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With an action game starring Transformer robots, a bullet-spewing tank manipulated by evil clowns, and the moose power drill method of shoving my way through killer robots, there are few games that rival Nier: Automata

The difficulty of the game is determined by perceived enemies’ level. The game progresses through stages, similar to a boardgame. There are puzzle mechanics in some levels, requiring players to use “parkour” skills to navigate the world and avoid being killed or captured.

The game runs on a modified version of the Unity game engine.

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In a future without humans, the last remnants of humanity leave earth only to find themselves on the moon and abandoning artificial life forms to fight back against invading machines. The lush green ivy that coils around the dead skeletal remains of crumbling skyscrapers is strikingly in contrast to the red metal, the tears of rust from a dying ecosystem.

Automata has a striking art style with an enormous sense of scale. It does not have 1080p resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro, but colors are brighter and more vivid while lighting and shadows bring out details in the environment better. I did experience a few hiccups that knocked the frame rate below 60fps and witnessed a good share of texture pop-in, nevertheless they only pockmarked Automata’s lovely features slightly. That, or I was too enchanted with the soaring, chorus-filled soundtrack to really notice; Automata will surely be joining its predecessor on

The story that occurs between the tumbled remains of abandoned superstructures is bizarre and entertaining, if somewhat haphazard. First as an android named 2B and later as other characters, your task is to fight the alien machines and bring a finish to the war. Nier: Automata offers both players who want to watch an emotional, compelling story unfold and others looking for some frenetic action-packed gameplay. Nier: Automata works for the most part because of a number of highly unexpected plot twists and well-done voice acting that helps sell some fairly outlandish allegories.

Nier automata ps4 game Additionally, there are some emotional occasions that struck me as forced. It s as though the game s lead writer Yoko Taro wished to make me cry and was casting about for methods to achieve this.
(To be fair, one event did evoke tears.)

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I was pleased to see familiar faces from the initial Nier.

The larger issue in the game is that I found myself disconnected from 2B and her fellow androids. Their personal dramas took too much time to unravel, which prevented me from fully believing their fates were set in stone. Why am I supposed to weep for them or cheer them on if they are given a complicated back story 20 hours into the Having said that, I was happy to see reappearances from some of Nier s characters in Gestalt Mode, who greatly helped to clarify the connection between it and Automata. Their appearances caused a needed sense of nostalgia, and helped bring closure to one of Nier: Gestalt s open-ended endings.

I didn t feel a lot of connection with the heroes, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing as them. There s an amazing sense of freedom that comes from effortlessly surfing sand dunes in the desert and shimmying up the concrete remains of office buildings in Nier Automata’s open world. nier automata ps4 game

Automata is an action RPG with a lot of variety, including swapping out the hack-and-slash for something more peaceful like platforming or trading projectiles with flying enemies. The game transitions quickly from one extreme to another, pitching the player into exciting situations while blending on-rail shooter with puzzle game.

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The radically changing gameplay produces an exciting roller coaster ride.

Automata has solid combat mechanics, but the game shines brightest during moments of exploration that involve an enemy encounter. The machine has light and heavy attacks, which makes it easy to jump on metal serpents and bipeds. Hits from these creatures can be avoided if necessary.