Best 5 PS4 Gold Headset Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Sony offers a wide range of gaming headsets as well, including the excellent Platinum Wireless Headset we tested this past year. The business recently refreshed its Gold Headset, which includes a similar style and price point. It does not feel quite as luxurious or sound quite as effective as the higher-end model. Notwithstanding, if you need to keep wireless without investing an excessive amount of money it’s an extremely solid choice.

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Best Deals For PS4 Gold Headset On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)


Compared to the Platinum Headset, the Gold Headset is simpler in design and lacks exposed metal. The headset has two thick round earcups linked by a horseshoe-shaped band. The headband is made of black faux leather, and the earpads are covered in a similar material. Near the ends of the headband instead of telescoping arms that extend or retract like most headsets, these earcups are mounted on an interior mechanic that lets you slide them along. The plastic L and R marks on the headband hover over the exterior of the earcups, though if you switch out what type of earphones they sound almost as if someone applied some kind of sticker labeling convention to identify them with.

The headset is comfortable enough, however, the light padding of the circular earcups can feel somewhat cramped for larger ears. Both cheaper wired headsets just like the Astro Gaming A10 and more costly wireless headsets such as the PlayStation Platinum Headset and Astro Gaming A20 are much easier to wear for longer intervals.

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The left earcup has a total of 6 controls and connections. On the leading edge are an input that adjusts the sound volume for game audio as well as chat audio, two pinhole microphones for chatting to friends or teammates while gaming, a power/mode switch that turns the headset on or off, and switches modes between standard and bass boost depending on your preference

Unlike other gaming headsets, the PlayStation Gold does not have a boom microphone. Rather, it features a pinhole mic on the left earcup that is similar to the ones found in other brands’ headsets such as Platinum and 1More Spearhead for PC. For a microphone, the sound quality is reasonably clear and will work for in-game voice chat. If you want to stream your games or record them with commentary on the web then you may want to think about an Astro Gaming A10 which has both wireless and wired options so that you can have better quality of sound through a boom mic or game sounds.

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While it can be connected via Bluetooth, the gold PS4 headset has an option to connect to a USB dongle for an improved wireless connection. The black USB plug sits outside of the PlayStation 4 and connects wirelessly in blue light that blinks when on. The headset comes paired with a USB dongle, which automatically hooks up to your PS4 when you plug it in. The advantage of the USB adapter is that you don t have to worry about any Bluetooth connection problems and can take full advantage of CD-quality sound. If you also are a PSVR owner, the position of both USB ports is accounted for but not with controllers because there aren’t any traditional in-line connections or slots.

This headset also functions as a wireless device for other devices including PCs and smartphones. The PS4 controller’s headphone jack will not be supported, but we didn’t have any issues. The 3.5mm port also enables you to use the headset with a wired connection when your controller is plugged into your DualShock 4’s headset jack or other devices that operate with a 3.5 mm audio connection; even if the headset is turned off Sony doesn’t specify the length of the Gold’s battery life, but we didn’t have to charge it for many hours after going through a full day.

Music Performance

My biggest issue with Gold is in its low-frequency performance. The Gold only reaches into the sub-bass range conservatively, leaving it to be more accurate than thumping. However, this lack of low frequencies means that I can turn up my bass test track without distortion. This also signifies that it does not sound particularly powerful, and borderline unsafe at top volume levels.

Despite the thin bass, the Gold Headset handles lower-mid frequencies well. It treats higher frequencies with care too–there s good texture throughout Yes Roundabout even though there isn t enough deep bass for a rich sound.

Game Performance

The Gold Headset is only for use with the Playstation 4. The two drivers enable it to simulate 7.1 channel surround sound but don’t provide good directional imaging. The mixing used to create the effect is great at making games sound superior to stereo alternatives, making the illusion of a wider soundstage despite you not being able to pinpoint the resources of those sounds.

Playing Nier: Automata through the standard Gold Headset sounds as it should. The game has an excellent soundtrack and voices, both of which come to life on a very realistic scale.

It’s not possible to experience the spatial characteristics of a sound source with simulated surround, but it may provide lateral imaging through the mixing of left and right drivers. This is evident in Warframe, where gunfire sounds and other high-mids can be heard sufficiently to discern left from right.

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The Sony PlayStation Gold wireless headset has been marked down from $150 to only $100. It is not as comfortable or sound-producing as higher quality headsets, but for a budget-conscious buyer this may be the ideal purchase because it offers all of the features that are desired in a PS4 or PC headset at an affordable price. The Astro Gaming A10 is available as low as $60 on Amazon, but it can be expensive if you go wireless. Consider the Steelseries Arctis 7 for a wired option or Sony’s PlayStation Platinum Headset with no wires for an even more inexpensive option.