5 Best NASCAR Heat 2 PS4 Game Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

NASCAR Heat 2 includes a variety of racing styles in the beefed-up Career mode. If there is one problem, it’s that sometimes there are too many races for players to win.

This issue poses a problem for the stock-car racing simulator, but the introduction of different series will please fans. The game has tripled the roster of real drivers and vehicles, which feel integral to the narrative, even if they take a bit longer than some players may prefer.

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Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for NASCAR Heat 2 PS4 Game

Monster Games and 704 Games pit players up against the classic “work your way to the top” narrative in which all career modes struggle to combine realism with fun at times. As a hot seat driver without any team, you start out in smaller events. Players have individual objectives during their first few races of NASCAR Heat 2. Successfully completing them will lead to offers from real-world teams for another season.

There are 26 Monster Energy NASCAR Series races and 16 in the Xfinity Series, as well as 16 Camping World Truck Series. Despite changing tracks, there is a repetitive quality to these pages. The trucks and the Xfinity series both had a course I raced over and over again in successive time periods. These drivers can’t escape the long qualifying or lengthy races that require pit stops.

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No in-game offer can be refused, and none of the events are skippable or can be simulated. That’s a baseline expectation in other qualified sports games. All of this makes the NASCAR Heat 2 career mode more rigid than it need be. Monster Games tries to inject off-track personality by letting you view video messages from drivers. However, there is a lack of substance in the career mode and not much interaction outside of the actual race.

The career vehicle has a new upgrade tree; I don’t miss it much, but it was still an option to consider. Two gameplay changes have replaced upgrades: momentum and undamaged driving. These changes in the Nascar In addition, I earn money with no purpose.

The one thing you can control in career mode is the rivalry system, which includes had counterparts in older NASCAR games. It was fun to check on that and see who was simply beefing with me. I laughed when I saw Snider was MAD at me, spelled out in big red letters. Simply because he and I kept qualifying in the same area, Snider was looking for any scape goat to blame his mistakes on. So when I bumped into him at Kansas, he shoved me hard enough that they would throw us both out of the race. When I went onto social media and saw what people had to say about driving clean, even when it was clear that I did mess up, it was nice.

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NASCAR Heat 2’s structure of races, rinse and repeat quit me eager to skip a number of the lesser races, drive the larger events or neater tracks (such as the dirt surface of Eldora Speedway) and see more of what the mode had to offer and less of what I already knew. Stock car diehards will enjoy the full race weekend, but there is much more to NASCAR Heat 2 for others. The loading times can also be a bit long.

nascar heat 2 ps4 Review The 29 challenges are unlocked and can be undertaken in any order. They’re shorter, gameplay has been improved and the scenarios are more interesting.

I ran out of gas with Kevin Harvick in Atlanta and won, then survived a terrible pileup in Dover that left me still fourth place when Aric Almirola was running. But the only commentary on this game is from the spotter (although he had a few more lines here than elsewhere). Claire B. Lang of SiriusXM’s NASCAR radio introduces each track and scenario, which unlocks a video with the featured driver explaining how they race the course after completing it. Danica Patrick helped me conquer my concern with Darlington by telling me where she slightly brakes on turn 1, and how close she involves the wall exiting turn 3, reassuring

The racing action in NASCAR Heat 2 provides a suspenseful, lean-in, and hang-on thrill no matter what mode I set. The AI competitors in the racing game appear to be a bit more challenging, with rivals actively slipping into openings and blocking more aggressively. Big leads and multiple passes are only found on easy difficulty settings.

NASCAR Heat 2 is one of the most challenging games currently available in casinos. The features Monster Games devoted to this year now include a stability control system for those unfamiliar with the genre. But that assistance also appears to slow racers in curves on some tracks. Recovering speed especially for bigger trucks is difficult despite having a manual transmission. Even with an ideal qualifying position, stability control felt like it kept me in the center of the pack most of the time more than allowed for passing cars

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Nascar Heat 2 is a good-looking racing game with effortless-to-use controls. I did notice some issues; shadows used in Chicagoland seemed very late.


With a focus on simply great racing, the original NASCAR Heat Evolution had- restrictions that forced it to show more than just terrific racing this season. Intriguingly enough, anything outside of the innovative one-off races and online multiplayer felt like an afterthought because of these limitations. Thankfully, with tweaks made in NASCAR Heat 2– such as better

While I can’t fault 704 and Monster Games, it feels like those companies are listening to us for all the wrong reasons.

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