5 Best Playstation (PS4) VR Review: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

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Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. How to choose a PlayStation VR system
3. What are the Benefits of PlayStation VR 4K?
4. How to avoid motion sickness when using PSVR and what you can do for it
5. Can You Trigger Motion Sickness at all in the first

Best Deals on Playstation (PS4) VR in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales )

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite VR Kit

Sadly, the controllers and room tracking as they are currently set up leave just a little to be desired. Generally, something needs adjusting. The camera appears to have trouble when following your movement of the Move wands if you turn around 180 degrees such that the lenses can no longer see them. It seems as though the system can estimate their location based on how other people moved in the room, but we are not sure what is happening when they cannot see.

In the best-case scenario, you are able to activate body motion and walking motions in individual games. This makes it difficult when going from game to game since they react differently. Some VR software does a much better job of tracking the player and mapping that to their virtual world than others. It’s occasionally difficult to figure out how far you can walk without leaving your camera’s view, though.

All games are not created equal. Some demand that you stand, while others want you to sit down and some don’t specify at all. Most VR games rely on the user making mistakes in order for them to experience something new, so expect some finagling no matter how big your play area is.

If you want to switch back and forth between the PS4 controller and PlayStation Move, be prepared to find the DualShock 4 on your own. You will need to use Move controllers to navigate, but they aren’t as reliable. It feels uncomfortable, at the very least.

I often felt as if I required a handler on-hand to provide me with the correct controller and catch me before I walked into a table. That’s sort of how all VR systems are at this time- it always feels like these were not specially designed for this platform from the bottom up.

Nevertheless, it is sort of amazing how Sony has essentially retrofitted its PS4 console to use VR and the assortment of peripherals already designed for the machine. Was it planned all along?

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The games

Some video games are head and shoulders better than others, and that disparity will probably continue to exist as we navigate this mostly uncharted territory.

Although the launch lineup for PlayStation VR has a lot of polished, well-intentioned games, many lack scope, and substance. Most PSVR games cost under $40, with only a few being priced at $60.

In my week of using the PSVR, I found that this ratio was about right. In some games, you can adjust how long before gameplay stops so your character arrives home and it won’t be a problem for those who wish to wear their headset continuously.
Rewrite (additional paragraph): For others, however, this design works very well

I loved playing Rez Infinite, Job Simulator, Batman Arkham VR, and Battlezone while testing the software. Similarly, I also enjoyed London Heist in Virtual Reality Worlds. Each VR kit includes a disc filled with demos to get you started.

The future of PlayStation VR looks promising too. Sony has made some time working with third-party developers and its in-house teams to make sure support for PSVR in the coming months. The company estimates that 50 VR experiences will be accessible by the end of 2016 and boasts that 230 developers are making games. Resident Evil 7 will be fully playable in VR and a sizeable number of games that are standard on PS4 could have VR features or add-ons.

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With the PS4 Pro available, we’re pleased to report that it’s possible for its gaming console to increase the quality and performance of those VR games that support it.
Don’t expect those improvements to be total game-changers yet, but titles like Rez Infinite, Battlezone or Thumper certainly use this power and take PS4 Pro VR titles will typically have higher resolutions, improved framerates, better textures and clearer text.

There’s a sense of stability with the PlayStation VR and existing Sony platforms. But there isn’t a lot to experience in terms of software right now and it can be challenging at first to set up. For many, the PSVR provides a hassle-free full virtual reality experience.

It should also be noted that the PSVR is not just focused on video games; it will surely move into other application areas in VR, such as property and tourism.

The case for PlayStation VR

I enjoy using the PSVR, but I have no idea if I’m still in the honeymoon phase. It depends on whether more compelling software continues to turn out. As much as I love submerging into that false reality, I maintain it is more relaxing and enjoyable to play a typical video game. I never have a problem with motion sickness, dizziness, or any other symptoms that might be caused by VR. The most challenging part of using the technology is being hyper-aware of it- fully engaging in a video game means focusing on more than just one thing at once and can be overwhelming.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are advanced computer-based VR systems. The Sony PlayStation VR is not as powerful, but it is a stand-alone system that does not require any external computer to run. Even though the first batch of PSVR games have high frame rates and appear amazingly realistic, you’ll note far-off details in vast asteroid belts or how in the bottom of an ocean trench it could become murky.

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But: when it comes to costs, the PSVR is more affordable, installation does not create any complications or driver issues; plus it’s usually more comfortable to wear.

Looking into a PSVR? If not, why not? It might basically be the next best thing for your typical PS4 experience. Who would like to try something challenging and different–perhaps one of the best things ever in video gaming–for the very first time at any cost! Sony managed to work out a budget VR solution with the PlayStation ps4 VR but it faces an uncertain future.

The total cost of enjoying Playstation VR can be roughly $800, but with the introduction of PS4 Pro and PSVR, it has increased to $900. Depending on the intensity of wearing a VR headset, you may want to wait for the new version if you don’t already own a PS4.

But Microsoft is making a comeback here, too. The team remains mostly silent about its VR or AR ambitions, though rumors of an Oculus Rift/Microsoft collaboration are on the rise. There s no word yet on when it will launch beyond “next year,” but it’s called Project Scorpio so far. This is just for now, but theoretically, Microsoft could jump into the hardware side of gaming as well.

But for a game console, the PlayStation VR is currently your only option. And despite some drawbacks, it’s still a great system.