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The dream boot designed for serial goalscorers.

We remember the day I then found out that the T90 was being replaced by a very weird dark and orange shoe with 3 heel studs and no strike zones (a characteristic synonymous with the Laser series). Nike has been struggling financially, and sought to find a way to shake things up with their Laser series. Their success was so confusing, they decided that it would only make sense if their black friday shoe sales were mixed up too.

Nike marketed its newest shoes with Neymar’s face all over the world.

The boot design was radical, with a sleek forefoot and generous toe box, the focus on Fit, Touch & Traction. The NikeSkin upper part had 2 layers of mesh material and 3 layers of polyurethane. This translated to a softer, flexible shoe that effortlessly transferred with every curve of my feet. There is also a split toe style that allowed the player’s big toe to activate first which made me feel more agile (in theory). That coupled with its waxy, comfortable build made it an incredibly pleasurable performance shoe to shoot in.

Unfortunately, its successor, the Hypervenom Phantom 2, shifted too much in the other direction. Flywire cables were put into combat overstretching problems that people faced with the Hypervenom 1  (my AG-R set ripped after just 4 sessions). The Nike Hypervenom II shoes also known as the Superfly series are a recreation of the original successes of the previous models.

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The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Strikes Back

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 is brilliant. The boot is true-to-size and will fit people with both narrow to average feet (between size D to E). A Flyknit inner material helps you get a supportive in shape, but I still recommend putting them on for a run outside beforehand so the silicone covering can form to your foot perfectly When it comes to Hypervenom Phantom 3s, there are two different options: high-cut and low-lower. I prefer the high cut boots because they’re better for my playing style on the pitch.

When I take on a more central role, I gravitate to the high-cut shoe for that extra ankle support while running through the ball. When playing as an out-wide player, my ankles allow me to twist and pivot quickly. The only good thing about the Hypervenom Phantom 2s was instead of rubber pellets coming out at weird angles from the collar, they now come straight down after you remove the heel cover.

The collar has followed the evolution to make a less aggressive upper and more lace for your streamlined silhouette. I like the collar of the Nike Magista Obra 2, but for people who prefer those kind of collars, I don’t think that there will be an issue with wearing the Hypervenom Phantom 3. The asymmetric lacing is helpful as well.

Strikes Laced With Venom

Nike’s Flyknit technology was first unveiled back in 2014, and now you’ll find it on the brand new Nike Hypervenom Neymar AJ40 football boots. The GRIPZONE texture found under the strike zone has been upgraded to provide a softer touch while also offering protection with Nike’s Hylite pods. Unfortunately, it had little influence on my touch and take up. I felt more like Andres Iniesta.

The strike-zone is where the magic happens. The areas to cover this area contain a low-price rebound foam (poron), which instantly hardens on contact. It takes away the pain when you’re punching the ball out of your stomach area or ilias region You may be forgiven for assuming that these shoes sound familiar because they share some similarities to the Puma Evopower series that was also famous for employing Accufoam pods to give you more oomph when striking the ball. While your hard work will not be enough to turn you into Steven Gerrard, you should gain this extra confidence with these The hit zone also serves as a subtle reminder to the wearer’s right foot, utilizing fabric pouches, to use for optimum kick.

Honestly, I never felt them to add that much power when shooting at goal because I shoot with my laces or side foot in the instep so the strike zone is hardly ever necessary. The Hypervenom Phantom II is a cross-disciplinary shoe with a close fit in the heel, comfortable in the toe box and very flexible all over.

One of the modern trends in soccer cleats is a change to using thinner material, because it takes less effort on the part of each foot. Definitely, I ve noticed that the Nike Mercurial series are popular among players for their responsive feel when they sock the ball. Personally, I prefer the sensation of entering my Hypervenom Phantom 3.

However, the nike hypervenom xt rx+ shoes foam pods are responsive and provide decent levels of dampening when juggling or controlling the ball. If you prefer a thicker feel from your player’s boot like in CTR Maestri 1 or 2, you won’t find it here.

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Improvements BENEATH THE Hood

The usage of Flywire on Nike’s cleats is a welcome improvement because it assists the laces while hugging your foot; which gives you a comfortable and stable fit. This can have led to injury when another player’s stud becomes stuck in it on a strong deal with. Fortunately, this has not happened so far and the probability of occurring is slim.

Nike has since rebranded the AM1 to include the moniker “Movement Blur,” starting with a release in 2017. nike air max 1 womens leather Despite the new Hypervenom 2s feeling stiffer, they’re not as comfortable or responsive as NikeSkin after breaking-in.

Soleplate Makeover

Nike’s shoes feature a new, firmer FG soleplate to reduce slippage.

The Hypervenom Phantom 3 features external chevron studs to help with acceleration and braking, while the hexagonal studs inside the boots are designed for easy penetration. I like the grip from the studs, but they stick more on slower surfaces and can wear out faster. I went to a cobbler friend of mine (who knows how Chinese football shoes are made) and had them grind down the studs by 2mm.

The Nike Hypervenom has been getting rave reviews for its flexible forefoot. A major difference is that it is more flexible in the heel and ankle, while being stiffer in the midsection.

Come back Of The ‘Strike’ King

Nike has created a phenomenal shoe with the Hypervenom Phantom 3. It is clearly in line with previous versions of this Hypervenom, but instead of following suite like the T90 laser, it brings aspects from both shoes and blends them into one sleek package. Though it doesn’t provide the necessary cushioning, the Hypervenom Phantom 3 has an adaptive soleplate with excellent ball-skills.

Prior to the Nike PhantomVSN arrived, I had no problems rating this as Nike’s best shoe that ticks every package out there and yet, they’re my go-to couple of boot styles. With rumours from the series getting a makeover soon, I would recommend trying them before they’re gone for good.

Final Thoughts

This nike hypervenom shoe review is all about a solid goalkeeping do-it-all soccer shoe that showcases most of Nike’s innovations employed in harmony.

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