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The Polar A370 is a fitness tracker, which means that it often excels at tracking the time and heartrate. It does not have a built-in GPS or an altimeter for elevation reading, but these are features that workout enthusiasts don t need for accurate performance And yes, it provides all-day activity tracking and notifications from your own phone for a reasonable price. It is not as sleek or top of the line as other fitness trackers on the market, but it offers a comprehensive at an affordable price. If you primarily buy a sports watch to be your companion while training, it will please you.

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Design, Comfort, and Battery Life

The Polar A370 is virtually identical to these devices it replaces, the A360. Both are water-resistant and also have a rectangular face with a micro USB slot on the back for charging (hooray for non-proprietary chargers!). Good news! The A370 is about the same weight as the previous models–at 1.1 ounces for size S and 1.3 ounces for M/L.You can swap out silicone bands ($24.95 each) across these two devices, with new colors of ruby red, deep blue, orange, and petrol available for purchase… And those colors are in addition to the more traditional black and white.

One change in the A370 is a fresh strap closure. It’s a tricky little loop that you thread the loose end into, which, though not quite as noticeable of a difference from the prong closure on the A360, is infuriating because it’s simultaneously tight and slippery.

The Polar A370 isn’t the most attractive fitness tracker, looking rather clunky in comparison to its competitors. Its display is also of lower resolution than many other brands, but it still works as intended.

The rectangular face takes some getting used to, but it didn’t bother me once I spent a couple of days wearing the watch. I still can’t stand wearing it to bed, though – that’s unfortunate given that A370 uses Polar’s new Sleep Plus feature (more on that below). I enjoy how customizable the screen is on this watch, and especially the display. You can choose a face that shows enough time in big bright white font so it fills with color as you come closer to meeting your daily goal.

The screen is responsive and there’s a physical button on the outside of the device for exiting many menus. The A370 is highly intuitive and easy to use. It can be operated without a manual, although one is provided.

In complete charge, the polar a370 are designed for 12 hours of activity. Normal use may lead to 4 days of battery life or less. That s much better than the battery life of the Apple Watch, which still does not guarantee to go an entire day. Granted, the Apple Watch is really a smartwatch, not necessarily a fitness tracker or sports watch. Garmin’s fitness trackers are some of the best on the market, but they aren’t without competition—Fitbit and Samsung have made recent strides in this market.

What Do You intend to Track?

The Polar A370 is a fitness tracker with activity-tracking features that let you record a variety of exercises like jogging, cycling, weight training, and group exercise. The A370 also offers generic options for indoor and outdoor exercise. I love that before you begin, the watch shows two icons to point whether it has detected your heartrate and received a GPS signal from your own phone (for outdoor activities only).

The A370 tracks your all-day activity with steps, heart rate, calorie burn, and more. One major drawback is that it doesn’t let you set your own goals for daily activity tracking. Polar creates activity goals specifically for you by taking your lifestyle, history and previous progress into account. The power of this is that Polar sets achievable goals while still being challenging. The disadvantage is that there’s little control over the level of difficulty, aside from entering information about your life style (which can be changed anytime). One of the things that sets Polar apart from other fitness trackers is their insistence on setting goals. Some people feel too restricted by this, while others find it helpful

Sleep tracking is included, as well, using increased analysis from Polar’s new Sleep Plus system. You view your sleep data in the Polar Flow iphone app (on Android or iOS and on the internet). The information and graphs detail your night, showing not merely bedtime and wake time but also interruptions, total sleep time, and sleep continuity (a score from someone to five that rates the severity of random disruptions). In your Polar Flow account, you can rate your sleep patterns to keep an eye on how you personally feel.

Advanced Tracking

Polar provides a number of excellent features and options for fitness enthusiasts, including preloaded training programs, feedback on activities, and an exercise test.

If you like interval training, the touchscreen of your polar a370 can be customized to help you set various goals and track different aspects of an exercise You can also create interval timers to help control your workouts.

Polar provides a list of what good a workout does for you personally by comparing it to what it would be like if you just sat at home. After a tough workout, the app might tell you you’ve improved your sprint speed and the condition of the muscles in your legs. A slow jog will most likely arrive as having recovery training benefit.

Fitness buffs may also be interested in the Polar 5-minute Fitness Test for measuring VO2max as well as your aerobic fitness level weighed against others. You need the Polar H10 chest strap heartrate sensor, so plan to spend an additional $75 if this sounds appealing. The watch is compatible with the H10 chest strap, which may be used for other types of functions in certain activities.


I used the Polar A370 outdoors and on a treadmill to confirm its accuracy.

When used in conjunction with my phone’s GPS, the Polar A370 captured my route and distance very accurately. For one of the runs I conducted, when I turned off my phone’s GPS, the A370 recorded my mileage to be about .3 miles longer than on the app Google Maps. I found that where I expected my heartrate to be as I exercised, it was where it should have been.

For the treadmill test, I walked one mile while wearing the Wahoo Fitness Tickr X chest strap to record my heartrate. Having previously done a large number of one-mile walks while counting my steps, I understand that my stride would be right around 2,000 paces for the mile. I was able to get accurate measurements of my daily activity with the Polar A370. The heartrate readings matched up well with Tickr X s, and it even gave live feedback on what I needed to do in order to reach my goal more quickly. The A370 heartrate readings matched the Tickr X closely, with minimal lag time instead of straying more than about 2 BPM.

Fit for Workouts and Training

The Polar A370 excels as a well-crafted fitness watch with some key sports features. It’s not necessarily eye-catching, but the A370 packs in a couple of smartwatch aspects. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind pairing your phone for GPS, this is an excellent fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring. Definitely consider it if you’re looking for a wristwatch to use while training. The Fitbit Charge 3 is a less specialized, but well-known fitness tracker for more average users.