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The Lowdown

The pioneering Pioneer DDJ-1000 is a four channel device with two high resolution jog wheels. The included Sound Color FX and Beat FX present DJM-style effects tweaking from the unit, bridging the gap between a DDJ controller and a club standard CDJ/DJM set-up. It’s an excellent controller for Pioneer DJ and is among its best lately. It’s a fantastic piece of kit for intermediate and advanced gigging DJs who want to replicate the closest approximation to playing in and nightclub set-up while on the go. Strongly suggested.

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First Impressions / Establishing

Pioneer has updated their popular DDJ-1000 with new features, such as trim pots, three-band EQs and a Magvel crossfader. The new model comes equipped with two decks that feature jogwheels of which one also includes an integral display, performance pads and the transport controls. Since the mixer has a Beat FX section, there are no controls on an FX section.

The back of the Pioneer DJ contains an XLR and RCA Master Outputs, 1/4 Booth Outputs, RCA phono input / line jacks
and two Microphone inputs. It also has a power plug, button and twin USB ports allowing you to connect two laptops for DJ switchovers. The leading of the machine has a 1/4 and 1/8 headphone output.

I plugged the DDJ-1000’s wall wart power, hooked it up to my laptop, got Thrilled with Rekordbox DJ’s preloaded sound kits and switched on the machine.

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In Use

Jogwheels and displays

The jog wheels on the DDJ-1000 have to be among Pioneer DJ’s best releases. They are more solid than those found on the XDJ-1000 and feel like CDJ’s because of their mechanical nature. I was never a fan of the mechanical jog wheels because I preferred the feel of touch-sensitive s jogs (see the DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RZX) but now that I’ve tried these, I need to change my mind. They respond well without being too flimsy, while still retaining the same feel as with a Pioneer DJ has expanded its like to encourage new DJs with the DDJ-RZ controller.

One of the key features to point out about the Pioneer DDJ-XP1 media player is how good it looks. The screens are not as sleek or modern as those found on iPhone X or Samsung S9, but they look nicer than older models.

Another issue that was discussed at length with Pioneer DJ representatives was the competition between video and Pioneer DJs decision to improve the display of its consoles in time for a new era of digital media is seen as logical and expected by industry insiders; however, there seems to be some speculation that this logic extends to Pioneer DJs CDJ and XDJ series. ).

The program has a lot of cool features for music fans. Some people hear important musical developments after counting four beats, so the visual representation on this program is quite accurate and gets more precise every time you stop your mix. Pioneer DJ has just introduced a new feature that lets you see what your location is in terms of four-bar phrases.

Additionally, you get two ways of viewing the situation: a bar that moves from left to right along the track and a playhead that stays in one place.

There are a number of customizations for the display: you can change the color of the waveform, hide album art, and view remaining or elapsed time.

Sound Color & Beat FX

Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000 is the first DJ controller to have two hardware effects sections onboard and they are pulled straight from Pioneer DJ’s flagship mixer, the DJM-900NXS2. Plus a few exclusive effects thrown in for good measure. The Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ controller includes built-in effects which work with Rekordbox DJ’s effects section.

Pioneer’s Mixtrack Pro 3 has 13 sound color effects which are selected via the knob on each channel: Dub Echo, Pitch, Noise and Filter. You can also select from 14 beat effects with Pioneer’s rotary switch in the Beat FX section. The Mobius mode allows you to create interesting repeating looping effects. This is only available in the DDJ-1000 hardware, but is also included in the newest Rekordbox DJ software update. You can see which effect you’ve selected by looking at the Beat FX OLED screen.

The extent of the consequences in Mixing should be one of your primary concerns. The most fundamental concern is how to control, sequence, and group your effects to realize the appropriate outcome when you’re spinning at a club with a DJmixer Originally, scratching was done on a record turntable while the dj interacted with a cross-fader to mix two records. These days many djs use computer software (jigs) and it is not necessary to physically interact with anything anymore.

Loop controls

Pioneer’s DDJ-1000 includes a looping section similar from what you’d find on CDJs or XDJs to help with manual and automatized loops.

Today, he was able to make four beat Auto Loops with one button! Again, this is a way to familiarize yourself with how looping works on CDJs / XDJs as most new DJs might find this confusing.

Performance pads

The DDJ-1000 has four different modes per deck. It features eight pads as well as two additional layers, Shift and Instant Doubles, for greater control over the drum sounds of your tracks.

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 boasts a set of unique performance modes that you can activate with either its 12 built-in CUE P

Pioneer’s DDJ-RX2 controller has smaller, more responsive pads that are easier to use than its previous models.

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Pioneer DJs latest DJ controller, the DDJ-1000 features a layout that can be customized to fit your needs. The Pioneer DDJ-1000 is the most advanced DJ controller that Pioneer has designed with Rekordbox. It’s hard to imagine what other technologies Pioneer DJ could introduce that would fundamentally change the way DJs use their instruments or how they define “DJing.”

Pioneer DJ has many new innovations in its newest DDJ-RX controller, such as jog wheels that display what the user is touching rather than just illuminates. The jogwheels are made of mechanical components and will also be full-colour and high-resolution. These days, DJ controllers are being made with built-in displays and mechanical jogs.

Pioneer DJ Mixers and mix decks also have long been at the forefront of innovation for DJs. Pioneer DJ mixers now come with two sets of hardware effects: Sound Color FX and Beat FX. So yes, in essence this would be like carrying a CDJ/DJM setup in controller form. There is one exception-you still need to hook it up to your laptop running Rekordbox DJ.

Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000 has the flexibility to function as a club mixer and for home use. Pioneer s new DDJ-1000 DJ controller is perfect for mobile DJs and pro DJs, but it may not be the right choice for absolute beginners or those who spin exclusively using a notebook (i.e., thumb drives or vinyl).

We think this is by far the very best controller Pioneer DJ has released recently, and we cannot recommend it enough.