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The traction on the Nike KD 10 seems phenomenal because of the pattern, but it often slips in some directions, making them unpredictable.

The outsole is great for outdoor play, but it doesn’t hold up well to friction. After a few hoop sessions my frayed ledges looked like tall corn before it’s shucked. I am trying to determine whether there is a difference in taste between shucked, or uncooked corn and corn husks.

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There are discussions that the original colorways of the Nike KD 10 have poor traction, but future colors could have a better rubber compound. I’m not sure if this is true and it seems to be an issue with reviews being inaccurate by reporting false information. Consumers are also confused about which colorways offer good traction in light of this inaccuracy. Anyone looking for an Air Jordan XXXI?

My traction on both pairs of Nike KD 10s didn’t work for me. I’ve two pairs, one in my size and another size a half a step up.

Nike has introduced the KD 10, with widespread technological improvements. The 10s are a little stiff at first, but they’re easier to break in as you go.

The cushioning here is just like that of the KD 9 – Nike’s best impact protection so far. It’s still articulated in the forefoot to provide some extra mobility while playing basketball. The cushioning is awesome, and I hope the sturdiness issues have been resolved.
Not that my pairs popped when they were new, but I hear about – and get many emails from – people with pairs popping.

The Zoom Air cushioning from Nike is a great idea, and I’m pleased to see its popularity.

The materials on the Nike KD 10 are my favorite, but I didn’t like how they functioned.

Flyknit is fused to TPU threads in order to provide the KD 10 with both stability and signature comfort. But when testing them out, it was a little uncomfortable and felt too snug.

All nike shoes have a “flyknit” on the tongue and collar. You can take these off and put them back on without any issue, where as the KD 9 was not so easy.

Although knit, the nike kd 10 is quite durable. Containment was also much better than earlier versions of nike kd’s which leads me to my next point…

You may need to size down 1/2 in this shoe. Wide footers might be able to stay true-to-size as they ll recieve a better fit around the toe box, whereas folks with smaller feet should go for a size smaller.
The knit upper makes it so that your shoe is loose and roomy around your foot;

The lockdown is severely impeding the performance of this shoe. The lacing system worked well with the inner heel counter and heavily padded heel; however, the lock down proved to be a problem thanks to its severity.

The midfoot lockdown was difficult. Getting the lacing to sit at the bottom of your foot sounds great, but as soon as you do that with a stretchy midfoot section like that, lateral containment goes out the window. I tried to compensate for the lack of containment with more lacing, but that just made it worse.

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The lacing setup for this shoe really has me appreciating the existing approach to nylon loops that grab at the bottom of your foot and attach near the heel. You can tighten any part of the shoe you need, whether it is at the throat or midfoot or forefoot, as long as you have a strand of nylon tight enough to make contact The KD 10’s lacing system only covered the air suspension aspect, not the foot/throat synching that most players prefer.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll never feel this. If you’re an outside shooter, it might not seem important. I’m small so I have to be crafty. nike kd 10 release data

I wasn’t a fan of the air sweat-wicking really feel and so I instead opted for what Kind of KD 9 contained my foot.

When every part of the shoe works together, it should form Voltron. And if not then you ll never find balance.

The KD 9 Elite’s heel area was fantastic, but the discomfort at the midfoot made it impossible to recommend. More nylon lace loops would have increased its stability and improved support. The Achilles heel of the shoe was its support. The arch and inside heel cushioning are present, but they don’t work well together to keep your foot feeling stable.

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The Nike KD 10 was almost an impressive shoe. Despite the standout new design, it fell short in some key areas.

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How does the Nike KD 13 compare to Nike KD 12? Traction While traction was good on the Nike KD 12, the KD 13 delivers ultra grippy rubber across its outsole. The pattern isn t herringbone, but that s not always a

After All-Star Weekend, Nike is returning to regularly scheduled releases.