5 Best Nike Mercurial Vapor Shoe Full Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Nike Mercurial can be an institution. My 1st take pleasure in football boots was because of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 2 donned by Thierry Henry in his pomp. It had been the sleekest thing ever before and near 20 years on, I really believe it possesses aged well. Though Nike has an early status for having questionable quality control and a tight fit, I maintained my admiration for the shoe. Though it started to shift towards shoes that were more efficient and had a padded leather option, my appreciation for boots was waning.

Retired from your small boot world, I was uninterested in the Nike Mercurial because it appeared to be too retro. When an upgrade came out of the market at the end of July, I became perplexed about Nike soccer shoes

The Mercurial Vapor 12/Superfly 6 hadn’t been on the market for too long before the brand new generation appeared so similar. Could this have already been only a minor facelift, falsely advertised as a major redesign? How did Nike make an even better shoe that was already one of the top boots of 2018?

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Same seeking Mercurial Vapor, different upper

I had been set on the Mercurial Vapor 13s to get over some extra bucks in comparison to the high-cut Superfly. I was not a huge fan of its dynamic fit collar, which didn’t provide much more

The largest change in the Nike Mercurial Vapor 12, when compared with its predecessor, is its use of Flyknit. The last technology had a stiff upper even though it was quite slim. I loved the texture and natural fit of Flyknit, but it needed some time to break in. Nike mercurial vapor 13SG

Nike has unveiled the new upper for its Mercurial Vapor boot, which is less raw and glossy than older models. It also feels softer to touch because of the infusion of large tenacity yarns that result in a snug but comfortable fit. The Flywire cables, which have been traditionally found in Nike mercurial vapor’s shoes, are now gone. Still, the textured upper is an appreciated feature that creates a sense of identity to these iconic shoes.

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Still an extremely snug fit

As is tradition with speed boots, they’re generally narrow and restricted when I first put them on. A pro tip would be to loosen the laces generously before wearing them; this will make it easier to kick your foot in. They are long and hard to put up due to the narrow opening and tight stretch around the mouth area of the boot.

The shoe is initially a little difficult to put on, but once it’s secured into place the snug fit was reminiscent of the previous iteration. It does take some time to adjust to the curves of your foot being cradled but that s one rule I can always follow.

Wiggle your toes for a better look. The Mercurial Vapor 13 is even more forgiving on the legs, and feels more supple than its predecessors.

The shoe is difficult to put on people with wide feet. In theory, you should have slim feet to wear them comfortably. Purchase accurate size shoes, as I did with my US 9.5s.

The Mercurial Vapor soccer shoe is not available in wide sizes and may not be right for those with wider feet. Depending on the width of your feet, you could try other Nike shoes such as the X19.1 or Nemeziz 19.1 that better accommodate wide foot sizes.

Speed freak

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 boots are lightweight, weighing only 190g in a size US 9.5, but it’s not just the low weight that makes them comfortable — every shoe has an extra-soft premium engineered textile upper for light-on-foot comfort and also a unique internal heel counter to promote natural movement.

The shoes provide little to no padding which meant every touch of the ball leaves you feeling raw and engaged. When I had the ball, I needed total focus on dribbling it precisely because there’s no cushioning interfering with my feel for the ball. Yet, it all got me to become even more sharp with the ball since I handled it at a quicker pace.

The textured texture on the side of these cleats doesn’t provide as much traction with the ball as one might expect, but it does help to stabilize your feet.

I couldn’t yet get over how closely approaching the ball feels when you have the entire pocket as barefoot. If you want a barefoot feel, then this shoe is for you!

If not for the high tenacity yarns, I wouldn’t be able to make quick changes in direction. And with such a tight lockdown, these shoes are more than comfortable and don’t rub my feet sore. That said, I believe Flywire cables do the job a little easier to enforce lockdown but they are not the preferred experience so Nike must have gotten rid of them.

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Longer studs in FG and AG

A warning about the studs. The FG studs are actually longer by 1mm and I suspect that they may also be slightly longer than those on AG. This is not good news as longer studs cause bigger injuries if they do not become dislodged when you run and move.

The AG studs maintain a balance between traction and comfort. You could sense the boots digging in as you started every step, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Overall, I am satisfied with these shoes and highly recommend them!

And finally, what is a speed boot if it’s not responsive and snappy? The stiff midsole works well in tandem with the anatomical soleplate to make sure that you feel locked in even though you always spring onward every sprint. I don’t have the split-sole style, but I think it makes the boots look even better.

Performance shows up at a cost

When I played my first game in the Mercurial Vapor 13, the toes on my left foot started to hurt. It turned out that one of them actually had a blister. That blister didn’t heal properly and eventually got infected. My next game resulted in more damage to the same area of my toe on my left foot, but thankfully less severe

The lower-level Mercurial Vapor 13 is an excellent shoe but might not be for those with larger feet. Even though it initially felt good to participate in the Vapor’s, the terrible condition it kept my toes in left me with a bittersweet taste.

Top performance but with a slender footed bias

It is an unfortunate truth that the Vapor boots are not one of those (onesie) I’d wear again in my next game for the simple reason that they inflict a lot of pain to my toes. It’s a shame, because, besides this discomfort, this might be a really good real-speed boot.
The following changes were made The Vapor 10 has a softer higher to lock your foot in, a barefoot feel, and an anatomical soleplate.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 trade boot offers a sleek aesthetic while maintaining the feeling. Though one step forward, it falls two steps behind what looks like an over-arching objective to get things right with this iteration of the shoe.

I hope for the day when Nike produces a Mercurial Vapor that is both comfortable and able to match most players’ needs without sacrificing efficiency. Until then, I will need to handle this shoe with care like it was an affair; one that was great while it lasted but left me wanting more.

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Final Thoughts

Out of the numerous excellent quickness boots,