5 Best Logitech Z506 Speaker Deals On Black Friday 2021

Audiophiles like to mention the many different Dolby flavors, but at the risk of oversimplifying things a tad there are really three types of surround sound today. Virtual surround sound can be achieved by simply plugging a pair of stereo jacks into each of the front, rear and center sockets. Compared to this method, digital surround sound travels across optical or coaxial cables (or HDMI) and should be decoded. Finally, there is analog surround sound, which is the least expensive option because you simply need Logitech Z506 speakers take a more cost-effective approach to delivering 5.1 sound, but they still pack some punch. Click here to continue reading. Click the Black Friday Discounts button below to see more

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Hardware and set-up

Honestly, the Logitech Z506 is still not the company’s first analog surround sound system. It replaces the similar X-540 from 2006, which was an update of the $80 Logitech X-530 from 2004. But it’s clear that they paid a little more attention to aesthetics this time around. Previous models resembled fairly symmetrical, boxy shapes and had stands that jutted out, but the new Z506 satellites have a space-age elliptical design with gentle oblong curves. Here, the two-inch drivers aren’t protected by sharp metal grates but instead surrounded by springy mesh nets and each one with just one tweeter in addition to a couple of eyeballs. We love the volume knob too as it’s smooth is can be and light enough to turn with just one finger yet there are still plenty of little resistance Yes, it s fairly handsome looking

Logitech Z506 is a powerful set of 5.1 surround sound speakers that requires no installation time as long as you put it all together behind the scenes and then connect everything into the back of the subwoofer once they are taken out of the box. Unlike the X-540 which had controls on the speaker and adjustable stands that enabled you to hang satellites around a wall,
the Z506 has quantity control on the correct speaker, bass management through the subwoofer as well as none space for wall mounts. The only way to control the speakers is on your laptop or desktop computer. The z506 satellite speaker is a clever device. It can clamp onto an LCD screen for easy installation and has the ability to connect to two auxiliary sources such as video game consoles through easily accessible RCA jacks. That being said, there are still some disadvantages including the inability to control Matrix Mode with a button on the remote. We don’t really expect full digital surround in this price range, but we can’t hide our disappointment at Logitech’s backwards decision here.

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The Logitech Z506 is not quite as clear or rich sounding as its Boston Acoustics counterpart, and it doesn’t have the bass that some will prefer. 75 watts of RMS power can fill a bedroom with music and provide ample sound for parties, but the subwoofer only provides a good amount of bass.

The sensation of immersion at Hero s guqin courtyard was fantastic, with raindrops hitting the pavement throughout. We also felt every bullet whiz by during Neo s famous bullet dodge in The Matrix because of punchy front and rear sound. Solitary singers came through loud and clear on the center channel, their words reverberating off the walls behind us while orchestral pieces, applause, and other effects shared leading. Tossing fire barrels in the game Half-Life 2 and turning away quickly, we could tell by audio tracks alone where they detonated. The worlds of Mass Effect 2 took on an unbelievable sense of immediacy with futuristic advertisements and alien conversations bombarding us from every direction simultaneously.

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While they are an affordable introduction to 5.1 surround sound, we would not recommend the Logitech Z506 speakers over our more flexible X-540 set under $90 that are currently on sale for only $10 more than these Z506s provide you both a subwoofer and have much better fit to your video content you can stream or store With regards to analog surround sound, anyone can attach two quality sets of speakers for the same effect. Logitech should create 5.1 packages like this one–simple and straightforward–to make it work well as a combo package. We’re mystified as to why Logitech would ever introduce a package with less bang for the buck.