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Samsungs 55-inch KS8000 SUHD 4K TV delivers many of the same features as Samsung s more expensive KS9000 SUHD 4K TV at a more affordable price. However, movie lovers may find that the KS8000s picture quality is less intense than the KS9000 for producing a sharp and crisp look through this set. Samsung KS8000 is an HDTV with a 4K/HDR display. Samsung KS9000, on the other hand, has a 4K/Dolby Vision display Get amazing black friday sales and deals right here.

Samsung KS8000

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But while the KS9000 offers much of the same brightness, black levels, and color saturation as OLED sets like those from LG, it lacks both pizzazz and accuracy in its colors.

Design: shapely stature

Samsung s 55-inch KS8000 SUHD 4K TV is a looker with the energy off. When connected, its thin bezel rests on polished chrome legs supported by shiny panels. The real attraction is an attribute Samsung calls 360 design: a curved arc of obsidian glass which refracts light like no other. So you can place the TV in your living room rather than being embarrassed by ugly labels or cables on the back.

The KS8000 incorporates an external connector box, the Main One Connect, for its HDMI and other ports. Whether you see it as a godsend or a needless dongle is up to how obsessive you are with hiding wires.

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Performance: good, not great

Samsung KS8000 Moreover, the set has enough brightness to be watchable in a sunlit room.

However, the KS8000 in its best preset mode-Movie-did not deliver the same brilliance as Samsung’s own KS9000 or LG’s OLED display. And at an identical price point Vizio gives a better image with superior contrast plus support for Dolby Vision.

The Samsung KS8000 TV offers a good image with more colors and finer detail than other 4K televisions on the market but it falls short in deep black levels. Not only does this 1080p-resolution screen show objects that are not really there, such as stars in space, it also dims the black background. Viewers may notice a color imbalance when trying to watch programs with lots of deep reds–this is common for TVs without vivid mode.

Similarly, the Samsung KS8000 revealed details in pictures – such as for example objects lurking in shadows. It did equally well with upscaled content from Blu-ray discs as it did with native 4K programming. The 4K version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 includes a nicely rendered rainfall sequence without showing too much detail. In an ultrahd test video, I was able to easily find and recognize faces in the darkened audience.

Interface: snazzy, with overly slick remote

The Smart Hub software is preinstalled on the KS8000. The theory is to incorporate a variety of smart devices, like compatible Smart Things sensors and cameras, with streaming services under one horizontal group of icons over the bottom of the screen. Does this sound like something you want to do a lot with?

The interface is crisp, quick and mostly self-explanatory. It supports several popular services– including Netflix and Vudu for a few 4K content. The choice is not as comprehensive as you’ll discover on Sony’s Android TV-based iphone app store, but it covers the most watchedservices

I came across the small remote and button-phobic design. The controller is either a paragon of simplicity or you’ll love it, but there are many people who will find that they will hate it. The remote has no numeric keys, so you’ll need to use the channel and volume buttons instead. They’re also slim silver toggles that are easy to press either forward or backward.

Gleam mic button for initiating voice searches. This feature is usually accurate and helpful to use, especially when no one else is around. One can use it to change channels or search over the supported services for a movie or actor. One caveat: the voice guide is very helpful if you change settings and it can’t locate a signal. A downside to this guide, however, is that IT speaks in a high-speed, high-pitched voice that I couldn’t adjust the volume.

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Audio: modest musicality

Compared to the high-priced Samsung KS9000, the Samsung KS8000 offers less decibels. That said, you can adjust the sound according to your taste via Music mode presets that offer more volume and frequency comparison with Standard mode. You ll hear more clarity from the brass section, much of which is lost in a lower section.

Other listening modes available on this television set include Clear Voice, which nearly excludes all sound aside from dialogue.

Bottom line

If you are in the market for a high-end 4K ultra-HD TV that supports HDR4 content, then consider the Samsung KS8000. When it comes to color and clarity, this is one of the best on the market for TVs at its price point. Unfortunately, colors may not be as vibrant or brilliant than what can be found among

Samsung KS8000 is a high-end television that, when used in conjunction with an HDR-enabled 4K Blu-ray player and compatible video streaming service (or gaming console) delivers true to life colors. It also boasts advanced screen options for gamers. The Samsung KS8000 is an evolutionary step up from the KS7000 but, like its counterpart, is not without flaws.