5 Best Sonos Play 5 Speaker In-Depth Black friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Review

Sonos may be the head of music streaming. The device is dependant on a private service that makes it straightforward and easy to fill the rooms in your own home with music, but without exposing or requiring users know all the complex technology running behind-the-scenes. Choosing a speaker at your house

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For years, there has been a gap in the market for companies who could successfully produce high-quality sound at an affordable price. The first Play:5 model, which was originally coined as the S5, aimed to fill this hole by being strong both technically and economically when it debuted on the scene in 2009 Wireless music streaming has been around for a few years now, but only in recent times have more brands shown interest.

With the goal of continuing to stay at the top, Sonos completely redesigned its flagship speaker, the Play:5. It also came with its most important software upgrade in years– Trueplay and AirPlay 2 for iOS devices.

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The new and improved Sonos Play:5 is completely redesigned. It bears the same name as the original model, but no part is left unchanged. The shape of its edges has been adjusted to be rounder and it lacks the unattractive flat foot that was on the original version.

The Sonos Play:5 has been designed with speakers in the bottom and on the medial side of the device, so you can either use it in a horizontal or vertical orientation. This design means that a sensor inside ensures that sound quality is excellent and controls are self-adjusting to whichever way you’re orientating your speaker The Play:5 is also capable of stereo sound.

Sonos designers and engineers up their game with touch control capabilities on the capacitative top..

Has the Sonos logo on the speaker caused any acoustical problems? we hear you cry. Sonos has considered this and made it so that there are 800 holes per square inch, along with 60,000 other holes in the grill of the speaker to help improve sound quality

Despite its sleek appearance, designers found the task of placing the Sonos logo on the front panel challenging. But we are glad they did so; it acts as a serene focal point for touch control. A new control now provides you with quick access to backwards and forwards through songs – something previously not available on other Sonos touch controls. The back panel and the two control buttons are very clever. There are no plus or minus signs, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem because the controls feel intuitive.

You can choose one of the two colorways; black or white. The grill trim will stay in black no matter which you pick.

The Sonos Play:5 is a minimalistic speaker with sleek looks, available in both white and black models.

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Across the back of this device is an Ethernet port, audio tracks input port, and a button that initiates syncing with your current setup. The arrival of the sync button simplifies setting up the Play:5, though there’s one caveat.

I currently only have a WiFi setup for my speaker, so I haven’t tested the Play 5 with a tethered Ethernet connection. The Play 5 should also work properly well on a radio network; however, our unit didn’t need to be connected via ethernet on initial setup. This is not a dealbreaker by any means, but it did mean that I had to move the speaker from one room to another.

Needing to plug and unplug the Sonos Play:5 in order to change the input source did take notice of a detail I may have overlooked at first glance. The designers, in an abundantly Apple-esque fashion, ensured that even the power cable looks great as well.

The Play:5’s lead is wrapped in a way that matches it perfectly. Every detail seems to have been meticulously crafted and this inspires confidence in the manufacturer for other products.

The Play:5 now has only a Wi-Fi connection, but does not have the 3.5mm input converter port as seen on other models of the Sonos family.

Inside the speaker grills, things have changed. Instead of two mid-woofers, there are now three 10cm drivers that power the midrange. These speakers are backed by two 20mm tweeters that occupy the right and left of these devices (in cones) and one 22mm tweeter at their centre.

Sonos gave the Play:5 its powerful exterior by carefully examining what made the Play:1 excellent and upgrading only accordingly.

All of this sits beneath a sealed acoustic enclosure, which is a marked difference from the Play:5’s vent. Sonos has already proven that it can achieve some clever things in order to ensure warmth escapes, but it’s promising that helps boost bass and clarity of sound as well as keep away other types of noise.