5 Best Saxophone Buy This Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Mauriat’s Grand Dreams marks a significant advancement for the manufacturer and is now available at a competitive price

The saxophone may be the latest addition to Mauriat’s range. It will come in a more visually striking cognac lacquer, built solidly with a new right and left-hand stack key layout, adjusted palm keys, and an improved flush octave key. These days, Black Friday is here with a frenzy of deals and discounts just waiting to be taken advantage of. For the music lover in your life there is nothing better than getting their first saxophone on discount in this Cyber Monday sale!

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Get Huge Discount on Saxophone in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

The Grand Dream saxophone has a more ergonomic design, allowing for easy playability. The keys are also well-proportioned and placed in locations that accommodate smaller hands.

The pre-impregnated cork of our Meyer 5 mouthpiece was fitting for the saxophone, and we found it easy to slip on. The grand Dreams felt free-blowing without being excessively leaky or having issues with register shifting. Altissimo was easy-to-do and the sotto voce played spectacularly.
The prelude is now over, it’s time to start playing!

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Mauriat’s Grand Dreams saxophone isn’t always rich and warm-sounding. Whereas most Mauriats have a bright, biting tone that differs from most other models, the Dreamer has more of a mellow quality to it.

The saxophone comes in a standard semi-rigid denier cover with 3/4 of the zipper. The exterior has 8 nylon or rubber feet that are heavy duty and large pockets to storage in either sides where one of them has a pen pocket that zips on top.

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The padded outer lining is of a velour material and includes a separate neck pocket and an optional pouch set at the base, which can be used for mouthpieces, reeds or any other accessories. In addition to this unusual feature, the company has included a strap whose form is both comfortable and accommodating in regards to its breathable padding as well as

The alto saxophone has a more plaintive sound than the tenor and is favored by people who listen to heavy-metal music. You might not be able to play as fast on a tenor saxophone, but its greater pitch and better tone lend the alto saxophone some advantages. There’s always an exception to every rule, though, and both Charlie Parker (lyrical) and Earl Bostik (disruptive) demonstrate that case very nicely.

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Most sax players find them selves somewhere in between the two poles of these opposing styles: alto and tenor. The alto can be a great jazz instrument, but it is often used as an essential part of soul music. It has a high pitched sound with elegance and heart-wrenching soulfulness that really “hits home” when It has made significant inroads into the world of pop and as you’ve already seen, many an excellent chart-topper features a saxophone solo (such as for example Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, Hazel O Connor’s DO YOU WANT TO and Billy Joel’s JUST HOW YOU Are).

Just don’t assume that the alto can’t perform with the big boys despite lacking in sonority. It still oozes its silky sensuality and, surprisingly, is used by scriptwriters of KEEP ON films (just listen whenever the love interest makes an appearance).