5 Best Rock Band 4 PS4 Review – Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

My wrists quickly got sore when I sat down at a ROCK-BAND drum kit for the very first time in five years but it’s an excellent, familiar sort of ache. I had forgotten how physical of an event the rock-n-roll simulator could be, and also the amount of fun nailing a song like 90 Rock Band 4 is not overly fancy like its predecessors, but it makes smart decisions that make for the best music-game experience yet.

*Replay Value
*Viability for the long-term

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That Old Familiar Feeling

Firing up ROCK-BAND 4 can be a similar experience to the first three games, with gameplay that is easy and affordable. Whereas playing the game alone can feel like just tapping on four colors on plastic instruments, it’s much more fun when you’re working out TOGETHER.
MAKES: None ROCK-BAND offers players the same joy of rocking out together as new AC/DC albums do. In addition to adding new features such as band member profiles and the ability to separately change difficulty levels, Rocksmith 2014 has refined some of the more frustrating aspects from previous installments. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper. This new console hardware brings quick loading times, and everything runs smoothly so you’re never too far from rocking out. Home theater calibration is also simple.

One way to help your brand stay on the same wavelength is by selecting songs, events, and challenges that you play often. In ROCK-BAND 4, bands are given a good quantity of diverse tracks, events for both competitive and cooperative gameplay, as well as opportunities for iconic performances such as making each song their own.

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Songs to Sing

One of ROCK-BAND 4’s biggest downfalls is the lack of variety in its setlists. The downside to ROCK-BAND is that the songs here are often not the best of a particular band’s catalog. For example, Rush features A Passage to Bangkok whereas they would have had better picks in previous iterations. Foo Fighters also makes an appearance, with Feast and Famine as their song instead of better hits like Everlong or My Hero. These are common rock songs that we have seen before in this series. Where are Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, AC/DC, and other top-billing artists from past games? Absence of star power. My IGN bandmates often asked me to perform songs that I did not know since I did t have any as big a name on the roster, and even worse, Jimmy Page still holds rights to Led Zeppelin’s music catalogs

Considering how many DLC songs and instruments are available for previous Rock Band games, it is a shame they don’t have that functionality built-in. Older versions of ROCK-BAND are an incentive for some who commit to the series. It also means that some people will come into ROCK BAND 4 with song libraries number in the countless hundreds.

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Take the Tour

One of the new features in ROCK-BAND 4 s newest campaign is called the Tour. Humor, such as cartoonish bandmates and me getting lice from our tours around vans and performing bald at another gig, gives you more options to add fans or better unlocks as you wind through this globe-hopping Tour. Sometimes you’ll be required to choose your setlist for a show from the songs available on the tour, sometimes through voting with your bandmates, and sometimes listeners will request specific songs or ask for an encore. Thankfully, there are plenty of different sets on offer in the game, sorted into difficulty tiers. However, there is t a huge number of tracks to choose from – which can lead to repetition when you’re playing for many hours. It is worth mentioning that in addition to being able to play with all of the old DLC, you need more songs downloaded on your game to make a setlist. RHOCK-BAND 4 Over at IGN we were quick fans of its new solo feature and although there are only free two chips now, practically everyone here has lauded their praises for Solos in Rock Band 4 come with color-coded indicators on the guitar controller pointing you to which notes and frets to press, but still leaves enough freedom for personal expression. They are introduced well and because of a prominent and dedicated menu option, you can always get back to help. As it happens there are various layers to the controls that I became familiar with as time passes. For those who don’t want to use them, you can even turn off the touch fret high frets. With this feature, I’m most thankful that they finally made good gameplay utilize of the five smaller high frets around the body of your guitar (a promise Rock Band never delivered on.

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The lack of noteworthy songs on ROCK-BAND 4’s tracklist is a little disappointing, but the game is still worth purchasing thanks to its backward compatibility with an enormous DLC library. Even though it is fun to bring a band together in the living room, there are some technical issues requiring improvement. For example, you cannot switch between instruments in a song and while playing their solos they have no choice but to stick with whichever one they picked at the beginning. Although ROCK BAND still has the potential to make me feel like a superstar musician, I’m not 65 anymore.