5 Great Deals On Samsung QE49Q7F 4K TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special 2021

Samsung’s QLED TVs for 2017 offered a tantalizing glimpse of what metallic quantum dots could do for 4K HDR TV displays, but they lacked some essential elements that made rival sets perform better in areas like contrast and off-axis viewing angles. Get Black Friday sales and deals.

1. Introduction
2. Specifications
3. Design
4. Performance
5. Conclusion

Best Deals For Samsung QE49Q7F 4K TV On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Samsung had to return the drawing board and emerge in 2018 with the Samsung Q9FN QLED. It packs in a few panel technologies to fix the issue where QLED faltered, like full-array local dimming with Q Contrast EliteMax, and the email server is actually spectacular.

While the Q7FN doesn t offer a full-array local dimming, it still covers an ample amount of lighting. If you move slightly to either side, however, all those details could be lost.

Samsung s second-tier Q7FN TV is a formidable screen for 4K HDR enthusiasts.

Price and release date

In this review, we will be looking at the 55-inch QN55Q7FN. However, there are also other models that have a smaller screen or lower resolution. Pricing for the Q7FN maxes out at $1,799 when you get a 55-inch screen or $3,799 for a 75-inch model.

If you live in Europe, there are 55-, 65- and 75-inch versions of the Q7FN that are known as the QE55Q7FN, QE65Q7FN and QE75Q7FN, respectively. The prices for each size vary according to which you decide on.

For Australian TV buyers, there are three options: the QA55Q7FN, QA65Q7FN and QA75Q7FN which cost AU$3,699, AU$5,299 and AU$8,199 respectively.

The next phase up from the Q7FN is likely the Q8FN TV, which starts at $2999 (about 2,200). The newest model is the Q9FN and starts at $3,800.

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Samsung s Q7FN TV features a sleek, frameless design that doesn’t require any mounting on the wall for hidden wires. This is able to be set up quickly and will leave the room seamless when completed.

The TV features a silver frame with a thin, eighth-inch bezel. It’s not invisible to the attention, but it is pretty thin with that said. Depth-wise the screen sits at half an inch near to the top and a complete inch near to the bottom of the screen.

You’ll notice it’s larger on the bottom half because that is where the edge-lit LEDs sit. It’s also where the TV-only cable sits: Samsung’s proprietary, an invisible connection that runs to an external processing unit and has been dubbed “the Main Connect Box.” The one Connect box is large, but it can be tucked away in a cabinet. The cord between the One Connect Box and the TV itself is small and convenient.
As you see, we’re not only enlarging your screen but also your home entertainment experience.

Samsung 2018 QLED TVs have a unique feature called Ambient Mode that uses minimal power when the screen is off. It s hard to not get too detailed about what it does, but you can think of it as an app or photo on your wallpaper

It s similar, in a few ways, to an Apple Watch face – you’ll find dozens of designs available when you enter Ambient Mode and Samsung can add more via software updates if it chooses. That said, right out of your gate it’s an attribute that helps separate Samsung from the competition and really does help it look like a home when not used.

Design TL;DR: The Samsung Q7FN is a beautiful, minimalistic TV. Plus, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the main power box for it (which isn’t so bad), there are plenty of ways to store it easily. THE MAIN ONE Connect box necessary to power it is a little bulky.

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Smart TV features

The Q7FN s features make it an excellent smart TV, and its interface is also beautiful. Like last year’s models, applications are arranged in a row underneath the home screen where you can find Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube pre-installed. (UK owners will also receive catch-up programs for all of the country’s major terrestrial TV broadcasters while US streaming enthusiasts will find Hulu and Sling TV.)

New for 2018, however, are the integration of Bixby and Samsung VA that allow you to regulate IoT devices throughout the house using the microphone included in the remote.

While Bixby does perform the above actions well, it is more likely to hear words like “four” instead of what the user was actually talking about.

Samsung’s first-ever release of Bixby integration this year came with some kinks. It’s fair to excuse Samsung for a few mistakes at this point since Siri from Apple has been around in devices longer than ten years and still gets words mixed up on occasion. The counter-point, though, is that LG chose to implement Google Assistant in its newest WebOS update and it improves the experience

Samsung qe49q7f 4k tv

Smart TV TL;DR: Tizen is among the finest smart platforms on earth, but I prefer it if Samsung would have used Google Assistant rather than Bixby

HD/SDR Performance

Just like the rest of its siblings in the 2018 QLED line-up, the Samsung QN49Q7F TV offers seriously good upscaling of HD/SDR content. The effect is a picture with added detail and hardly any noise. (It is still there, but is minimal at distances beyond a few feet away.)

The biggest benefit to HD/SDR performance, and most likely the TV’s best attribute period, is its brightness. Sure, HD/SDR content only requires around 300-400 niutsu of peak brightness to show every detail nevertheless it doesn’t hurt that TV will get much brighter.

All new Samsung 4K HDR TVs include a mode called HDR+ that helps to compensate for the lack of brightness inherent with HD and SDR content. This results in better contrast, especially when watching older movies.

