5 Best Snowboards Deals On Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Choosing the next snowboard is harder than ever. With subtle design variations, countless options and a lot of technical terminology, it can leave the unprepared shopper paralyzed with indecision. Outside does the work for us on this one.

I’ve been reviewing snowboard gear professionally for the past seven years and have been snowboarding for over two decades. Every spring I myself contact the very best boards from brands big and small, rally testers from every ride of life, wade through mediocre models, and hoist a few select winners high that beats all others. We’ve compiled a list of some newly released boards for you to review.

5 Best Snowboards Deals On Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

HOW EXACTLY WE Test Snowboards

Every two years, fifty testers – mostly women and 21 men – convene for Outside’s annual snowboard test. This past year we tested 56 boards from no less than 20 companies at a resort in Crested Butte, Colorado. We evaluate dozens of boards each year from numerous brands, including corporate giants but also mom-and-pop businesses. Before assessing any snowboard, we keep our eye out for the following:

Our tester represents a cross-section of the industry, including former professionals, up-and-coming competitors, shop techs, and instructors. Riders take their board out for a few laps before rating and assessing it. That means up to eight boards and over 25,000 vertical feet of riding per day.

To conclude our testing, we collect the scores from each individual test sheet and calculate their total score. We then select 20 snowboards to be tested on the last day of our experiment.

Before you look for your next snowboard, take this short quiz to examine how intense of a rider are you; remember that the more accurately reflect these details in your purchase process, the higher chance you have at finding a suitable board.

1) Are you an advanced snowboarder looking for something with maximum performance? If so: High end – width
– flex base (flexible, medium stiff)
– camber profile (flat, reverse camber)
– grip and balance of the board
– heel side edge

How can you envision your dream day of snowboarding?

There are snowboards for every type of terrain you could imagine, from beginner slopes to deep powder.

Now awaken. What does reality appear to be?

Snowboarders don’t all share the same dreams. Finding the right snowboard to match your style will give you more enjoyment on the slopes. Look for the best snowboard for your needs.

What boards perhaps you have enjoyed in the past-and what boards perhaps you have hated?

Did the features of the board you tried weren’t quite what you were looking for? Always remember that there are other options out there. You can read snowboard reviews all day, but nothing will tell you what you need to know more than first-hand experience.

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What’s your level of skill?

If you’re new to snowboarding, you may want a beginner-friendly board that is soft and simple to turn. We didn’t include beginner boards in our test but directional twins like the “Burton Instigator”, Gnu Chromatic,” and K2 Standard are solid, affordable options that will be easy for beginners but still

If you are an intermediate or advanced rider, think about the type of terrain that best suits your preferences and what design will work for you. A park rider has different needs than one who enjoys freeriding.

What’s your budget?

Snowboard costs are relative. A higher-quality snowboard may use pricier materials like carbon or employ complex construction techniques but this will not necessarily translate to longer durability or improved rides in many cases. If you want to buy a board on a budget, shoot for something around $500 or less.

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Buying Women-Specific Boards

What s the difference between men s and women s snowboards? The difference between the two is minimal. Their body shapes do vary, but they actually ride them pretty similarly. For the most part, snowboards for men are stiffer and are available in larger sizes than women’s boards. Women’s boards, on the other hand, tend to be softer and offered in smaller sizes. Ladies might avoid women’s specific models because they don’t offer them in wide sizes, and there are also instances of poorly marketed boards. The recipe for a good turkey sandwich might not change too much, but you may add more or less of certain ingredients depending on your tastes.

Some brands offer women-specific snowboards, while others use the same design for both genders. Not all snowboards are created equal, according to our testers.

Yes, women can ride men’s boards. There are even models with the same name that offer sizes suitable for all weights and heights. Snowboarders come in many shapes and sizes, so men and women who prefer different boards are not the exception.

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