5 Best Nike Flyknit Racer Shoe Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Best Nike Flyknit Racer Shoe on Amazon Black Friday Sales

Nike FlyKnit Racer General Information

The Nike Flyknit Racer made its big stage debut at the London Olympic Games last summer. Nearly all Nike-sponsored athletes sported the flat during the marathon.

It provides good enough cushioning for the full marathon distance–even for runners with a variety of time goals. It makes a great trainer that anyone who can function in fewer shoes should wear as much as possible.

The materials and weight of this shoe could qualify it as a minimalist style, however, the heel-to-toe height is much too tall to be classified in that category.

This shoe provides just enough cushioning for people looking to make the transition from a more traditional one.

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Nike FlyKnit Racer Impression

The neon green color of these sneakers catches the eye with its clean black trim. Surprisingly, however, this footwear is not as heavy in heel height which makes me marvel at its lightweight and durability.

Nike has not marketed a shoe with the moniker “Trainer” on it in years but has come out with one in this style named the Nike Flyknit Racer.

After my first run in the shoe, I was pleasantly surprised with the shoe’s responsive ground feel and easy break-in time. I didn’t hesitate to go ahead and hit the water-wearing Racers from day one.

This shoe offers great protection from the pavement and maybe too much for people used to minimal flats, but it should be just right for marathons and long runs. The shoe has extra cushioning on the heel to help you go up or downhill easily.

The Flyknit Racer is best used for short to long-distance running and is not ideal for slower speeds.

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Nike FlyKnit Racer Sole Unit

The shoe is firm when it hits the ground at any speed. This rigidity is great for fast running because it keeps your foot in the energy position at toe-off and also supports your muscles if you’re tired towards the end of a race.

The Nike flyknit racer shoe has some arch support and a slight heel height, making it good for wider foot types to run at slower speeds.

Summary: Rewrites input text using simple language that is easy to understand. The longevity of this shoe should be greater than most flats due to the durable, resilient outsole material.

Nike Flyknit Racer Upper

The name of the shoe and its key feature, the Flyknit design, is well-deserved. The Flyknit material feels as great as it looks with a one-pull cuff for an easy on/easy off experience. The shoe is snug, but not restricting.

The shoe tongue is seamless and attached to the upper. You can’t even tell it’s there while running.

With Fly-Knit Racer, you can confidently splash through puddles without getting wet feet (the shoe will be dry in minutes!), or worry about spilling a water cup on the shoe during a race because it’ll be dry within minutes. That’s why the shoe makes an excellent option for wet conditions.
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Nike FlyKnit Racer Opinion

To conclude, the Nike Fly-Knit Racer is probably the most well-rounded racing flats I have owned.

Running shoes have gained tons of popularity in the last decade, and this is especially true for those running exclusively.

Since the shoe is so lightweight and breathable, it’s hard to stay away from them. But if you reserve them for your best runs, you’ll probably enjoy them even more and get the most out of each pair.