5 Best Nike Lebron Shoe Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Yes, I understand that the Lebron XVI was just released ten or eleven days ago, but sometimes a good shoe needs three weeks’ break to get everything working properly. I want to note that my girlfriend had some cracked Zoom fibers which I can honestly say is something you hardly ever see. However it doesn t seem to affect cushioning at all

nike lebron shoe
Typos in the original text have been corrected. The rewritten input text put in summary form notes important benefits of new shoes for basketball players ia good deal improved traction, equal cushioning, perhaps a touch more affordable and firmer, in shape, improved stabilty and containment

Best Deals For Nike Lebron Shoe On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Pros: still rides high, some heel slippage to start

Sizing advice: Pick the size that matches your running shoes.

Best for: Players looking for maximum balance and heft, bigger guards/bigs

Suggestions: Hypebeasts will be interested in these shoes, considering that Bron (the player) is currently in LA. But players should also wait for the shoe to come out. $185 may be the most expensive bball shoe on the market due to Nike and LeBron brand. For $150 or less, I believe that this is a fair price (the amount I paid out, thanks Dick’s, TSX). $80-95 is about the lowest.

We have organized this guide with an interactive table of contents to make it easier for you to find what you need.


The XIV weighs 18.5 oz, which is quite a bit for a mid. Mids are normally around 15 ozs while lows usually weigh 13-14 ounces. In the event that you can’t cope with a few extra pounds, hit the fitness center.

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The XVI does a fantastic job balancing the best of what we know on the Soldier XII combined with durability necessities.

Outsole rubber and traction shaping on the Soldier XVI are a little different than that on the Soldier XII.

This is not an example to use in CSSE 4084 The most improved portion of the XV was its traction as it had the same level or better than all of Lebron’s other shoes.

Great job, Nike!


These are stiffer in comparison to the XV but they break in after a few hours, and give an almost identical ride to the XV. If you liked the cushioning on the XV, you ll enjoy these as well.

These shoes may be better in terms of stability and balance, but XVII are lower.

These shoes sit about 25-26 millimeters in the forefoot (down from 28-29) and about 30-31 millimeters in the heel (down from 34-36), so they’re 3 to 4 millimeters more compact than last years. If you like Kobe or Curry’s low to the ground style, these are not for you. I personally like them to be lower but it’s all a matter of choice. There is no one right answer or wrong answer below! Among the best players I know, who happens to be an ultra shifty guard, Lifetime Fitness Hoops MVP, semi-pro MVP (who basically won the championship and MVP yesterday) and one helluva team

Nike Zoom TDX has a balance of impact protection and responsiveness, which it offers in the XV and XVI models.

Nike hasn’t been doing so well recently.


I just went true to size with the XV and I just went tts with the XVI aswell (finger width at the toe). I attempted on half of a size down aswell but I just recommended authentic to size.

Notice the way the tongue rises for easier access to. I have never really had trouble with putting on one shoe but this will help those that do.

nike lebron shoes Arthritis makes lebron shoe hard to put on, but the Harden V1 does not have eyelets on.

Kobe VI Basketball Shoes


There is one way you can improve the wearing process of your shoes

Initially, I thought the stiffness of the midsole was an issue with how “true-to-size” this shoe fit. But that was not actually what bothered me. What truly annoyed me about these shoes is that they wanted to stay straight out of the box and when you bent them in any way – which I often do with a lot of This shoe is marketed as a minimalist, so heel slip should not be an issue.

The shoe is very tight to get in at first, but once broken in experience almost like the HyperRev 2016 where it’s locked and feels a little floaty. Virtually identical design when it comes to how the padding is set up around the Achilles.

If you don’t just like the feeling, then step into a Kobe or some other shoe but it takes time to get accustomed to it.

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Most shoe manufactures started to realize that a soft and stretchy isn’t better, but rather the best was realizing this with Nike’s Battleknit 1.0.

Knit 2.0 feels more like the shoe is backed by a thicker stronger material but remains flexible as to not lose any flexibility. It wouldn t shock me if they used some other Nike technology in the Lebron X, such as the fuse and encased it in knit for protection and comfort. The knitted upper of flyknit is much more form fitting and consistent than the mesh we currently use. It also has been able to create specific colors for color blocking or certain styles, such as this one.

In sentence: “Flyknit genuinely allows much more consistency and color blocking that mesh doesn t allow.”

Support and Stability

We’ve got a new series of sneakers called Mid-Lows and Low-Mids (See Kobe AD Mid). They’re a step down from my Soldier VI. The main difference is the slope; it slopes more gradually nike lebron

Regardless of the name, support is very minimal and originates from the heel counter or healthy which is much like the XV.

Stability improved dramatically by adding a little outriggers to the entire lateral side.

I was skeptical about the elevation on this shoe, because they are a minimalistic running shoe. In past models of these shoes that I tried out, it felt like there was too much weight pushed to the front of my foot due to a raised heel. Nike has changed that in these LeBrons though! While elevated slightly more than previous


Actually, it is a combination of the thick Battleknit and the raised forefoot section which provides some instability in these periods.


Probably Nike and Lebron borrowed my site at the end haha. I’m certainly not that egotistical nor do I try to take care of myself, but everything I didn’t like about the XV (apart from the ride height) was set. More traction, more stability and more containment.

So should you choose the Nike LeBron XVI for $185? It’s 10 dollars more than the upcoming AJ 33, but nope. I walked into Dicks (that sound wrong) got a 20% off coupon and purchased these for $148 plus tax. These boots and shoes are not restricted from getting a coupon, and will eventually be discounted. I anticipated them to get down the $149 mark in the following couple of months and so I slapped a 20% coupon on there to hit my goal for $120. The longer you wait, the more money you save.

nike lebron shoe