5 Best Sony XBR65X850E 4K TV On This Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

You’d be hard pressed to find two nicer big screens back in 2016 than Sony’s 65ZD9 and X930D, but the thing both these TVs had going for them in addition to their looks was their price.

Sony currently offer expensive models in the A1E OLED and X930E this year, but there are also excellent budget TVs like the X850E series.

When comparing Sony’s budget X850E 4K TV to its more expensive competitors, it surprisingly holds up.

Sony XBR65X850E 4K TV
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The Sony XBR-65X850E 4k TV makes a trim appearance in your living room. The bezel is slim, the desktop stand mounts flush to accommodate any type of furniture and the open frame design leaves it barely there to focus on what’s on screen.

The 65-inch Sony 4K TV is aesthetically pleasing and slim for an affordable option, even when viewed from the top.

This affordable 4K TV has ample connectivity options and is even more appealing with a cable management system included in the stand.

The only thing keeping this TV from looking amazing is the design. The stand flexes significantly when attaching the TV to it, and it can be a little distracting since you have to look at the screen straight on for optimal viewing. I will stress, though, that the screen is not unstable once it has been set up. Additionally, the TV appears sturdy and doesn’t look fragile from a normal viewing distance.

The Sony X850E 4K TV is available in two screen sizes: 65 inches and 75In the 4K models, it offers high-quality HDR video | This model’s panel technology is VA LCD with frame dimming.

Sony X850E: Design – TL;DR

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Smart TV (Android TV)

The X850E series uses Google’s Android TV service. While we appreciate their efforts to improve this platform, it is nearly identical to smartphone software design and leaves us confused when looking for quick access to relevant features.

Different apps appear to be toys than instances of convenience – a confusing scenario which does little in the way of empowering users with what

The TV doesn’t allow for much customization and its own suggestion system is about as intelligent as a brick. It also crashes and runs sluggishly, slowing down the general menu interface on the set.

Beyond these points, Sony has also ensured that the X850E supports Netflix in 4K and HDR.

Smart TV TL;DR; While Android TV certainly is not lacking in apps, it’s questionable whether many of these are useful for TV-users.

HD/SDR Performance

The shift to a contrast-rich VA panel from the low-contrast IPS panels found in last year’s X85 models combines with Sony’s X1 video processing to provide outstanding HD and standard dynamic range performance.

sony xbr65x850e 4k tv
The X1 upscaling engine for remapping HD images to the screen’s 4K resolution works brilliantly well for this affordable TV. It adds a lot of sharpness without making the image become gritty or creating thin lines and edges to look stressed out, looked after does an incredible job of

actually, the upscaled images don t look processed at

Within its price bracket, the X850E is a good option when it comes to upscaling HD images.

The TV is capable of presenting HDR content very well, and it also doesn’t do badly with standard dynamic range images. Dark scenes look just as good on our new 65-inch Sony XBR65X850E 4K TV for $1,599 as the brightest. The price is hard to beat when you compare it with more expensive options and have a single issue like clouding or striping.

Colors with standard dynamic range content look both intense and natural, in part because of Sony’s Triluminos processing.

HD/SDR TL;DR: The 65X850E excels with HD/SDR content.

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4K/HDR Performance

The XBR-65X850E does a really amazing job maximizing the impact of its native 4K/UHD resolution. Thanks to all the different areas of expertise included in Sony’s new X1 chipset, no pixel in a high-quality 4K source feels as though it is being wasted or lost behind such common LCD issues as softness We seek out high-resolution screens with the “window on the world” effect, and this TV delivers.

The 65X850E gives owners a lot of screen real estate, both for normal TV viewing and particularly when watching movies.

Sony’s Motionflow processing is less accomplished in the X1 version of this TV than it is on its higher-end models, but you can still find use for it if you’re not looking for a heavy motion effect.

For people who love watching tv without motion processing, though, fear not; the X850E Series is still beautiful and rated with Motionflow turned off.

The issue involves the 65X850E s difficulty with images from high-definition Blu-rays, Netflix and Amazon (and a few other streaming services if you’re in America).

The 65X850E isn’t very bright compared to other HDR TVs. We measured 450 nits of brightness, which is less than half as bright as Sony’s own X930E 4K televisions and only about a third as bright as Sony’s A1 OLED TVs.

The 65X850E is a very expensive TV and it can’t deliver the real world intensity of light that HDR was designed to reproduce. HDR content is usually mastered at a peak brightness of 1000 nits or 4000 nits.

The narrow brightness range on the 65X850E prevents it from delivering deep and vivid HDR colors, which can cause problems with shadow detail.

The X850E does not have enough brightness to yield the kind of color volumes we are used to seeing with HDR TVs. There is no doubt that the low brightness on this TV make (dark) HDR scenes difficult to watch in a bright room.

Both HDR and SDR on offer here punch well above their weight, but if you are shooting for HDR then the 65X850E is a solid buy.

The X850E maximizes the contrast ratio of the TV, so dark-only areas are much darker than expected and there’s less greyness over the picture.

The 65X850E also provides a greater sense of the color range found in HDR content. This is due largely to Sony’s Triluminos processing, which handles fine shades, saturations and contrasts that are not achievable by similar priced rivals. Some sets are capable of displaying excessive details, making them more preferable in certain situations.

The input lag is a measurement of how quickly the screen refreshes. A smaller number is better for gamers, so it’s great to find Sony televisions typically have just under 20 milliseconds of latency. Mean fluctuating measurements for the input text range from 10ms to 50ms.

The Sony 65X850E offers the idealized 4K picture for a wide variety of viewing conditions and content.

Sound Performance

Sony’s X850E Series television delivers a weaker music performance than many of its competitors. While the treble is clear and action sequences sound relatively precise, it falls short on deep bass which many film seekers prefer.

While your budget for this 65X850E may be high, it does not come with a sound bar. It has high volume capabilities and is capable of clean and crisp audio tracks.

If you’re looking for good sound, go elsewhere.

Other panels to ponder

Samsung may be the biggest rival to Sony in their mid-range 4K HDR space. One of Samsung’s latest products is a 55 inch TV from 2017, the UN55MU7000. It’s worth checking out.

For rival sets we’ve already tested, your very best bet is to check out LG televisions at reduced prices. The 2016 edition of the LG OLED55B6 and OLED55C6 are fantastic performers for lower brightness viewing and can currently be found for under $1200 on some website online.


Sony’s goal with the new X850E series is to offer better video quality than their competitors at a comparable price point.

Sure, in a perfect world we would get a little bit more brightness to go with its excellent black level response. And we would also get an effective TV engine other than Android TV. But ideal worlds are tricky to find.