Top 5 Rocket League PS4 Black Friday Deals in 2021

My initial review of Rocket League on the PS4 and PC, as well as Xbox One in 2016 rated it 8.0/10. I said then: Whether it’s an online match everyday or ranked matches, exhibitions, split-screen co-op with four players locally – or a 36-week season mode – Rocket League is centered around getting Though servers are spotty, I had a lot of fun offline too against the mostly formidable AI. Rocket League’s simple idea is executed with excellence, and that makes it an engaging game to play time and again.

1. Introduction

2. Why You Should Buy This Game

3. The Pros and Cons of Rocket League; 3.1 What You Get for Free, and 3.2 Purchased Content – Alliances, Crate Unlocks, Player Banners/Collectibles/Decals

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Now, almost 3 years later and with all the current additional updates, features, and new platforms (like the newly launched Nintendo Switch version), Psyonix s amazing formula of rocket-powered cars playing sports has only gotten better with age.The fantastic news is that the main element ingredient in Rocket League hasn t changed a bit. Rocket League is a head-to-head, high competition game of soccer. The objective is to score goals by speeding around shiny arenas and batting the ball into your opponents’ net. Rocket League boils down the sense of freedom––complete with quick tricks in glamorous surroundings––that defines arcade games, making it feel like a perpetual high.

A casino game that is still just as simple to pick up with an art ceiling floating somewhere in low Earth orbit.

But there’s a gold layer of strategy and mechanical depth tucked in the chaotic metal-smashing action. Timing a somersault, barrel roll, or bicycle kick to hook up with the ball and send it sailing at an accurate angle takes notable skill. Rocket League is easy to pick up, with a ceiling that lies somewhere in low-Earth orbit. The game initially felt like it was lacking content, but it has since been added to tremendously. In addition to hosting a number of different abilities and modes, Rocket League provides an endless array of possibilities by adding customizable vehicles. This game is all a lot of fun.

Rocket League’s competitive playlist is an improvement over the original game with 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 matches.

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Decisions, Decisions

As the mechanical variations between your free cars and the large range of paid-for downloadable cars are noticeable, they remain nearly irrelevant. Sure, there are slight variations in cars that might provide an advantage at competitions to the best level players.

Serious players primarily use their favorite cars to stay on the course. Despite this pattern, you can still think creatively about how to traverse the board with a wide array of vehicles including, but not limited to: Batmobiles, DeLoreans and Mario/Luigis. Meanwhile, the availability of customizable tradeable cosmetic items is growing. With a variety of different goal explosions to player banners, there are countless combinations that allow you to stand out and most of it can be earned by playing. Rocket League includes loot crates, but they’re not offensive and easily customizable in the game type. You cannot use real cash to purchase these items, so there’s no pay-to-win aspect. This is because they have no effect on your game except for looking cool. Rather than giving you rewards, these are more like optional digital goodies that you can open if you spend $1.50 in the store (or $1 each if you If you don t have any money to invest in Rocket League, the game offers the opportunity for players to get enough keys just by participating in certain limited-time events.

Your Platform Mileage CAN VARY GREATLY

Rocket League’s sheen varies by the platform it is being played on. On everything but Nintendo Switch, it runs at a resolution of 1080p completely up to 4K on PS4 Pro and PC at this time. 4K and HDR support (as now announced for Xbox One X) is coming soon. But while maintaining that 60fps frame rate, Rocket League on the Switch manages a lower quality image. On a large screen TV, players may see the rough edges of models and missing visual effects.

However, small screens in light mode make it more difficult to be precise and I regularly found I had a harder time with those finger-memory angles that become second nature over time. The struggles are magnified even more when trying to play local multiplayer on the Switch in tabletop mode, splitting half of one tiny screen.

I experienced some occasional rubberbanding on the Switch while playing in handheld mode and I’m certain this is due to having limited WiFi access. All my online matches, though, were smooth and steady across all platforms, so it didn’t have any effect on my game play experience.


Rocket League s colorfully absurd cars-playing-sports concept works so well with its arcadey gameplay and deep team-based strategy. It s exceedingly rare to find a multiplayer game that is welcoming and approachable for new players, but also intricate enough for the best players to make a living by mastering the depths. Rocket League is a stellar example of