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Examining the Marshall Acton entails discussing how precisely gadgets companies are always buying brands; and how most branding with any sort of recognition have been completely accredited to China-based gadget-dom (a Porsche notebook or a KFC phone anyone?). ().

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Marshall’s design decision to place not just a Marshall logo but also the associated retro styling on the Acton makes a lot of sense.

Marshall’s heritage as a rockstar is used to great effect when put on their Acton. The all-black exterior, rounded corners and finely machined brass knobs give this device’s design an air of timeless classicism.

The Marshall Acton is a compact Bluetooth speaker play AirPlay, ChromeCast and Spotify Connect that can also form part of a multi-room music network. Its size makes it suitable for any bookshelf or bedroom, but with 40 watts of power it’s strong enough to replace most other speakers.

If you have a large-sized room, the Marshall Acton is not your best option. While it produces loud volume for its size, many people find that its size limits how much bass can be produced and those wishing to network this speaker wirelessly must use software. Priced at $319 / AU$380, the Marshall Acton comes in

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Marshall Acton multi-room speaker: design

Despite its tiny size and lack of portability options, the Marshall Acton is a surprisingly good speaker for its price. It’s small (265mm x 160mm x 150mm) and weighs only 2.8kg, but you can’t take it anywhere–it has to be plugged in! Nor does Marshalls Multi-Room app (and Google Home) act as a remote control.

The device’s four buttons for volume, bass, treble, and toggling between sources are all on top of the Marshall Acton. The top of the audio system also includes a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack for connecting external devices as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options alongside an optical-in port for TV playback.
Rew The source knob can be pointed at seven separate presets, that includes Spotify playlists (if you’re a premium subscriber).

Marshall Acton multi-room speaker: features

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You can also use Marshall Acton’s Chromecast functionality: The Marshall Acton is compatible with Google’s popular streaming device, and it may be the default way to connect it to your home network. Spotify Connect smartphone users may enjoy listening through their headphones with the Acton as well.

In what might appear to be a small, desk-style speaker, Acton packs big power: a 30W Class D amplifier for the woofer and two 10W Class D amplifiers for the tweeters. That’s 40 watts in total.

Marshall Acton multi-room speaker: set-up

Although the Marshall Acton has a free iphone app that it can use to set-up and operate its own speaker, the Google Home app seems to be responsible for everything related to this device now. That’s apparent from the way it functions in comparison to other speakers which used Android home.

Once switched-on, the Marshall Smartphone App immediately launches Google Home, which prompts for a room. Once labeled “bedroom” or “bathroom,” and even “shed,” the Smartphone App links to your home WiFi network and downloads the newest firmware update when prompted.

I was a bit disappointed with the way that it handles streaming apps. The Marshall Acton in Amazon Review

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Marshall Acton multi-room speaker: performance

The Google Home app has proven useful for set-up, but in order to make any changes, you must open the Marshall iphone. The software used when using the speaker makes it easy to swap between other speakers on a home network (if you happen to have more than one) and set-ups presets from Spotify playlists to your smartphone.

Marshall Acton showed inconsistent performance during our testing.

The Marshall Acton’s sound quality is very impressive even without the extra bells and whistles of other, more expensive speakers.

There were too many dropouts during our review. One of these was the lack of streaming and instant replay capabilities.

We liked

It’s hard to argue with the Marshall Acton’s stunning design and equally attractive sound quality, not to mention the detail given in its brass knob and brushed gold-metallic control. Apple and Android devices may stream music through Spotify or the native software.

Marshall Acton’s amazon review is mostly about how the speaker has excellent sound quality.

We disliked

Having used Marshall’s own phone app to successfully set-up the Marshall Stanmore, having Google Home now so baked in to the process is pointless. So do the unnecessarily high volumes.

However, the most disappointing thing was how unreliable the Acton seems to be in areas with poor signal.

We experienced many drop-outs.

Final verdict

A cheaper speaker than the Stanmore, the Acton is still expensive and has a radio that can’t seem to find any stations. I admire the attempt, but this is a shallow effort.

We’re not sure a Marshall multi-room system isn’t worth the splurge. What do you think?