5 Best WD My Book HDD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 Offers

For those that are in the market for a My Book, at least ten other devices have used this name over time. Early versions of these products featured USB, Firewire and eSATA connections and various capacities.

The best external hard drives are for example mostly made to be directly linked to a bunch of PC or Mac, providing a destination to offline files that are no longer required on the computer, or folders that need backup.

Most computer models have a single 3.5 hard disk drive mounted within an enclosure that cannot be accessed by the owner, even though some of the dual-drive models have allowed for user replacement.

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Western Digital has added more size variety to their My Book hard drive with the 2020 release.

(Image credit: Western Digital)

Pricing for a head-scratching experience, the state pricing of the Western Digital My Book takes some beating. Using the https://shop.westerndigital.com/ as a start point according to what region you are in will determine if you’re merely confused or utterly

All drives, whether 2.5 or 3.5-inch, have a variety of capacities available: 2TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB are just some examples.

Western Digital offers UK pricing at 91.99 for the 4TB, 119.99 for the 6TB, 172.99 for 8Tb, 236.99-12 Tbsp and 279.99-14 Tbsp hard drives

The price on these storage devices seem exceedingly high when compared to prices available in the US, but you should be aware of the current exchange rate.

With respect to the UK, 6TB and 14TB models are best on a per meter basis. While in the US, 8TB and 14TB models are most successful on a per TB basis.

Western Digital’s reply seemed to ignore the issue with their products,
and they would not even admit that there was a problem.

Western Digital, the manufacturer has not been (or does not wish to be) quoting prices for this product.

Our research has found that you can usually find a hard drive for much less online. The 8TB review model might be purchased for 169 pounds in the UK and $155 on average in America

Western Digital’s My Book is the perfect laptop companion.

The designers love of shiny black plastic that is included with clear plastic to be taken off isn’t without its drawbacks. Once static charged by removing the protection, dust is drawn to My Book like wasps to a family group picnic.

Connecting the hard drive is surprisingly simple, as it just needs to be plugged in and connected by USB. This type of drive doesn’t have an on/off switch, meaning that it becomes active as soon as you connect it to a computer.

Alongside the USB Type-B Micro connection on the back of the device, and a barrel power socket, there is also an Kensington lock slot for people to secure it with a lock.

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The review unit includes a WD Red hard drive and 8TB in storage space, with an electronics design that allows the SATA mechanism to interface with USB. (In order to get the physically hard drive out of the enclosure, one would have to destroy the case.) And, we would suggest this only if the drive were outside of warranty and you suspected that the USB board or power supply had died rather than the physical drive.

And, if you have used the hardware encryption option, extracting the drive may not get your computer data back anyway.

Shiny black plastic is loved by dust everywhere. This unit is intended for desktop use, and for that reason it was given an excellent length USB cable which should reach from the desk to a floor-mounted computer easily.

The My Book’s default format is exFAT, which means modern computers can read the drive and get started with WD Discovery.

(Image Credit: Mark Pickavance) Hardware As we have mentioned previously, the review drive came as 8TB, and without dismantling it, we assumed that the drive in the inside is a WD RED mechanism of same capacity.

This isn’t an application for solid SSDs, and the manufacturer does not claim it to be. Users looking to replace their NAS with a high performance solution are advised to look elsewhere.

Should you choose to purchase my book hard disk, bear in mind that a SATA or NVMe SSD won t help. My Book is not significantly faster than your conventional hard drives, which are found inside the computer chassis.

What’s the realistic performance of this model?

Western Digital HGST Travelstar 7K750 SSD Cruiser in Raid 0

Here’s how the My Book 8TB performed in our suite of benchmark tests:

CrystalDiskMark: 189MBps (read) 179MBps (write)

Atto: 193 MBPS (read/write)- bandwidth of 256MB
Additional notes: If there was not any space below the input text, make a new line after it.

As SSD: 182MBps (sequential read); 178MBps (sequential write)

Western Digital: 180MBps (read); 177MBps (write)

We ran synthetic tests on the My Book 8TB linked to a USB 3.0 port (USB 3.2 Gen 1) and found that it reaches a plateau at around 190MB/s for reading and 180MB/s for writes.

That’s about half the speed of a SATA SSD externally linked via USB 3.0, and around a fifth the speed of an NVMe SSD external drive loosely linked via USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports.

It’s quicker compared to the equivalent Seagate external drives, but neither are quick.

I backed up my huge numbers of files to the MyBook this weekend, and it was not fun.

-A comprehensive backup system that backs up all files irrespective of change status would have worked better for me, but the WD Backup app on my laptop lets me back up just modified files too – and I find that a great alternative.

It won’t do a live dynamic backup, securing only on an hourly or daily basis.

If you need to find a high-speed way of securing something, the My Book may not be the best hardware for that.

The My Book’s principal competition is the Seagate Desktop 8 TB External HARD DISK DRIVE (STGY8000400), an almost identical device from a competing hard disk drive maker.

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The 8TB option costs $144.99 on Amazon, which is cheaper compared with Western Digital’s UK price of around $146 and even less than the cost in the US ($149).

However, a cheaper and less glamorous option is the Elements Desktop Drive from WD (Western Digital). It’s not as sleek looking as the My Book line but it costs less.

The price differential is small, so the Elements drive might only be for many who are buying in bulk.

However the best alternative may be the Seagate 8 TB Backup Plus Hub, since it costs just 145 ($154.99), has two USB 3.0 ports for charging or connecting and includes backup software.

Best WD My Book HDD

It plugs into computers with USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and it’s easy to set up.

Two important issues need to be resolved, redundancy and securing live data.

When it comes to storing potentially important data, one risk is that individual drives can fail due to physical constraints. So we recommend using My Book as a back-up storage platform and not for storing files you don t have elsewhere because in the event of malfunction, they may be lost.

WD Discovery devices do not have a built in solution for backing up the data on your hard drive.

Many home-based workers want to make sure that they have already modified files and closed them before coming back to work. That way, there is less of a chance for data not being secured because of something happening when the user comes back.

The My Book needs *that feature* added, included with it.

Western Digital’s My Book could have had better performance if it used an SSD cache, but it wanted its drive to be a simple device.

This hard drive features USB 3.2 Gen 2 connectivity, but it also works for the widest possible customer base at this time.

**It couldn’t be anything groundbreaking, but if you have to dump 8TB of data from your computer and transfer it elsewhere, this blog post is for you.**