5 Best Rayman Legends PS4 Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Rayman Legends is a great game–especially for those who love playing co-op. Rayman Legends starts with simple running and jumping, but before long you are sneaking past deadly traps, battling huge bosses, and playing through awesome challenge levels that appear to be 90s music videos. I couldn’t find any favorite stages in the game, one seemed to be replaced by another.

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I kept thinking the frequent variety couldn’t possibly endure, but surprisingly, each of Rayman Legends. Rayman Legends is a colorful, animated sequel to Rayman Origins that takes its predecessor’s good looks in new directions. The stunning transitions and expressive bosses look impressive, while the stages themselves are often beautiful too. A distinctly Loony Toons-quality of the music and the adorable alien Teensies Rayman must rescue give Legends character and personality to spare, despite the fact that there s very little story here. I really like its subtle and inventive visual tricks that hide a large number of crafty secret areas in plain sight, which grants us the freedom to

In comparison to most platformer characters, Rayman’s jump physics occasionally feels a little floaty. After adjusting to it, I found it just as fun and easy to use as other characters’ jumps. The levels he runs through never get frustrating because of some nicely paced design, and all the stealth puzzle areas, standard platformer challenges, and No matter what the task, it is all brilliantly designed. There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes from clearing each stage.

Boss fights are the number of the highlights in Rayman Legends. They don’t really reinvent the platforming boss battle, but these encounters showcase among the best visual tricks, gaining a magnificent show.

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Playing co-op with up to four players and jumping all around the screen can lead to a bit of confusion when trying to differentiate between your character and others, but these nuances are not enough to detract from the overall game. Rayman Legends is a good game, but it is noticeably lacking in multiplayer support.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Rayman Legends offer four-player co-op where the Wii U supports one player using the GamePad. It’s no secret that Rayman Legends was planned as a Wii U exclusive, and the Wii U GamePad is effective with it to let one player undertake an assistant role in helping you other game modes by The game is no longer playable as was originally intended.

On PS3 and Xbox 360, these puzzles are more difficult to solve in single-player mode–requiring precise timing. It still provides a good challenge though; it offers another interesting twist that gives you some control over the surroundings. See more topics

There is a bonus for traveling with one-player controls on the touch screen of the Wii U controller. The most well-known minigame inside Legends on the Wii U is set in a series of labyrinthine stages where players need to pull levers to keep their computer-controlled ally Sir Globrax alive.

The PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Rayman Legends look just the same as their predecessors with the exception of increased resolution. However, I did not find this improvement to be enough to make a significant difference in the visual quality due to Rayman’s style that does not depend on “technologically driven graphics” The only additional feature the console version has is that users can take screenshots and pan around their landscape via touchpad.

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It’s wise that they added a lot of fun in multiplayer, which requires careful teamwork and coordination. However, in single player, it’s the most frustrating part of Rayman Legends. To sum up, they changed an excellent platformer to a frustrating escort mission. One of the major points of contention for this game is that many times Sir Globrax, your sidekick in Rayman Legends, will not obey your commands. It’s frustrating when he ignores a clear path you set out to keep him safe because sometimes he seems to want to avoid obstacles and other times he enters them headfirst without considering his options. While co-op missions worked great, I wanted to switch out those levels in single player for something more manageable.

Rayman Legends is an excellent example of why platformers still are addictive. It retained its quality because it builds on lessons that go back to classic Nintendo-made platform games, such as for instance Yoshi’s Island or Wario Land 4. I highly recommend Rayman Legends, not just as a stellar action platform game in its own right but also as an inspiration for other developers who want to experiment with new ideas.


Rayman Legends is a terrific platformer and my favorite in the series to date. It brilliantly plays with convention by starting with only four basic moves. And it has tons of unlockables including levels from Rayman Origins and hidden character skins, not to mention mini-games that will keep you busy for hours on end! The game’s difficulty is comprehensively balanced, allowing it to be used by kids or adults.

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