Top 5 Sonos Play 3 Speaker Review Black friday & Cyber monday

The SONOS PLAY:3 is one of the best and most affordable wireless speaker products made by this company. It sounds excellent, looks good, and is extremely user-friendly. The PLAY:3 is the company’s newest wireless speaker system, incorporating Amazon Alexa. Check out our review to see if it stacks up against other top-rated wireless speakers. -More than one speaker can provide a better quality listening experience
-Soundbars produce more realistic sound and are great for any small or open space that needs audio.

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SONOS speakers are designed to produce sound in the best possible way for any environment. The company s proprietary technology, Trueplay tuning, is used to give each speaker a customized sound to match your room. The theory is that the speaker analyses a test tone being played back when you move your phone around in a weird type of ritual dance, so that you can modify the sound to suit your needs. We tested the speaker in a variety of rooms, including a bathroom, tiny apartment kitchen, living room and office at home. Despite recalibrating for each location before we d be able to tell if there was any difference in sound quality. TruePlay, SONOS’ room-correction software, could become more useful with the multiple speakers connected to other people’s units. It has its drawbacks – for example, proximity dampening is enhanced and even though setting it up is easy using the GUI on a computer or from a mobile device, you will need an iOS or Android device as The Sonos Play 3 is also available on the iOS market, but not Android. This oversight should have already been corrected with time

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The minimal impact of the Trueplay process does not diminish sound quality, which is terrific. The bass is huge for such a small speaker, clear and rounded with no distortion at high volumes. The Sonos play 3 speaker stays true to the class leading sound quality of Sonos, while also introducing a more svelte and elegant design. Internal components include three-channel power amplifiers as well as passive radiator with supports almost any sound file from compression MP3s to lossless audio. The sound isn’t delicate or elegant, but appropriate to thumping tunes. The Sonos Play:3 effortlessly beat out bigger and more expensive speakers like the Bryston BryFi in our tests. SONOS doesn’t have wattage measurements available, but the BryFi has 75 watts per channel, and the SONOS is much more powerful than that. It’s about $100 less expensive than the BryFi s costs which is $1,495!

High-End (Treble) and Mids

There is a robust degree of stereo sound, as well as clear mid and high frequency detail. This level of depth is not always seen with wireless speakers that don t offer any stereophonic detail at all. The SONOS PLAY:3 is not likely to set the world on fire with its crisp detail, but it more than matches up to other speakers in costs. Compare them side by side, for instance, and see how far your dollars will get you. The PLAY:3 is more expensive, but it looks better and has a richer sound. We liked how the instrumental layers were separated and sounded on the speaker, as well as how easy it was to switch from one element to another. The Play:3 doesn’t take anything off the table, and we’ll see that whether or not you had trouble with sound quality, there will be a solution for you too. I am impressed.

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Insufficient Alexa Functionality

The SONOS ONE speaker is smaller and cheaper than the PLAY:3, and has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built-in. Previously you were able to control your music with commands using your voice, but now the Alexa will do that for you. The PLAY:3 currently has no built-in smart speaker option. Updates are coming someday, and we’ll review new versions as they’re released. If you wish for the smarter functionality of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri, then consider buying a smaller SONOS. The play3 speaker will meet your needs for the present time.

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Trueplay might only be accessible on iOS, but SONOS’s main software works equally well on Android too. This apple iphone app is nearly ridiculously easy to use. You hook up the speaker to the wall, turn it on (and jump backwards when finished . Emits a pleasant booming tone at you and hook up it your Wi-Fi. You wavy-wavy-handy-dancey thing with your phone, and start playing music. Never has playing music through an audio system been this easy, or this pleasurable. Not only can you play mus
ic kept on your own phone but also hook up to a vast number of streaming services including Spotify and SoundCloud. TuneIn Radio provides access to a large number of stations from around the world. The software is beautifully designed and impeccably organized. Once it’s plugged in, the machine is always on; there’s no wait time, no trying to find the on switch—just instant music Compare that to a speaker similar in design to the Paradigm Shift PW-600 which is a high-maintenance wireless speaker, playing track after track with minimal effort (full review here). There’s something to be said for that. (One word of warning: when you have wireless speakers from another brand, the PLAY:3 won’t play nice with them. That is a closed ecosystem among the bigger problems we’ve faced with this speaker.)


One real limitation of the Sonos Play:3 speaker is that it does not have a unique design. It comes with an acoustic grey box which has some embellishments. The design may be the most outstanding. Seen on the front, the end speaker grille is a different size than the side grilles. The asymmetrical design is eye-catching when viewed from one direction but it does not look distinctive enough when seen head on. We don’t like the look of this speaker though when you come up close what’s in front of you is a lack of controls. The app is actually well-designed, eliminating the need to use any physical buttons at all with just play and pause on hand for volume control. I like these speakers

SONOS is also known for its PLAY:5 speaker which uses touch controls. We think that the PLAY:3 is a better option, however, since it’s less expensive ($249 to the PLAY:5’s $499). The PLAY:3 has only an audio input whereas the Playbase features a physical input for coupling with another player. I think the only thing worth pointing out about the PLAY:3 is that it doesn t have wifi connectivity. There’s also a bracket that you can mount to the wall, which is nice to have, located in the back of the speaker among dotted bass ports.

Packaging & Accessories:

SONOS has always been good with their packaging. Not only is it attractive, but it s also easy to open. Most amplifiers and even wireless speakers come in simple cardboard boxes that you ll need to rip your investment as soon as you turn the box around. The Sonos PLAY:3 is a modern speaker that appears great, but it also comes with clear instructions on how to install and set up. On the other hand, this is also an organization that produces wonderful packaging. The package on our most recent SONOS PLAYBASE (full review here) was downright beautiful, which we want to see more of in the future.


The PLAY:3 doesn’t come with many accessories. cables are useful to have, but when they get lost in the bottom of a toolbox and never found again, you ll regret not being more diligent about organizing your tools. What’s more, you have a simple and sleek speaker