5 Best Sony XBR55X930E 4K TV Black Friday Deals 2021

Sony’s Slim Backlight Drive creatively solved a problem that had been plaguing edge-lit LED TVs for years – the light on one side of the screen would overcrowd where there was no light at all.

The XBR55X930E series improves on the 2017 models by enhancing individually handled light zones and increasing its brightness to get the most out of today’s HDR sources.

The 55X930E includes Sony s new X1 Extreme chipset that is around 40% stronger than the original, X1.

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With improved audio and Sony s Triluminos technology for delivering today s wider color ranges, the X930E series seems to tick all of the right boxes.

The X930E series will come in two different screen sizes, $3,299 for the 65-inch version and $2,299 for the 55-inch version. They are also both 4K resolution on LED backlights with direct lit zones.


The 55X930E is heavier than many of today’s TVs, so it’s best to have someone help you carry it.

For starters, the 55-inch screen is housed in a glossy black frame that’s not what I’d call trim. The entire back panel and part of the stand are gold on one side and shiny in certain light.

The rear panel is distinctive for two reasons: the precious stone pattern engraved into it, and the fact that some of its parts are made from removable panels. It’s designed that way so you can hide your wiring away; Sony permits you to cover wires from external equipment in the desktop mount stands.

The connections Sony is eager to hide are as we would expect from a higher-end 2017 TV: four HDMI inputs, three USB jacks for multimedia playback/recording TV to USB drives, and one Ethernet port for adding it to your network. You can also connect to the web wirelessly, of course.

The remote design is the best feature of the 55X930E.

There is still a good deal going on in the remote, central area for our liking, but at least you will have some potential for using the remote successfully without looking down at it every couple of seconds.

sony xbr55x930e 4k tv screen size: 55-inch, 65-inch | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes (HDR10, Dolby Vision via upcoming firmware update)

The 55-inch iteration of the X930E series is a pretty great addition to any room, regardless of its chubby size or tacky color combo.

Smart TV (Android TV)

The Sony XBR55X930E has some good features, but it does have a few shortcomings.

Many of Google’s apps will not work with their launcher, and the available software is frequently difficult to find.

Google Assistant is coming to Sony’s 2017 Android TVs, which would improve things a bit. However, we can’t help but feel there should be a complete rethink of the Android TV interface if it wants to turn into a strong smart TV interface.

Although Sony has not yet released its list of supported streaming services, the 55X930E can play 4K and HDR-capable versions of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon

However, it must be noted that the Android TV system on this X930E still appears buggy to some and can occasionally cause the TVs main menu navigation to run slowly.

Smart TV Overview: Android TV isn’t nearly as buggy as it once was – but we still find its interface to be the most unfavorable. Google’s voice assistant is coming by the end of this year, which might even out some of its flaws.

HD/SDR performance

Sony’s upscaling of HD sources is superb, but the X1 Extreme chipset takes it to a whole new level.

Detail levels ​are exceptional high-quality and watching high definition sources is an experience that often looks like it’s near 4K quality. This transformation is achieved without any unnecessary side effects. The picture on the Sony XBR55X930E 4K TV looks clean and natural-a clear testament to the genius of Sony’s latest upscaling system.

Sony’s 4K television upscales the resolution of a picture by improving texture and pixel density. The upscaling provides viewers with new textures that are extremely well-detailed before converting their color tones, which gives pictures an increased sense of depth and realism as a result.

Not just providing a higher resolution to normal images, the 55X930E also performs a typical 4K conversion. Sony, therefore confident with its capability that you cannot turn it off for any one of the TV s picture presets. The TV manages to improve both the brightness and color of standard dynamic range material, adding depth and precision that make it appear more natural.

the excess brightness introduces by the SDR-to-HDR conversion leaves bright highlights looking flares out or forced in a way that no other HDR setup has been able to do so yet.

One of the biggest factors for this tv is that it looks great with all sorts of content, regardless of whether or not it’s 1080p or 4k. It handles lights and dark areas in a good way- no backlight clouding.

HD/SDR Performance TL;DR: Sony leads the way with their HD and SDR performance.

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4K/HDR performance

Sony XBR55X930E has been built for today’s bleeding-edge standards of 4K and HDR content. And overall, it delivers such leading edge goodies with blistering force.

