The Sony s 4K X-Reality Pro processor adds subjective detail and texture, but generally seems to work well. However, additionally can sometimes add undesirable artifacts (e.g., ringing or an artificial sharpening effect). Considering the benefits associated with X-Reality Pro, it is worth keeping at least one preset clean of these (the Custom When X-Reality Pro is disengaged, the panel can communicate a native high frequency 4K resolution to users. This technology is in the back corner of their minds during every production and it will make its way onto your screen.

For those interested in using a Sony XBR65x900E 4K TV with just the right settings, you can manually modify the resolution of their X-Reality Pro. You might want to find the part of the scale where artifacts become noticeable and leave it there so that you can still gain some processing benefits.

4K/HDR performance

With Sony’s XDR technology, this 4K HDTV has 5 times the contrast of a typical LED screen.

By using the Ultra Slim Backlight Plus, the X930E is rated at 10x the brightness of Standard LED. The flagship ZD9 is rated at 16x.

With the latest in HDR, wide color gamut and local dimming (HDR), this TV is delightful for watchers. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (UHD Blu-ray) bristles with zappy neon highlights and generally looks superb. When new Goblin-ized Harry confronts Spider-Man at Oscorp Power, the background emits light that is both pleasing and attention grabbing.

One of the first noticeable features is the full array backlight, which creates a uniform black background to enhance dark scenes. The neighbor dimming also helps when white text covers up black ones. There s a wider halo or bloom visible behind images, but it isn t jarring and can be looked at as a satisfactory consideration of the technology in place.

Test footage of an HDR firework display explodes with appropriate brilliance. Compared to previous generation displays, this set has an end brightness of 1000 nits and a peak luminance that is ramped up to the max. First-generation HDR LED sets often had trouble providing enough highlights, creating distracting backlighting effects. Thanks to the sole array system used here, that isn t the case on the X900E. When the screen needs to get dark, the black level becomes sufficiently strong.

The Triluminos panel offers deep reds, more powerful than you might expect from a mid-priced LED. With UHD Blu-ray as the X900E’s best image partner, OTT streaming also looks great. The atmosphere in the North African try on The Grand Tour (episode five) is rather breathtaking. Sunlight shimmers off a Mazda MX-5 s bonnet with warming authenticity, and each fine weave of Hammonds denim shirt appears exquisitely detailed.

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We liked

The Sony 900E is a fantastic HDR TV that sits in the sweet spot of performance and price. The 4k clarity is great; color performance luscious, and its own HDR technology is ideal for zing.

Although the X900E is not a professional HDR television, it does offer a great quality of life for those who want to experience local dimming. Sony XBR65X900E is not the best on this list, but considering it’s price point, it’s hard to name a better option. Details and motion clarity are top-notch.

We disliked

There is some bloom around peak highlights on black backgrounds, which could be solved by a larger density of LED backlights. However, the remote control feels cheap in my hand

Final verdict

The XBR65X850E looks and performs different from any other model in Sony’s lineup. With its powerful SDR-to-HDR remastering, eye-popping vibrancy of wide color gamut panel, and its own easy to watch HDR with spectral highlights the TV is both great looking and thoughtfully designed.

While this TV comes with a hefty price tag, the set does include all our major must-haves. And its high but fair price level makes any negatives feel negligible.