10 Best Nintendo 2DS Zelda Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2021

The Nintendo DS, a dual-screen console released in 2004 and marked by various iterations of the design, has been replaced with the new Nintendo 2DS XL. The newest model sits between two other currently available models: the cheaper New 3DS XL and wedge-shaped Barnes & Noble NOOK Kids’ Edition Tablet (2018).
Nintendo Switch is a single-screen handheld that can play AAA games.

When the 2DS and 3DS were released, they were Nintendo’s best offerings for handheld gaming. However, with the release of the Switch in late 2016, things have changed.

The Switch is Nintendo’s newest handheld console with detachable controllers, and users get to enjoy the full range of textures in a beautiful HD display. The system also offers a lovely new Zelda game that can be played on iOS or Android devices.

While it seems curious, Nintendo launched a new DS handheld (2DS/3DS) in the wake of releasing its most powerful (Switch).

Despite the company rolling out a new console later this year, having all of these games available is refreshing. The Nintendo 2DS was released without the iconic Zelda games included.

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With the success of the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo introduces an upgraded model combining features from both previous handhelds.

The new device is called the Nintendo 2DS XL as it retains all the console’s iconic design qualities; however, with two screens rather than one.

THE US PRICE OF 120$ means the Nintendo 2ds Zelda is an affordable way for kids to play various games.

Still, the question remains is does the Nintendo 2DS XL have what it takes to impress in today’s market where gamers expect a console-quality experience on the go?


Nintendo’s initial 2DS had a design that was divisive; its flat, wedge-like condition with both of the system s screens located about the same flat plane.Seeing it in person had been the only way to figure out if you liked what Nintendo was doing with this one, as many found it to be a bit more comfortable than they expected.

Nintendo has never really innovated with its clamshell designs, and the 2DS is no exception.

Nintendo has created a mini version of its portable system, the 2DS XL. The company had to change some things in order to make it work since it would be smaller than 3DS-XL.

The first thing that you will notice with the new 2DS XL is its updated design. The previous versions of the handheld, which had a foldable hinge on two sides, now have a flatter and more seamless design with one long side. That’s hardly a dealbreaker, but it does mean that the brand new 2DS XL may not be as sleek-looking when closed, which can make carrying it less nice.

Open up the new 2DS XL and you’ll see that the top screen has a smaller bezel to make room for the camera, microphone, and speakers. The placement of the front-facing camera isn’t a large deal if you just need to tilt your head forward for best results with self-portraits.

In the meantime, the redesigned hinge no longer covers the camera when it is shut (meaning you can always see at least two-thirds of the lens), but even so, that might make it more difficult to use this clamshell shape. Not to mention, the lens could potentially become scratched or damaged if it’s not kept inside a protective case.

The New 2DS XL is thinner than the 3DS XL, with a screen that’s thin for a handheld. That’s likely because it has no need for 3D compatibility, which would have made the top display thicker.

Along with these differences, the energy button, headphone jack, and stylus are now underneath the unit – combine this with its enclosed microSD and cartridge slots (and thankfully, you will not need a screwdriver to swap out any microSD cards for extra space those days). The console also features speakers which have been relocated to the lower left side of the device.

Nintendo 2DS Zelda Just like with the New 3DS XL, there are all-new ZL and ZR buttons. These sit between the L and R shoulder buttons to make it easier for gamers to change weapons in Zelda games.

The Nintendo 2DS XL has a textured top and is feels quite expensive with its ridged design, but the screen doesn’t feel as strong.

The stylus was also uncomfortable for adults, often leaving their fingers cramped.

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