5 Best Sennheiser GAME ZERO Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers 2021

Section 1: Introduction

Professional grade

I ll say this: you could learn a lot about presentations from boutique gaming companies. The OVERALL Game Zero is ensconced in a semi-solid case, so it is very lightweight and stowable. HyperX and Astro are the only brands that have prioritized the gaming side of their companies.

Best Deals For Sennheiser GAME ZERO On Amazon ( Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Sennheiser designed the Game Zero with things in mind that would make it more appealing. For starters, it has red metallic highlights on its frame to jazz up a stereotypical pair of studio headphones. That’s the only real difference, other than its standard appearance. Simply loop the cable through your jeans or shirt, and connect it to your headphone jack.

The most noticeable feature of the Game Zero is its oversized ear cushions, which can provide plenty of room for adults. Although they do seal fairly well and are not too tight to the head, I would still recommend a leather model for anyone who wants better resistance against sweating.

The Sennheiser Game Zero feels solid and well-built. The band itself is metal, flexible, and lightweight while linked to the ear cups by two heavy metal pins. The ears themselves rotate flat with a fluid motion I can only describe as high-end despite it being so basic – rotating the ear cups.

The headphones contain a volume wheel on the proper gear, and sound notches for adjustments on the set disk. The microphone flips to mute, making an audible click when you turn it on.
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I’m a flip-to-mute fan, so that’s fine. My only complaint may be the Game Zero’s inflexible design. The microphone is large, firmly attached, and ridiculously obvious. You can swivel it up hidden away, sure, but there’s still a massive microphone fastened aside. This also makes this set only well suited for indoor use. Sennheiser is not alone in this, but I would have preferred a semi-hidden microphone at least – especially for the price.

The cable is detachable, which is a definite advantage in my own opinion. I have grown increasingly skeptical of headset cables. It seems like they re always the first piece to break, although there are some trade-offs with removable cables, the feature at least prevents your headset from becoming obsolete.

Overall, I am pleased with the design of this headset. The few problems that exist are shared by any number of other headsets.

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All on its lonesome

At the end of the day, what matters to us most is sound. And when it comes to audio, our ears are naturally governed by a few important considerations.

I’m going to talk about the Sennheiser Game Zero in isolation because it’s how many people will use it. That’s also brave new territory for the Game Zero-the previous version had a rated impedance of 150 ohms, meaning that you’ll need an external amp to operate it properly. The updated version we’re reviewing is a

Simply put, it sounds great. Audio-centric tests are special because gaming devices often lack the fidelity you would get from a traditional headphone.

The Game Zero sounds great at any volume, but it really shines when you crank up the music. Highs sound sharp and snappy, mids are very vibrant Sometimes overly intense – I think they’ve been boosted a bit. I didn’t think it was particularly offensive, though.

The XXL ear cups are also available in handy with the HyperX Cloud II. Even with a direct connection to my motherboard, the sound had that wide and pseudo-surround quality I could only get from an exceptional stereo headset.

The bass response of this microphone is not as powerful as some people may prefer. It also has a lot of bass, so I had to adjust the EQ settings and enhance the bass. My only worry is that some people may be put off by it because there’s not really enough volume.

The microphone is incredible. I ve hesitated until now to mention it, but the GAME Zero headset does a great job with its microphone compared to other game headsets. All of my recordings have been clearer and crisper without being tinny or muffled. The Sennheiser Game Zero is the only gaming headset I’ve used that captures a voice’s full tone. Do you intend to record a podcast using it? Eh, still probably not. It’s excellent though, for what it’s worth. Sennheiser.

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With just a little help from its friends

Sennheiser sent along its GSX1000 Amplifier/DAC for checking with these new Game Zero headphones-a $230 price tag on the amplifier, which I’m sure most buyers won’t make.

It is a small, unassuming black square with a silver control embedded in the top volume dial. Connect it to your personal computer via USB cable, and plug another compatible sound device into the back, and you can enjoy new features.

Audio is adjustable from the GSX1000 with touch controls, and it looks like HAL 9000 went into building audio accessories. There are up to four different profiles on the unit scorners. It is important you know they exist because otherwise, your options will always reset when you adjust the volume. Hint: It’s your palm tapping the profile selector.

If you re looking for thumping bass, the Wireless Game Zero sounds slightly better when using both the GSX1000 and Game Zero headset together.

Virtual 7.1 surround sound for stereo headphones aren’t normally the best-sounding option, as they can have something of an echo-chamber effect and muffle the high sounds. The Sennheiser GSX1000 is different in that it’s relatively subtle; you’ll even be able to leave it on while hearing music.

You need to get a quality in-game mix, but without one these headphones are just OK. Battlefield 1 and Doom are good examples of their sound quality with or without an in-game mix. It may not be as clear or have a spatial sound like Razer’s Man O War, but it is still a decent add-on if your headphones or headsets don’t already have game chat.

It could be worth $230, but it’s still hard to say. The GSX1000 is an attractive unit and if you’re after 7.1 specifically, then it’s a good option that can also boast its compact size and hassle-free setup.

But for most people, I think the standalone Game Zero will be enough. It’s going to sound quite good with more motherboards coming with faux-7.1 built-in, and it has the advantage of being wireless from day one (I don’t think many headphone amps are). Not only does the GSX1000 not produce much power (it’s more of a DAC than an amp), it also doesn’t outperform many models costing around $100. You’ll find more options in the $100-$200 range, with plenty in the sub-$100 range.

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Bottom line

Sennheiser Game Zero is a worthy purchase for gamers, no matter their budget. When I wrote about Astro A50 a little more than six months ago, I cautioned that they didn’t provide the sound I expected from a $300 pair of headphones THE OVERALL GAME Zero illustrates my point-at $280, they deliver far better sound compared to the A50.

At $280, the Sennheiser Game Zero is pricier than many of its competitors. But it also stands as one of the best sounding gaming headsets on the market so far.

But for those who would like one step up over gaming-centric audio, but still needs that built-in microphone? The GAME Zero is a superb choice. Yeah, I know you could still most likely get slightly better headphones and an improved standalone mic for under $280, but not significantly less. If you compare the Sennheiser Game Zero against Amazon’s perpetual sale price of $180, the guideline mostly withers away.

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Sennheiser Game Zero is approximately as expensive as other gaming headsets, but it s also among the best.