One side-effect that Samsung NU8000 TVs have is the HDR+ will change the color to a warm hue, hence adding a sepia-like tone to your television. One minor drawback of these TVs is that changing the color settings sometimes requires visiting the Settings menu.

The Q7FN uses an edge-lit, VA LED panel rather than going full-array. This can affect the picture quality too in terms of apparent contrast, but you’ll notice it more when watching content that is determined to have a higher dynamic range (HDR).

TV performance may be the most important aspect of buying a TV. That’s why we are reviewing visual quality in different modes for this tv instead of just one.

4K/HDR Performance

We covered the impact of brightness on picture quality in a previous section, but it bears repeating for this TV as its high nits will allow good utilization of High Dynamic Range content.

The Samsung Q7FN has a brightness capacity of 1400 to 1600 nits, making it twice as bright as the average comparably priced LED-LCD screen. The Q7FN has the highest-contrast screen of any Samsung TV to date, with precisely 1340:1.

Samsung’s QE49Q7F 4K TV produces excellent colors and contrast, but it doesn’t offer the same dark viewing quality or off-axis viewing as an OLED TV.

Aside from front-facing, or directly in front of the screen, we found some desaturation if you are positioned at a certain angle to the screen. While we don’t have an accurate measurement of viewing angles that cause this issue, users should try and avoid sitting any further than 30 degrees in either direction for long periods of time. This usually won Some prefer to mount the TV on a wall rather than free-standing, but the same rule applies either way.

Due to brightness, HDR is achievable, and the color quality is very high.

Speaking of HDR, the Samsung Q7FN only supports HDR10, HLG, and the still-untested HDR10+, due to a lack of Dolby Vision. Most Netflix original series will arrive as standard HDR rather than Dolby Vision but this is hardly unexpected or disappointing.

While it doesn t support Dolby Vision, Defenders on Netflix still looks incredible: characters’ costumes looked superior and color accurate, and dark scenes retained details even in the center of massive fight sequences. Although the World 2 looked attractive in 4K and HDR, we noticed a unique green hue. Changes like this make it lusher, but just a little too oversaturated for some audiences.

Samsung s 2018 Q7FN line-up features various gamer-focused improvements including Auto Game Mode.

The following sentences can be merged to make the sentence clearer: I’ll start with GPS, which is one of my least favorite attempts by Samsung to copy Apple, and then go through the rest. Samsung offers a plan to include Variable Refresh Rate sometime in the future which will help with any screen tearing you might have seen from years ago and also lower input lag, which is currently at 7ms. (The Q9FN averaged a quick 34ms response time, for reference.)

4K/HDR Performance: TL;DR Bright and colorful, the Q7FN is a fantastic 4K HDR TV. Just be sure to sit directly in from of it.

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The Q7FN’s audio quality is surprisingly powerful when playing music. It can clearly deliver dialogue above the background noise and does a good job with music regardless of whether your primary listening device for it isn’t a speaker but a TV or movie theatre.

The Q7FNs features make it worth its weight in amplifiers.

Along with Samsung Smart Sound, the QE49Q7F TV also comes with a distinctive algorithm that automatically adjusts the sound to match what you are watching.

Samsung’s QE49Q7F 4K TV has a good sound system. No, but the Q7FN does not require an external audio tracks setup to stand alone.

Other panels to ponder

Samsung’s Q7FN isn’t an affordable TV at $1,799 (1,999), but it’s cheaper than other high-performance alternatives. It has a well-balanced mix of high luminance and contrasts to be sure, but the Q6FN is likely more appropriate for those on tight budgets.

However, if you can upgrade to the Samsung Q8FN 2018 model TV, you’ll find that it is one of the best TVs available., it provides a full-array panel which means better contrast and more accurate HDR images. Despite the retail price of this product, it is worth every penny.

If you’re looking for something in the same price range as Samsung s Q7FN, look at either an LG or Sony. Both offer a Super UHD TV that outperforms Samsung s QLED screen and offers better viewing angles. One of the few shortcomings we saw when testing these TVs was poor black level uniformity.

Lastly, while you shouldn’t expect the TCL 6-Series 4K Roku TV to offer top color and picture quality without sacrificing some of these beloved features, it makes up for this by being so affordable. Pricing for the 55-inch TCL 55R617 TV starts at $649, and select Best Buy stores offer this item with a free gift card.


Best TV This Season?

That said, the Q7FN is a beautiful TV even if viewed at off-angles. Unlike some of its competitors, it doesn’t lose quality as soon as you angle your viewing.
However, there are other more reliable TVs on the market for competitive prices that won’t require such careful consideration when faced with viewing angles.)

The Q7FN has a lot to offer, with some more subtle attributes that are sure to please even the most critical of eyes. It also offers its own feature-rich customizable game mode in which timing issues are eliminated, making it great for competitive gamers who plan on using it as the centrepiece of their 4K TV entertainment setup.