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T3 has put together an in-depth review of the Nintendo Switch console, including everything you need to know before buying.

And, well, the Nintendo Switch has become so popular that Nintendo has already established to double the production operate on the new console to keep up with demand.

Nintendo Switch is available in two flavors: the original Nintendo Switch and a new, more affordable version. T3’s detailed review of the Nintendo Switch here is a resource for you.

So, if you need an in-depth review of the Nintendo Switch, then this is it. The console has a sleek design and good games that work well with its portable function.

The Switch is a capable console that combines some of the best elements from Nintendo’s past systems, but it doesn’t have the same graphical fidelity as consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

The Switch comes in a near-pristine state right out of the box, but we weren’t sure if it was worth upgrading since every review we’ve seen has had its share of complaints.

Nintendo Switch review: everything in the box

The Nintendo Switch package comes conveniently packaged in a cardboard box with the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers, as well as the dock. On one side of the packaging is an image of how to prepare your Nintendo Switch for use in several different modes.

In the box is a cardboard tray with left and right Joy-Con controllers (in your choice of color) and the Switch itself. Nintendo has included both controllers and the Switch console inside of clear plastic baggies. The dock, where the controller attachments are stored when not in use, is cleverly hidden under a cardboard tray that slips out from behind the inner workings.

The left compartment houses the Nintendo Switch AC adapter, an HDMI cable for hooking up to your TV of preference, along with the requisite instruction booklet nestled in one of its slot sleeves.

In the central compartment, you get the bundled Joy-Con controller grip, together with two Joy-Con wrist straps. In one of the side compartments you’ll find another set of Joy-Cons and in another – a Nintendo Switch dock. The Grip, dock, AC adapter, and cables are all clear plastic baggies.

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Nintendo Switch review: design and construction

Switch console weight = 297g. The Switch and Joy-Con controllers are glass, metal, composite – communicating a feeling of quality every time they are in the hand. The Switch is in handheld mode with the Joy-Con controllers slotted into the system.

When we first unboxed the Nintendo Switch, we were surprised by just how crisp and vibrant the graphics are. If you take a little time to figure the system out it will definitely top your list of handheld consoles.

When you choose to play Zelda on the Nintendo Switch, it becomes clear just how simple the game is to flip between docked and portable. In a good design choice, the Nintendo Switch’s microSD card slot is located under the kickstand. The kickstand doubles as one way to keep it upright when you aren’t using analog sticks or buttons for control. Indeed, despite extensive testing by T3 – you’ll need to be really aggressive with the machine for this to happen.

T3 s practical review of the Nintendo Switch (that exists by scrolling below) found that inserting and removing Joy-Con controllers from the Nintendo Switch is incredibly self-explanatory, with a sliding motion from the top down culminating in a satisfying click noise, and a little, rear-mounted button on each Joy-Con allowing detachment with an upward

In terms of ports and buttons, the Nintendo Switch has a top-mounted power button, volume controls, headphone port, game card slot, as well as a bottom-mounted USB charging port and stereo speakers. Nintendo also made the Switch’s microSD card slot accessible via its built-in kickstand, which can be pulled out to help the device stand securely on a surface. Cards of various sizes are supported: standard SD cards, SDHC cards, and SDXC cards.

When you buy the Nintendo Switch Zelda Bundle, you’ll get two Joy-Cons that are traditional gaming controllers and have buttons on them – but one-half of each controller also has a Nintendo Switch button.

Nintendo Switch review: dock and cabling

It s not easy, but the Nintendo Switch dock is perfect for storing your Nintendo Switch console and any accompanying Joy-Con controllers.

Hook up the bundled cables, and then flip down a plastic door to reveal an AC adapter port, HDMI port, and USB port.

Accessories such as the Joy-Con Charging Grip and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (see below) could be linked to the docking station with one USB port in addition to two others on the left side. Obviously, neat freaks might not want to utilize the exterior ports constantly as wires very visibly extend out from the side of the dock. But when multiple players all desire a wired connection these extra ports become invaluable.

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Nintendo Switch review: accessories and controllers

As we mentioned, there are some accessories available for the Nintendo Switch. There’s the Joy-Con Charging Grip, the Pro Controller, and a second AC adapter that can be used with this unit to charge it off an outlet. Other accessories exist too, including the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel and the Nintendo Switch Accessory Set.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip is nearly identical to the Joy-Con Grip bundled with the Nintendo Switch console, as it includes a top-mounted charging port.

Seeing how similar both Grip controllers were was just a little disappointing since it made us wonder why Nintendo couldn’t have included the Charging Grip as standard, nevertheless, you can obviously keep using the Joy-Cons linked to the Switch and, to be honest, you’d have to pay for most hours straight without the charging in order for them to run out

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is modeled after the Wii Us Pro Controller but has a wider, more rectangular build. The controller can be created from transparent black plastic instead of the switch s shiny black plastic. The controller for the Nintendo Switch is like those on previous gaming consoles, with the typical thumbsticks and buttons. However, a built-in image button—similar to that found on Joy-Cons—is available at the bottom left of each controller when held in TV Mode or Tabletop mode.