5 Best MIDI Keyboard On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

If you’re at all seriously interested in making music on a computer/iOS device, among the finest MIDI keyboards on this list should be an important addition to your home or mobile studio setup.

Midi keyboards have the ability to be plugged directly into your personal computer or notebook computer via USB, as well as some with the capacity for wirelessly over Bluetooth. A midi keyboard can connect to a DAW software instrument and allows you to record together with VST synth plugins installed (that are purchased separately).


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There are many choices available to you, ranging from a lightweight MIDI keyboard that’s easy to carry in your laptop bag up to full-size, weighted 88-note models. With these options you have more control over the sound being produced, including knobs, faders and buttons.

Depending on the features you need, prices vary significantly. If you’re looking for a base-price MIDI keyboard—one without any of the extra costs—you might be able to find one for under $100/$100 if you look in the right places. However, if you up your budget a bit, there are some higher-quality

Many of the best MIDI keyboards also include presets for popular DAWs including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and FL Studio; this will make adjusting the keyboard to your needs very straightforward.

Nowadays, a MIDI controller can take the shape of either a lightweight keyboard to go together with your laptop or an all-size keyboard controller for studio use. To help you make up your mind about which one to buy, we have put together a list of our favorite models out there at this time.

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What are the very best MIDI keyboards at this time?

MIDI controller keyboards can be divided into two main categories- lighter weight options with 25 keys and the heavier desk-based keyboards with 49 or more keys. Our recommendation right now may be the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3, which is a popular choice in among light gear due to its heavy list of features crammed into such a small footprint.

If you are looking for a larger controller, we recommend the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S-Series boards.

Elsewhere, Speedy J brings us the Nektar Impakt LX88+, Novation SL49 Mk3 and the brand new Arturia KeyStep Pro.
Alternatively: Elsewhere in this article you will find reviews of three innovative modular keyboards.

Best MIDI keyboards: buying advice

What key size do you will need?

The midi keyboard is a cost-effective device designed for simple input of drumbeats. There are smaller sized keyboards that can be just as responsive and simple to play as full-size versions, but if you have sausage fingers try using full size.

How many keys will do?

All the best midi keyboards listed here have octave shifter buttons. That way, no matter what keyboard is being used, musicians can access every note on the scale by simply pressing multiple keys. If you are a more advanced player, or want to learn two-handed playing, look for a 49-note keyboard. If space isn’t an issue, choose an 88-key controller with improved keys if desired.

Connectivity: what you ought to know

If you produce music only on a computer, chances are you don’t need a MIDI output. If you want to hook up your controller to hardware synth modules and devices, then it will have a standard 5-pin MIDI out port or more recent minijack TRS MIDI outputs. All of these controllers can be powered by the USB port, and if you want to play proper piano parts, a sustain pedal input is important.

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DAW Integration

The ability to control the transport of your DAW and adapt parameters from your own keyboard instead of your personal computer is always handy. Full integration with DAWs come as a bonus if you’re on a budget, for they are usually only found on more expensive keyboards.

So, let’s enter our picks to get the best MIDI keyboards on the market right now. We’ve ordered them in order of cost to make it easier for you to find an option that fits your budget. Our widgets have found some of the very best deals available today.