This is key because of the wider brightness that HDR was created to deliver. As solid proof that the brightness of the Sony W950D is more powerful than Samsung KS9800, note how street lights, sunshine or metallic reflections look exceptionally punchy and intense.

The 55X930E can render high degrees of brightness in the entire picture when lighting conditions call for it. For example, during a recent Ultra HD Blu-ray release you may have noticed that the television displayed highlights as well as shadows with ease.

Extra: You might recall how well this model handled specular highlights and exterior shots in a In this respect the 55X930E outguns other LCD TVs and can handle high brightness levels without dimming.

The 55X930E uses technology to make all of its resolution look more vivid. The screen can resolve subtle color and shading detail in every inch of every scene, even the brightest one.

With HDR, even the smallest changes in tone are tracked.

Sony s X930E 4K TV was very bright and proficient at showing the color spectrum of HDR content. Sony’s Triluminous feature enhanced your viewing experience by ensuring every hue looked vivid, vibrant, and detailed in its own unique way.

While HDR may be the most noticeable enhancement, it’s important to not overlook access to darker scenes.

The 55X930E offers deeper black levels than conventional edge LED TVs, thanks to Sony s innovative technologies.

The 55X930E offers the light management powers to maintain good degrees of detail in dark areas, rather than just removing so much light from those parts that they appear more hollow and empty.

The 55X930E is not capable of playing Dolby Vision HDR content for now, but may do so if the manufacturer upgrades the firmware in a future software update.
In this way, it’s been an adaptation ploy that Sony has basically depended on to help mitigate many criticisms about its 4K TVs and shift some of the focus back towards

With its cutting-edge X1 Extreme processor and HDR for sharper contrast, it s no surprise the 55X930E boasts remarkably clear visuals.
For little moving objects, such as a dog racing across the screen or someone walking by, this clarity even improves. Sony s motion processing can be greater than most, hence making movies look less Eastenders-like than many other motion processing systems.

The Clear motion setting causes the TV to be too dark with HDR content, but it is one of the most natural-looking. The problem? Bright objects outside bitemarks will light up undesired backlight clouding and create shadows that go 2-3 inches beyond an object’s edges.

The other issue may be the TV s viewing angle. Watch from less than 25 degrees down the TV s sides and backlight blooming can become a problem, becoming more prevalent and aggressive. Colors on this TV have drastically less saturation.

There’s a cost to the HDR in the sort of some backlight blooming issues, particularly if you’re viewing from an angle.


Sonically challenged last year, Sony’s XBR-X930D TVs improved drastically for the 55X930E.

The sound quality is better and it features a wider range of sounds. The speakers also offer the ability to sound more direct while still managing height, width and depth. Significantly, dialogue can stay in the same exact place no matter how big or small the sound is.

The 55X930E s sound outperforms nearly all other screens in its class and never have to sacrifice its design.

TL;DR: Among the flat TV world this is one of the better sounding TVs despite its design that has no distinguishable speakers.

Other panels to ponder

The 45X930E outperforms Samsung’s 2016 flagship TV in color and brightness. The KS9500s make use of a primary LED lighting system, where the lights sit directly behind the screen. They don’t suffer with backlight clouding like Sony new screens do.

One thing is for certain, though. LG has what is arguably the best OLED televisions in its 2016 lineup. The 55E6 and B6 models both have a great sound bar and breathtaking technology that make them worth the purchase price.

Remember, though, that not all TVs are created equally. Some deliver a higher quality display than others due to how they process content.

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Sony’s new XBR55X930E exceeds last year’s X930D series. This Sony model features better picture processing, an improved design and a higher brightness which unlocks the brilliance of HDR content.

To improve clarity in writing, focus on sentence structure; eliminate unnecessary and redundant words from sentences; vary sentence length when appropriate; break up Colors are delivered with intense richness and depth, matching Sony s expensive flagship models.

Sharpness and detail levels are as effective as we have observed in the 4K era, especially because Sony’s color processing means that colors look as true-to-life as they do bright. Whether you’re watching an HD or 4K video source.

But, having said that, the Sony XBR55X930E 4K TV is an even better version of Slim.