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NHL 18 is a disappointment with the lack of new features. NHL 18 offers some great new features, including expanded creation options in EASHL and Draft Champions mode.

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feels as though a holding pattern. New or everyday players will love the raucous new NHL Threes mode and further training features, but longtime fans will see just a few twisted knobs plus some minor gameplay tweaks. The one bright spot in the year’s NHL series is its new 3v3 gameplay mode, which seems to be a fun take on the now-popular 3-on-3 overtime format.
It’s much like EA’s old NHL Arcade game, which was released a couple of years back and permits big hits, big shots and lots of chaos To catch up to your opponents, you can use special coins.

http://www.goldenpigaprojects.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/NHL18PS4Review_v2_(1).pdf And with one more watch of goals are always plain in sight below the scoreboard, there can be an added research component from what touchdowns matter the most.

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It’s clear that EA put a whole lot of effort into Threes.

There is a good mix of humor and care put into the gameplay, aided by bonus features such as unlockable arenas and an announcer. The game is fully playable online against others, and gamers could even play cooperatively with friends from the computer. There s a good NHL circuit mode that allows you to make the right path across THE UNITED STATES, upgrading your fledgling Fridge Raiders team as you remove opponents. The mode provides some novelty and lighthearted fun, as the pure chaos on display produces some hilarious goals, net-front pile-ups and near-miss moments. NHL 18 captures well in the Threes mode considering its new training options. The game’s tutorial section is great for newer players, by explaining how to execute concepts like toe drags and backhand grips.

Quicker: The game includes a fantastic tutorial section, which explains moves like the toe drag or the backhand grip in more detail. This video game features pointers from ESPN analysts and even provides coaching advice during the in-game intros. The result is an engaging experience that feels natural and personalized.

in gameplay, the game feels nearly the same as last year or two which is both a good and a bad thing. Some changes are subtle but noticeable improvements: improved passing, and some modified deking is better to explore one-handed maneuvers, kick-ups, and inside-out moves. It’s a lot easier to execute dekes once you’re in training mode and there are no human players, but it will stay challenging against any opponent. Nonetheless, it is great to see the computer-controlled opponents actually making use of these moves now as well. This is a minor change, but it’s easier to keep these token using the full palette than not doing so.

If you were expecting a different playing style from your AI opponents in NHL 18, forget about it. Goals come mainly off breakaways, slot one-timers, and rebounds with goalie animations largely unchanged. The sport flow provides familiar end-to-end action with some grinding play behind the net and along the boards. The brand new defensive skill stick will be an awesome resource for defending the puck, and it has three directional purposes: burn, block passing or use poke checks. The new skating system helps you achieve that next level of hockey player, by adding the ability to make subtle changes in speed and direction with barely any time. Even though you are a skilled player, the sport doesn’t improve much as a result of its not about it could have been if EA had altered the poke check from being overpowered like it has been in previous years. In Hockey League games and Threes as well, this one defensive tactic is overpowered. Some people might consider having to do a poke check just minutes after someone has tried to spam an offensive zone the downside of not being able to penalize players for deploying that tactic.

The NBC-branded presentation of days gone by few years is becoming even more stale when compared to the gameplay, and it returns in NHL 18 basically untouched. The video intros and commentary team gave the NHL series new lease of life if they debuted in NHL 15, but now very little has been done to refresh it. Sure, it has a couple of new camera angles and the menu music is different. But this redundant pattern becomes more stark as you play for a few seasons. And nothing bad about it, but it’s way too familiar for me. The game doesn’t offer many major new features or improvements from last year’s NHL 17. And here is the one thing always asked: why are goal celebrations still only for two players? It s like it was comical to even say at this point.

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Now you can design a mascot for your squad, filled with various animal heads.

Franchise mode hasn’t changed much from last year, which is a mixed blessing. It means you can take part in the expansion draft and bring your favorite team back to life with Vegas or take control of the newest NHL franchise after they entered this summer.
A new player movement system that will make it easier for players in NHLTM 18 on It’s amusing to propose relocation as an expansion team right off the bat, and you can now design a mascot for your squad, filled with various animal heads, body types, and colors. Previous features, such as for example player morale, meetings, ticket/merchandise pricing, offer sheets, and the trading block are seen here. Subtle tweaks include allowing players to extend contracts midseason. While the simulation of games could use some improvement, I don t like that there is not much hype around trade deadlines. Other modes, such as Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), Be-A-Pro, and Draft Champions have lots of noteworthy additions. HUT now enables you to follow challenges like beating specific teams, competing towards in-game stat goals, and even co-op tasks that grant mode-specific rewards and currency. A new idea, but one that adds a layer of complexity to your gameplay. The synergy system introduced this past year can return, with certain player combinations resulting in a bonus for your team, which is an straightforward and effective way of arranging your team around specific playstyles. The Be-A-Pro feature was changed to include the opportunity to propose trades through the season. Draft Champions remains largely untouched, with ‘young guns’ and ‘veterans’ still being among popular picks in its 12 round mock drafts. There’s nothing new to see here. Be-A-Pro specifically is in sore need of innovation, as it’s become stale and repetitive.

The EA Sports Hockey league remains the crown jewel of the NHL experience, partly because it is unopposed by new modes this season. The action online has been smooth in games I have played as well, which are usually a problem with this series. So far as tweaks, they are only limited by the ability to add and customize mascots for your team. This is a great use of the creation features added in NHL 17 where you’ll need to play many games before doing that for your team. In addition to the classic 6v6 game modes, NHL 18 offers 3v3 matches in EASHL which I found a little too overwhelming.

The unlock structure for player cosmetics remains — mouthguards, sticks, helmets and hairstyles can now be added via EASHL. It’s a shame that EA had to restrict themselves with no more character classes. This limited gradation between classes brings about these poke-check issues, as weaker defensive players can spam this move without enough of a drawback. NHL 18’s new EASHL feels like it lacks any features that would improve the user experience from last year.


I am happy that in NHL 18 EA continues to refine the NHL series with smart updates to the working out system and the exciting and accessible new mode, NHL Threes. Those are admirable strides, but other modes and features feel too familiar. NHL 18 PS4 review