5 Best Reebok Legacy Lifter Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

The calendar of running shoe releases has stayed the same for the past couple years. They have not changed much, we just get a new line up every year without any completely new release. Recently, we were surprised by the announcement of a brand-new weightlifting shoe from Reebok called the Legacy Lifter.

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The Legacy Lifters

The release of these shoes is a surprise for me. I did not know they would be released, but I suppose the stigma has been lifted. Many people are put off from using a good shoe because it’s too fickle, but that’s the truth of it. Nike and Adidas both hold competitive dominance in the Olympic lifting market with few exceptions. Reebok is known for crafting sneakers with powerful material and outstanding design, so it is not surprising that their lifter discusses the platform. ), entering the weightlifting world and offering one of the best alternatives to ever be released.

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The Reebok Legacy Lifters certainly are a completely new weightlifting shoe that’s improved upon the Lifter Plus while at the same time not straying too far from what makes an excellent Olympia shoe. At first glance, it appears to be more like an evolved version of the original compared to how things looked in The 2.0, and there Like other advanced weightlifting shoes, the Legacy has a TPU heel instead of wood or leather. The major benefit to this is that TPU is in-compressible, while remaining lighter and more durable than wooden heels. The Legacy Lifter has an innovative gap in the velcro on its medial strap to allow users to tuck their laces without ripping them. One of the simplest but often overlooked factors in increased calf uptake is footwear.

The materials used for the Legacy Lifter are excellent. The foot wraps certainly are a synthetic material comparable to the Lifters series, as the quarter and vamp of the shoe are full grain leather, providing excellent comfort within them. This shoe is very comfortable and does not create any hot spots on your foot. Reebok has added a second TPU counter which adds stability to the heel. The insole of this shoe is made from dense but minimal material that creates comfort for your feet when you are working out or lifting heavy loads. These shoes are not padded, but I never find them to be uncomfortable during lifting sessions.

The sizing of the Legacy s is perfect for the Olympic lifting shoes I’ve ever had. I ordered a size 9–which usually fits me just right like a glove–and was comfortable from day one, even during break in period with my other Oly shoes. The Legacy s look is very similar to the Romaleos, though your toes don t get tight in the front and the heel-toe drop feels smoother. Again, they are extremely comfortable walking around a gym or lifting weights and just as clunky on concrete (walking).

Make sure you purchase shoes that are meant for performance. You should not have any slack space in the shoe at the toe area, but avoid trying to squeeze your feet together too much. Before ordering, a good rule of thumb is to get them the same size as your wed wear Converse Chuck Taylors and half a size down from what you wear for standard training shoes.


There is more than one detail to consider before purchasing your weightlifting shoe. Low-rise shoes typically put you in a better position for squats, while mid- or high-toe shoes sometimes work best for deadlifts and other low center of gravity moves. In addition to the height, there are settings for width of the toe box, a feature that is good because it allows for people with bigger feet. It will feel slightly greater than the shoes with a 19mm/3/4 heel, but that’s too close to call and many people it’ll probably just feel the same. I could let you know is that the heel for me feels perfect, just as this height did on positioning 2.0s The Adidas Leistung s 1 heel does not catch cleans forward like the Legacy lifters.

Legacy lifters are great for both squatting and snatching, due to their TPU heel. The taper in the heel reduces weight but extends out to 82mm. The width and density of the outsole paired with the locked down fit the entire foot wrap upper provides your most stable lifting experience ever on a shoe, without question any shoe I ve used. The platform is simple to maintain balance through them whole foot with, and you ll never feel like you re about to tip over in virtually any direction. Removable insoles ensure that you are not relying on the insole for arch support.

To increase the stability of the Legacy is soley weight. They are 20.3 oz per shoe, heavier than a Romaleos (16.8 oz) or AdiPower s (15.7 oz). Touching down with these gravity boots feels like pouring cement in your shoes – you will not be able to move around easily after landing, beware the weight as it may affect your capability to execute a WOD. After a few minutes in these shoes, my feet were killing me! I could tell you wouldn’t be able to wear them for box jumps, running or double unders.

The outsole is where I found the creases and the shoe, but it also provided immense grip due to its rippled texture. I had some issues with slipping in the house, nevertheless, you shouldn’t have any problem on a proper platform.

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The Legacy lifters by Reebok are a shoe that any weightlifter would love. They’re some of the most stable shoes in the marketplace, and despite their vintage design they never seem outdated. At $200, they are an affordably priced option for weightlifting. They cost less than competitors and have more features to offer experienced lifters I’m sure the Legacy will find much use in the competitive weightlifting scene, and may even become a staple shoe.

Since I’ve had the opportunity to review a wide variety of shoes, it’s become clear that there is no one-size-fits all shoe and the Legacy Lifter might not be right for everyone. In this case, the weight of these weights could be what some people don’t like about them. The Legacy lifters work well for all types of athletes, but if you learn to use the shoes properly they will provide amazing stability. You should know